Is Gigabyte A Good Brand For Laptops? Downsides and Benefits

I used to remember my first graphic card which I got my hands on. It was manufactured by Gigabyte, the world’s leading company at that time for various computer hardware.

Time has changed, and other big players have stepped up into the market with their innovative products like laptops, computers, you name it.

However, being around us ever since 1986, the most beloved company from Taiwan known as Gigabyte is still doing quite well considering its stock price range.

And no wonder their business has been booming because gaming has now been bigger than ever, however, if you ask me is gigabyte a good brand for laptops, and is investing in them a wise idea?

My answer would be more of a mixed bag, I mean for their other products like motherboards, graphics cards, and power supplies, they are still quite great considering the flawless design and quality they integrate their products into.

But their story for laptops is a tad bit different and may leave you pondering alternative brands.

Ambiguity Regarding Gigabyte Laptops

While it may be true that Gigabyte is an overall decent brand for other computer hardware, there are a few red flags that will make you think that these laptops aren’t worth the time.

1. Gigabyte Doesn’t Cater To Budget Users

Yes, as much as it may sound a little blunt, the Gigabyte lineup isn’t feasible for individuals that are almost clutching on their pennies. 

Laptops manufactured and sold by Gigabyte might have cutting-edge hardware specifications, but they cost an arm and leg to come by, giving the term “run for your money” a whole new meaning.

This is due to the fact that gigabyte and its subsidiaries have their lineup only available for gamers and pretty much restricted it to office personnel that just want a standard workstation to spend their day on.

Although these laptops are still quite usable, even if you pay top dollar to buy them, they feel a tad bit overkill.

2. Non-Existent Customer Support

It’s not always the mumbo jumbo features that attract the customer but the support that comes after it, if a company fails to live up to their promises their integrity solemnly no longer feels valid.

It is a universal truth that electronics tend to break for no apparent reason sometimes and diagnosing them can take a toll, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy enough.

Having some sort of technical support available comes under the tent of consumer rights, which Gigabyte truly fails to deliver.

3. Poor Ventilation System

No, you would claim that I am nitpicking each and every possible flaw, however, keeping the honesty factor above everything else is the whole point of this article.

Almost every gaming gigabyte I have reviewed and used, their ventilation system doesn’t live up to the mark, they run pretty hot and usually require external cooling pads.

However, this gives a massive setback if you want to keep the stealth feature because you feel too much fan noise, and sometimes it feels like a Boeing jet is taking off.

This drawback might be due to some heavy-duty hardware that ships with them.

4. Portable? Not So Much!

Since most of their laptops have high-end machinery such as heavy-duty graphics card processors, their battery life or runtimes feel bleak and aren’t promising enough to keep you glued for more than a couple of hours.

This is why I feel like they are up to no good if you travel a lot because keeping an eye out for electrical outlets is highly necessary.

So Is Gigabyte A Good Brand For Laptops

When I told you that my answer regarding gigabyte laptops would be a mixed bag, I mean it’s not all flaws and setbacks but it surely has some silver lining too.

1. Potent & Robust

That’s right, where it fails to provide a low-end lineup for budget users, it strives quite well for gamers that want to get their hands on high-end hardware specifications.

Their gaming laptop like Gigabyte AORUS 17G is one hell of a tough beast to play on, it has a top-of-the-line Nvidia Graphics card RTX 3080 and a multicore Intel Core i7 which is a recipe for delayed gaming.

The laptop also rocks a massive storage space capacity of up to 512GB SSD GEN4 and a maximum capacity up to 64GB, which is more than enough for your hardcore and quality gaming experience needs.

2. Buttery Smooth Refresh Rates

Each and every model of gigabyte is praiseworthy if you take a peek at its display quality, not only are they massive, with accurate color output but have jaw-dropping refresh rates that will blow your mind.

Gigabyte AERO has 4K UHD 300 Hz refresh rates, which I believe is one of the highest I have ever seen on a laptop at such resolution. And to be honest, even for a hardcore gamer, these refresh rates are more than enough and can be sometimes be an overkill especially if you are playing single-player favorite games.

3. Superb Choice For Content Creators

For my beloved Content Creators and Freelancers, there is no better choice than using the Gigabyte AERO 15 which has an OLED display which means you won’t be getting any color output than this bad boy which produces a color gamut much better than an IPS display.

The 4k AMOLED display will give you some mouthwatering results that you never had seen before, especially if you are video editing, where color gradient management is highly important.

4. Solid And Stylish

Consider the AORUS 15P XD as an example; it is a solid gaming mechanical keyboard and has good features like a decent RGB keyboard design and an overall luxurious build that makes it feel pretty amazing.

And if you aren’t a fan of cringy and flashy designs and want to match something with your sober personality, the AORUS 15P XD is surely made for you.

Final Word

Gigabyte is no doubt an infamous brand for their other products which I mentioned above such as Motherboard and power supplies, however for high-end gaming laptops, in some aspects, they fall a little short. That being said, it’s up to you to decide which brand is most favorable for you in terms of price to value ratio.

Is gigabyte a good brand for laptops, if you may ask, well form your conclusion on the hallmarks mentioned above.