[Solved] MacBook Screen Goes Black At Certain Angles

Macbooks are termed as spectacular craftwork of engineering with plenty of thought processes put in a device that makes the life of the user in an everyday routine incredibly easier.

And there is no doubt that no other brand comes close to the array of features and level of security it has to offer. Not only is it a standard of luxury but also paves way for convenience for its users.

But no matter how much technology is refined to perfection, bugs, problems, and malfunction will always find their way and some may seem harder or even impossible to fix.

And if by any unfortunate chance, In the cluttered mess of many well-known abnormalities, you have had the bad luck of having problems like “Macbook Screen goes black at certain angles” then, it’s about time you need to address the issue as soon as possible and before the situation goes from bad to worse.

Because, honestly speaking, when I personally had to face this issue, I was panicking like there was no tomorrow, but fortunately I overcame the situation by following a couple of things and mended the issue.

Today, I am going to guide you on how to rectify the issue and share my experience with you.

The Preliminaries

Things you need to do first,

1. General Assessment

In order to find the root cause of your problem, you need to possibly evaluate every nook and cranny of your MacBook in order to find out what’s wrong with or what’s causing the problem.

Because your problem could possibly arise either from hardware or from software, whatever circumstance it may be, general assessment and using common sense is the key to a complete solution.

2. Diagnosing the issue

The first step would probably lead you to evaluate things that would trigger your MacBook screen to go black.

Is it that you are facing the issue after you have installed new software? Or does simply moving your screen and lowering it to a certain angle make the lights go out? Or maybe it’s your battery having a malfunction that may be the culprit?

To patch up the nuisance, here are a few things you can do.

1. Software-Based Issue

Regardless of whether it is a screen recorder or an editing tool, there is still the possibility that you could have a problem following the installation of the software, especially from the fact that you downloaded from third-party websites, which is in theory, a phenomenon, very much possible.

If that, you can try removing all the suspicious applications you have previously installed and check if the issue still persists.

Moreover, you can also try rebooting your Macbook and check whether or not it was just a random glitch or a bug. Because sometimes, even the most daunting issues could be fixed with a good ol’ restart.

2. Hardware-Based Issue #1

If none of the gibberish feels like it’s fixing your issue, then it’s time that you give your shot at rectifying the issue by simply moving the screen lid up and down and checking which area happens to be a trigger for the screen going black.

In such cases, the root cause could be the display data cable getting pinched in an uncomfortable manner, preventing it from forming a connection and de-seating it from its appropriate circulatory.

Either you can take apart your Macbook, which I wouldn’t most probably recommend since you could possibly damage your device in the process.

What you can really do is either take it to your local repair shop or Apple technical care center and let them handle the issue. 

Make sure you let them know so that they can easily address and mend the problem as soon as possible.

3. Hardware-Based Issue #2

The battery is what keeps your MacBook alive and running, so sometimes a malfunction can cause your display to stop producing an output.

Try plugging in your Macbook charger and checking if everything runs fine as it is supposed to. Or you can send your Macbook for a battery replacement to the Apple Care Center and hope for the best.

You can also opt-out of a local repair shop if your device is old and possibly out of warranty, but the certainty of getting a refurbished or even worse battery isn’t impossible.

Alternate Fix Revolving Boot Modes & Reset For Macbook Screen Goes Black At Certain Angles

If none of the above-mentioned tips or tricks are feasible for you under whatever circumstances that may be, you can try these additional fixes.

1. Safe Boot Method

Safe Boot is a well-known method to get around almost all sorts of incompatibility issues and can be a temporary method to let you catch up with a solution.

All you have to do is turn off your MacBook altogether, and turn it back on normally, however this time you need to hold down your shift button and release it as soon as you see the apple logo.

Unlike standard boot-up, safe mode will boot you up to a screen where you will be welcomed with a desktop without fancy features or applications.

Fiddle around to see if your problem still persists.

2. Try Resetting The SMC

Not a holy grail of all problems, but sometimes works like a charm and doesn’t take much to do it. Simply turn off your Macbook and turn it on, and as soon as it boots up hold down the “Shift+Control+option key”. Make sure to hook up your Macbook charger otherwise your System management controller or SMC won’t be reset.

After your Macbook is back online, see if your luck has shined and your problem is gone.

3. NVRAM/PRAM Reset Method

To Reset NVRAM/PRAM, holding down “Command+Option+P+R” would do the trick while your MacBook is booted back up from its slumber.

Make sure you thoroughly check for your persistent issues before assuming that none of these methods works.

4. Bottom Line

The MacBook is no doubt a sophisticated piece of computer which has complex hardware that works in conjunction with each other to produce magic.

However, sometimes this magic can malfunction and produce a stumbling block such as a MacBook screen going black at certain angles but don’t worry, I hope after reading my article you have found peace and harmony.

Feel free to comment below if that isn’t the case and you are still facing a nuisance, I would be much obliged to help my beloved readers.