Is Dell Inspiron Good For Gaming? Ultimate Guide 2022

Founded roughly 4 decades ago, Dell has been around for a fair share of time to be considered one of the big players among other conglomerate businesses.

The beauty behind the capitalist company is that it has availed a number of lineups that cater to a whole host of divergent demographics.

Which is an idiosyncrasy you wouldn’t find elsewhere, these assortments of the gladdening lineup include the G series, Latitude, Precision, and Vostro.

Some of these names are quite copper-bottomed and are well known across the community of laptop enthusiasts because of the swarm of quality features that it has to offer.

However, among these variations, the Inspiron series from the Dell brand stands out because it is more of a mixed bag for a couple of reasons which will be demonstrated in a while below.

And, me being a connoisseur of laptops and other various electronics, especially if they revolve around gaming, my honest opinion about Is Dell Inspiron Good for gaming would come to you rather disappointing.

In simpler words, No, the Dell Inspiron series, is nowhere near up to the mark for gaming, let alone “Good”. And even for casual fun, you would struggle while playing modern games.

Below I have listed some reasons,

Resounding Proof Why Inspiron Series Is Not For Gaming

Here are a couple of reasons why I hold such a strong opinion against Dell Inspiron when it comes to gaming.

1. Weak Internals

Just like human beings, non-living things like laptops have organs too, but of course, calling them organs wouldn’t be an appropriate term.

The term you are looking for is hardware components or specifications which aren’t robust enough to play your modern AAA games like Hitman 3, Deathloop, and CyberPunk 2077.

Let’s take the infamous model from the Inspiron series 15 3511, which has an Intel UHD graphics card that is integrated into it. Although you can perform day-to-day tasks with ease, playing such high-end and demanding games would be more than a burden for your laptop model.

But hey it is not like gaming is completely impossible, if you want to take a little steam off of your daily routine, you can enjoy games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter strike global offensive, however, don’t expect buttery-smooth gameplay.

2. Horrendous Display Refresh Rates

Games nowadays require more than 60hz in order to be played properly, even mobile phones have stepped up their game and are now manufactured with refresh rates ranging from  120hz to 144hz.

Dell laptops like Inspiron 5406 and 3000 only have a 60hz refresh rate locked display which isn’t quite suitable for everyday gaming if you ask my opinion.

3. For Productive Uses

Dell Inspiron laptops are specifically for creative and productive uses, let’s take the Inspiron 13 5310 for instance.

It has an Nvidia mx450 graphics card which is highly suitable for video editing and rendering software, on contrast gaming seems to be quite irrelevant because of the negligible frame rate production.

In other words, gaming on this laptop variant feels very awkward because it barely has the capability to emulate high-end graphics.

What Is It Suitable For Then?

In no way is the series flawed, it just doesn’t lend itself to gaming as a result of technical limitations, but for everything else, it surely takes the crown any day of the week.

1. Flawless Battery Runtimes

The Dell 7000 has nearly perfect runtime because of its 3 cell lithium-ion battery and super-efficient hardware which don’t let laptop struggle in terms of power drain.

And you can easily use it for more than 20 hours and take it almost everywhere, making it quite convenient for your everyday use.

So if you are power conscious and usually travel a lot, grab an Inspiron and enjoy!

2. Tremendous Price To Value Ratio

As mentioned above, the Inspiron series is generally for the mass consumer market because it has plenty of features and usually is listed with reasonable price tags which is why they are quite popular among students and office personnel.

If you are tight on a budget or don’t want something that isn’t littered with Flashy RGB lights, I feel like there is no better option than the Inspiron series.

3. Insane Quality And Game-Ready Design

The laptop variants from the Inspiron series have finger-licking good quality because it has a sober finish and premium build which doesn’t feel cheap at all. 

Moreover, they are quite sturdy and super lightweight and can easily take a couple of jabs before they start to break, so if you aren’t too careful with your electronics, investing in these models might not be a bad idea!

Bottom Line

If you want a gaming laptop, go for other brands like ASUS, Razer, or even the subsidiary of the Dell, the Alienware series which focuses more on the gaming side and has much better hardware specifications.

Because personally, I wouldn’t touch the Inspiron with a ten-foot pole for my gaming sessions if you ask me is Dell Inspiron good for gaming or not.

Thus, game on and have a great day.