How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

Every PlayStation console gamer knows that the controllers flash multiple lights in different colors, indicating a particular circumstance.

So when plugged in, the light indication of your PS4 Controller Yellow Light, but does it not become blue or white? You’re not the one. This bug is quite prevalent and has affected hundreds of control. You can rectify this in a few simple steps. This article described why this defect is and covered all the known fixes that would hopefully solve the problem.

What Is PS4?

Following an inadequate PlayStation 3 run, Sony resolves to remedy its errors and create a console that remains the best selling console ever, with the mass call from PlayStation 2, with greater power and more features.

Sony focuses on enhancements to controllers, social capabilities that allow players to stream and share gameplay, and tools to enable users to play games remotely.

As with any new console, the PS4 featured faster processing and graphics and introduced several intriguing features.

Best Features Of Play Station 4

Social Characteristics

The PlayStation 4, published as streaming games, gained considerable popularity, enables users to stream gameplay and post screenshots with a new Share Button click.

Controller Updated

The DualShock 4 controller sticks are easier to operate, and their triggers provide more accuracy. The controllers have a rechargeable share button that allows gameplay and screenshots to be uploaded. 

The DualShock 4 features Wii-like motion tracking and also has an above light bar that can change colors. The Share button doubled as a touchpad that offers multiple game features.

Remote Play

It’s not the only thing the Controller can control the PS4. Smartphones, tablets, and the PlayStation Vita handheld device can communicate with the Play station S4 console and control specific aspects such as media. 

Moreover, Remote Play is accessible for all Play station 4 games to play entire PS4 games everywhere in the world on Vita, while the console processes everything in your living room.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light?

How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

You may have to attempt several options, one of which could fix the bug. The quickest solutions describe, and finally, we have shown how to test the PS button of your PS4 Controller by linking it to a Windows PC.

Check the USB Cable Charging

The USB cable check is the first thing you should do to ensure that the Controller charged correctly. Try to use another USB charging cable and connect to the PlayStation and Dualshock controller, suggesting the older line is damaged if the lights are blue or white.

Press the PS Button Repeatedly

● Switch your Play station 4 off (Make sure it completely switches off).

● Connect the DS4 Controller to the PS4 by cable loading.

● Now switch on PS4 and wait till you see “To use the controller, press the PS button.”

● Keep the console power button and wait for the second beep and turn it off.

● Turn PS4 again, disconnect the DS4 control connection from the micro USB port when you see the “Controller Use PS” panel.

● Once you connect the cord back to the DS4 controller, hit the PS button again and again, and the blue light will blaze, and then it will remain solid blue.

Restore the Controller

There can be problems with the PS4 controller software; you can reload it by applying the methods:

● Check for the reset button near the L2 button on the rear.

● To tap the button within the hole, use a sim card. Make sure you keep it for a few seconds.

● Once resetting accomplishes, insert the USB charge cord into PlayStation 4 and the Dualshock controller.

● To switch it on, press the PlayStation button on the DualShock controller.

Remove from Bluetooth Devices the PS4 Controller

Because It cannot use the Controller, you must download it from your phone or tablet to the PS4 Remote Play app, which allows you to operate your PS4 to remove the Controller from Bluetooth devices and repair it.

The PS4 Remote Play app may be downloaded by Android users and downloaded by iOS users using this link. You can also use a Windows/macOS or a PS Vita. However, we recommend that you connect it fast with an Android or iOS device.

● Once you have installed the remote play app, sign in to your account. 

● Ensure that the account you are signing up for is the same PS4 account you are using.

● The app should now show a “Start” button, hit it, and wait for the console to connect.

● Use D-pad touch and set > Devices > Bluetooth Devices > Choose your Dualshock controller.

● Tap Options > Forget Device > All right.

● Tap and hold the PS button on the Controller and share it, and the Blue light should start blinking. 

● You can pair it again immediately and begin to use it.

Launch PS4 in Safe Mode

If you did not help reset the console and Controller, you can turn the PS4 on and check if it works.

● Turn your PS4 off.

● Hold the 10 seconds power button and wait until the second beep.

● Connect a USB charging cable to the DS4 Controller.

● On your DS4, press the PlayStation button.

● Using the X button, select “Restart PS4” once the Controller connects appropriately.

If your USB ports do not work, do not open your PS4 in safe mode. As noted in the prior instructions, the DS4 Controller must be connected to the USB ports using the cable. You will not be able to restart your PS4 without clicking it.

So it is all about How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light?

Restore the Console

In most circumstances, the console reset works with a software problem; you can reset your console by doing a few steps:

● Turn off your PS4 completely.

● Remove the power cord from the console back and wait five minutes.

● Connect the cable back in.

● Hold the 10 seconds power button and wait until the second beep.

● Connect the USB charging cord to the PlayStation 4 and to the Dualshock controller at the other end.

● Utilize the X button to choose “Initialize PS4.”

The reset of your PS4 removes all data, even installed games. Before resetting the console, make sure you back up your PS4 Saves. If you do not wish to wipe your data, follow the same steps and select “Restart PS4” instead of selecting “initialize PS4.”

The confusion about How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light? will definitely be clear about applying the above methods.

Can I Change the Ps4 Controller Colour?

You should alter the user if you want to change the color of a PS4 controller. It is because various PS4 profiles show different colors. Player 1 is blue. Player 2 is red, and player 3 is green, player 4 is yellow. Therefore, you merely need to sign in as another user without even logging in.

How to Change the Colour of the Ps4 Controllers?

How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light

● First, establish four different PS4 profiles.

● Then log in as a user. Without even signing out, you can swap to another user.

● You will find a color that you like if you keep changing users.

What Is the Meaning of Colours on a Ps4 Controller?

Player 1 – Red Player 3 – Green Player 4 – Pink.

It’s rigid, we know. But the shade may change based on the game during specific games. Grand Theft Auto IV Rockstar, for example. In this game, you’re hunted by the cops, the Dualshock 4 blink red and blue. People need such creativity.

FAQs – How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Lights?

  1. What Does Ps4 Controller Yellow Light Mean?

    A blink-free yellow light will appear when the PS4 is in rest mode or when the control is switched off or charged. When the Controller is loaded, It will display a blinking yellow light. Your Controller is turning yellow.

  2. How can You Fix the Yellow Light on a Ps4 Controller?

    After plugging in the USB cable, repeated pushing the PS button is a recognized remedy that fixes the orange/yellow light problem for thousands. Turn your PS4 off (make sure it is entirely switched off). Connect the DS4 Controller to the PS4 by cable loading.

  3. What Does It Mean When the Ps4 Controller Light Is Orange?

    When you connect the Controller to your PS4TM system with a USB cable, the controller battery charges. When you tap and long-press the PS button, the battery's charge level will appear on the screen. The light bar slowly blinks orange while the machine is in resting mode. When the load is complete, the light bar switches off.


We informed you of all the information you need to know about your PS4 and Controller and its issue like PS4 Controller Yellow Light. I hope you can use the solutions above to solve your problems. Hopefully, they bring more color creativity.  These solutions are simple that can apply or use by anyone with proper guidance.