Fix: Laptop Lags When Plugged In: Causes and Solutions

Purchasing your first laptop is an amazing experience, especially when you are starting your career through office work or being a freelancer.

However, falling into the pits of the fiasco embarks you into the thorny parts which you may know as lags, stutters, spikes, bottlenecks, and whatnot.

Having said that, the situation is even worse if you are a gamer who wants to play their game in peace but your laptop is far from delivering suitable frames that you may need for a buttery smooth experience.

The reason I focus on my gamer buddies is that they tend to favor when their laptop is plugged in while gaming because it gets direct power that utilizes all cores with maximum possible frequencies to keep your gaming sessions stable.

However, as we speak, if you are by any chance unfortunate enough to have experienced issues like “Laptop lags when plugged in” then you, my friend, have found yourself in a pickle.

But guess what, there is no point in losing hope because at the end of the day there is almost always a solution which may mend your problems, and if you are reading this article, luckily you have found the perfect spot to sort yourself out.

Now you may ask how would I do that? Well, keep on reading and you may hit the spot by carefully following the workarounds I will be mentioning below, keep in mind, for accurate diagnostic purposes, you need to examine the root cause which will also be mentioned below.

Root Cause Of Laptop Lags When Plugged In

It is common knowledge that your laptop is made up of complex machinery in order to work properly which is no doubt run by electricity.

If by any chance there is some sort of voltage issue at hand, your laptop may not function as it is supposed to, which is why you may be having lags when your charging adapter is plugged into your laptop.

Here are a couple of culprits,

1. Wonky Or Malfunctioned Charging Adapter

A wonky or out-of-order charging adapter is the last thing you want while charging your laptop because it’s literally up to no good.

Moreover, I may have mentioned the charging adapter malfunctioning, however, your issue might arise due to incorrect use of the charging adapter.

Using a different charging adapter, other than the one packaged with your laptop, is the worst idea anyone can have in their mind.

Although, you may be using it due to despair, keep in mind it will surely result in improper voltage influx that will create a  choppy experience which most certainly isn’t a favorable thing.

What’s even worse is the fact that not only does it tamper and hinder your laptop efficiency but also can potentially fry away your hardware, so it’s better safe than sorry!

2. Wrong Power Profile Use

Not everything has to be obvious and sometimes there is some sort of subtle issues that mask themselves, making them harder to diagnose and address.

Since Windows by default have a number of power profiles, choosing an incorrect power profile can intentionally tone down your hardware coherence and productivity, giving you digital pain which we call “Lags”.

3. Rising Temperatures

The Archnemesis, Heat, is one of the top culprits that will almost guarantee to slow down your laptop to a sudden halt.

This slow down is usually called throttling, which is a protection measure to protect your laptop from burning itself to death, however, as the flaming temperature rises, you will certainly experience quite a hindrance in your laptop performance.

How To Fix These Issues?

With a little bit of luck, common sense, and technical knowledge you actually address these issues with ease. However, if you don’t know how to fix these problems, here are a couple of fixes that may come in handy.

1. Get A Decent Charging Adapter

If your current charging adapter has given up on you, it’s time to buy another one of the same voltage with exact ampere rates, although it may seem a little tricky to get one, you will find plenty of universal chargers that will fix your issue.

Not that I am implying a third-party charger is as good as the one that came with your laptop, however, be assured you will have your problem sorted out in no time.

2. Tinker With Power Profile

Choosing the correct power profile such as Ultimate or Performance power plane can actually save you some headache and fix your issue right away.

Be advised this may also push your laptop CPU cores to their limits to keep it running at peak performance, nonetheless, that’s exactly what you would be needed if you are playing video games on it.

So at the end of the day, it’s technically a win-win situation and isn’t a bad idea after all.

3. Provide Proper Cooling

With great power comes great heat, especially if you are located in a region where the ambient temperature isn’t anywhere near favorable.

Having said that, providing proper air conditioning or having a cooling pad at your disposal can get rid of almost any sort of thermal throttling you may have at hand.

Keep in mind, dust, and debris clogging up your vents can also accumulate unnecessary heat, and cleaning those vents can generate fruitful results and solve your issue altogether.

Final Afterthought

My final word of advice would be to take care of your electronics just like you would take care of yourself. Sometimes, due to careless handling, intentionally or unintentionally can result in haphazardness which will no doubt have some unfavorable results.

I dearly do hope that your issues are fixed, although, if by any chance you do run into the misfortune of such a dire situation of laptop lags when plugged in, you can bookmark my article and fix these issues by yourself in future