Fix: Laptop Overheating When Gaming – 2022

Oftentimes when playing our favorite games and having the best time of our life, things tend to get a little heated up.

By “Heated up”, I meant the hardware on which you are running your heavy-duty games while its temperature has risen to unexpected levels.

Although, it is quite expected to see some form of thermal signatures upsurge from your laptop from time to time, however, if it exceeds its threshold, you may find yourself in a pickle.

And if you are on the same page with me and feel like your laptop is overheating when gaming and there isn’t any way to control those flaming hot heat, consider yourself lucky, because in this article I have curated a brief workaround that may come in handy.

Be advised you need to follow all these aforementioned methods in order to get the best possible results, even if they don’t feel like they won’t have much impact, because you never know what could be the culprit behind a laptop running hot.

Moreover, in order for you to better understand the situation for diagnostic purposes, before we proceed to workaround, here are a couple of reasons why your laptop may have abnormal temperatures.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look to fix the laptop overheating when gaming issue.

Culprit Behind Laptop Overheating

Your laptop may have unusual temperatures which won’t seem favorable for a wide variety of reasons. A Couple of them are listed below,

  • Improper ventilation or unfeasible Ambient levels
  • Dust and debris clogging up the system
  • Worn out thermal pads 
  • Thermal paste drying out

These are a couple of malefactors that may drastically affect your temperature levels and push it towards the exceeded limit which may inevitably harm or fry your internals.

Having said that, the reasons listed shouldn’t be strictly taken as the sole culprit behind such an ordeal and there may be more than what meets the eye!

Nonetheless, follow these steps below to cure the issue at hand.

Workarounds That May Fix Laptop Overheating When Gaming

Kindly take a peek over some fixes that may come in handy.

1. Air Conditioning Is The Key

Ambient levels play a huge role while you are performing your heavy-duty tasks such as video editing, gaming, and such.

That being said, addressing your room temperature and using some form of Air conditioning or having proper ventilation at hand may result in some eye shimmering results in your laptop temperature.

And to be honest, who would love to have long hours of gaming sessions while sitting in hot sweaty rooms? Henceforth, it is in your best interest that you fix your ambient levels for yourself and your precious gaming laptop.

2. Reapply Thermal Paste

Although, you won’t have this sort of issue in your brand new laptop, however, if it’s sitting on the shelf for too long or by any chance you may have purchased a refurbished laptop, chances are you may be having thermal paste deterioration at hand.

First of all, dissect your laptop by unscrewing all the nuts and bolts that are holding your laptop in place and locating your Graphics card as well as your Central processing Unit on the motherboard.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove any dried up thermal paste and reapply your brand new thermal grease which will no doubt render some praiseworthy result

 technical care for ages.

3. Feeling Dusty? Clean it

For the love of God don’t just buy your laptop and leave it accumulating dust and debris for ages which will most probably clog up its organs which no doubt will produce some nasty heat that will certainly favor you in your gameplay sessions.

Take a little bit of time in your daily routine and have a microfiber meet the ends of your laptop nook and crannies.

This will not only prolong the life of your laptop but will also make it look neat and tidy and less miserable because a dirty laptop reduces the aesthetic points.

4. Tone Down Those Graphics

I understand the new PC port for God of War looks extremely attractive and you cannot wait to play it, however, playing it on Ultra graphics may hurt your laptop very well by stressing its graphical components to produce some buttery smooth frames.

Keeping the graphics configuration to a minimum is the key to super smooth gameplay with less heat produced as a by-product. 

You must also keep in mind that heat also tends to crumble down your existing frame rates, so technically speaking overheating is a lose-lose situation for everybody.

5. Cooling Pads 

Trust me, these things work wonders, especially if you are rocking a decade-old laptop with no proper ventilation system. 

There is no doubt that with the duration of time ventilation systems like internal fans tend to get out of order or simply become downright useless.

To better this situation, I believe there is no better alternative than using a cooling pad which not only comes cheap but is easily available in the mar might anticipate.

Bottom Line

These workarounds are no doubt a no-brainer, however, the results they reap are beyond your expectation and may surprise you. Being a gamer myself I would never recommend something I wouldn’t do or test it out before posting here for my beloved readers.

That being said, I hope after reading this article you won’t be having issues regarding laptop overheating when gaming. Have lovely gameplay sessions and get those wins.