How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One?

In this case, if you are looking to enlarge your laptop or PC display and want to use your laptop as a second, third, and monitor for your PC, we suggest you. We are going to guide you about How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One.

While this may be a simple guide where you want to connect your laptop to your computer with an HDMI connection (or some other video input cable), the fact is that it’s not that easy. And it doesn’t work. The way laptops or desktop PCs built with HDMI, VGA, or DVI display port features cannot act as a partner for another computing device; they can only output its features. 

This means that if you plan to display your laptop’s desktop screen on a wider display such as televisions, displays, projectors, and many more, or use a different presentation to enhance your desktop presentation. If you connect to it, you can do this by contacting directly—the extra screen on your computer or desktop. However, you cannot connect your gaming laptop to your desktop PC via a wired cable, so that what is being displayed on your computer may indicate that you are displaying it to your computer.

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To get your laptop or PC to act as a monitor for another gadget, you need to use outsider applications to get both apparatus to work properly together, or your Windows built-in features should be used. What’s more, in this full article on How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One, we will show you how to configure your computer as another display for your laptop or its main display. 

How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One

There are several things you’ll need to do to connect the Xbox One to the laptop screen.

Before connecting your Xbox One to a laptop screen via HDMI, there are a few things to learn. Due to some limitations, different brands of laptops have multiple variables. The very first thing it’s a must to know is the difference between the HDMI input and HDMI output. Let me give you a brief detail & explain the difference between the two.

HDMI input Vs. HDMI output

HDMI transmission is considered a standard connection for current high-end gaming consoles or PCs when it comes to audio and video. Speaking of typical HD TVs, it comes with several HDMI inputs, allowing the user to take full advantage of rooting multiple high-definition devices simultaneously. HDMI ensures high-quality video and sound delivery.

HDMI inputs

HDMI inputs are commonly found in home theaters and digital TVs. These gadgets are designed to obtain one end of an HDMI cable through which the connection is built-up and transmit video and audio. Examples of those gadgets are Blu-ray gamers, gaming consoles, A / V receivers.

HDMI Output

HDMI outputs open audio and video signals to HDMI inputs and create connections between HDMI inputs and digital devices. This section aims to obtain and process information. For example, the Blu-ray player can be connected to HDMI devices via HDMI output via HD / A receiver A / V receiver or connected directly to the TV via HDMI input.

How To Use Your Laptop as a Monitor For XBOX ONE


The best choice is to use the featured feature/component Mercast in Windows system devices. You need to take the following steps to set up the miracast.

How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One?

  • Click on the Start menu (gear icon) to go to configuration.
  • Then click on the System icon.
  • There is an option called “Present to this PC” on the left side of the list. Click on it.
  • Make sure you’ve made the options drop-down menu available. (You have two different options)
  • Adjust the second-order to your liking
  • After doing all this, go back to the main PC, where you need to use your laptop as a second screen.

Now, on the computer, you want to use as a secondary display, do the following.

  • Press the Action or Notification Center icon, placed in the taskbar menu in the top left corner.
  • In the notification slideout menu below, click Connect.
  • When the laptop appears, select the computer you want to connect to
  • After that, you need to accept the connection on the laptop you want to connect.
  • Finally, right-click on your main desktop PC and select ‘Display Settings.’
  • Make sure you select “Extend desktop to this display” under the “Multiple displays” section of the Display menu.

Then, correctly display your computer’s desktop and laptop by dragging and dropping the show icons on the highest nook of the ‘Display Settings’ display.


Not everyone is eligible to use Meracast. I’ve had trouble connecting my laptop using Miracast, considering that it requires using an Intel HD graphics card, and in this scenario, in my system. It has a pre-rendered graphics card, so I was unable to get it to work.

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You will need to use a remote connection (wireless association) to connect or connect the desktop PC to the PC. Since I use an Ethernet link and do not have access to local WiFi, I will need to use a remote connector to use my PC as an additional presentation.

There are two other ways to play Xbox One on the laptop screen.

By connecting it via HDMI.

An easy way to connect the Xbox One to a laptop screen is via HDMI. The very first thing it is advisable to do is to flip off the gaming console. Before turning off the console, make sure that not all games and programs or software are running.

There should be no downloads and installs in the background. If critical windows or tasks are running, wait for them to be completed; you are fine once you are done with it.

Ensure the HDMI cable is working correctly, then plug one end of the HDMI cable into the Xbox One HDMI port, located on the console’s back. Now, make sure your laptop has an HDMI port, as most devices don’t.

Insert the opposite finish of the HDMI port into your laptop’s HDMI port. Don’t worry if your laptop doesn’t have an HDMI port. We have found a solution for you. Buy an HDMI adapter, and your problem is solved.

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Once you connect the two devices, you can now turn on the gaming console. Don’t be in a hurry; wait until the console notifies you of the connection between the laptop & the console. It will probably talk for a few minutes. Once it detects and recognizes the computer, you’ll be well on your way to moving on.

In case your console would not notify you or doesn’t talk for a long time to respond, you can switch to the laptop display configuration. To do this, you have to go to “System Settings” from the main menu, then find “Display Settings.” “Here, you can make the necessary changes to your needs or customize the settings.

Importantly, you cannot connect a laptop screen to your gaming console using the HDMI output. To broadcast the game, you’ll need to connect the two via an HDMI cable. Once you connect the Xbox to the laptop screen, you are now using the laptop screen as a replacement screen. That’s all you have to do.

This is a simple and easy way for people who do not have enough room to install a TV.

How to access BIOS on your laptop

To access the basic input-output system, known as the BIOS for advanced system settings, you must follow these steps.

  • First, flip off the laptop computer and join the laptop computer to an influence supply.
  • After that, open the laptop computer.
  • Press and maintain the “F10” key as quickly because the laptop computer begins as well.
  • Then release “F10” when the BIOS menu screen appears.
  • Now, you will see the BIOS options. Here you can try changing the settings
  • Commonly used configurations in the BIOS include booting from CD or DVD and USB devices, troubleshooting, hard drive issues, and memory problems.


If you want to undo the previous changes, then while booting you press and hold the “F9” button. Once the BIOS menu appears, you can set the configuration to factory defaults.

FAQS (How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One)

Can I use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox?

You can use your laptop computer as a monitor while playing Xbox. If your computer does not have an HDMI port, you can use a USB HDMI adapter. Connect your Xbox One to your laptop wirelessly using the Xbox app that can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

How can I play my Xbox one on my laptop?

Turn on your Xbox One application from the main menu screen, go to SettingsPreferences, and then make sure the “Allow play on other devices” box is checked. On your Windows 10 system, open the Xbox app. On the left-hand menu bar, there will be a connect icon.

Can you connect Xbox one to laptop using HDMI?

Connecting the Xbox One to a laptop is simple and easy with an HDMI cable. Prepare the HDMI cable and then plug one of its ends into the Xbox One’s HDMI port. The HDMI port is located from the back of the console. Also, insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the laptop’s HDMI port.


How To Use Your Laptop As a Monitor For Xbox One? We hope you find the answer to this question۔ The above method is an easy way to connect your laptop to Xbox One via HDMI cable. If you do not want to add yourself to the wires, you still have a laptop, and Xbox One Is an easy way to connect, and it is developing a wireless connection between devices.  

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But to use wireless, you must have Windows 10. Make sure you work carefully with the BIOS configuration, as you may accidentally damage the computer’s physical hardware by making changes to the laptop.