How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones

One would believe it’s so simple to use a headset on a computer to plug it in. And it considers you know what kind of plug and socket you have to deal with. But what happens when you deal with a headset with two pins and a single laptop, or vice versa?

How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones? All this can be very bewildering to the inexperienced. We have thus created a simple tutorial to assist you in working with your headset efficiently to save you from this. No matter how many plugs you deal with or if you use newer or older device models, we have covered you.

Meaning Of TS, TRS, and TRRs:

These letters refer to the many sorts of connectors or connectors that convey audio between the devices. They are at the end of every pair of headphones or earbuds and on the wires that you plug in your phone, speakers, laptops to hear stuff.

The ‘T’ meaning ‘tip,’ the ‘S’ meaning ‘sleeve,’ and the ‘R’ meaning ‘ring.’ A particular audio signal is transmitted at each contact point, while the sleeve functions as the return route and ground.


A TS plug has one tip (T), one sleeve (S), and no rings. It is used chiefly for unbalanced mono signals or signals originating from one audio channel because it has only two contact points. TS plugs are widely used to connect a guitar to an amplifier or audio interface.


The TRS plug comprises of one tip (T), a ring (R), and a sleeve (S); both black bands around the plug can be easily recognized. TRS plugs offer three connections to stereo or balanced signal transmission. The tip transmits the left sound output, and the ring sends the correct sound output.

TRS plugs are available in numerous sizes between 6,35mm and 2,5mm, the most popular being the 3,5mm plug used in headphones.

How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones

It can use the TRS plug solely for microphone input or stereo audio input, not for both. Therefore, it is typical for headphones that use this type of connector to distinguish between audio and microphone input, equipped with two, sometimes pink and green colors.


A TRRS plug has one tip (T), two rings (RR), and one sleeve (S), and You can identify its three black bands. This type of plug has four connections that convey the stereo, micro, and video signals.

This sort of connection is often used in smartphones, camcorders, tablets, and other similar smart gadgets with an integrated jack designed to handle stereo audio and microphone concurrently.

Good Things To Know:

Understanding the features and distinctions of TS, TRS, and TRRS connectors are advancing to knowing how well they operate with other sockets. Most of us can think that every audio jack is the same and that with any jack, you can use any audio plug. However, sound quality can be affected and could potentially damage your device.

Here are some TS, TRS, and TRRS plug compatibility guidelines: 

Replacement of TRS with TS: 

Using a TS cable in TRS sockets is unwise since the audio channel is usually connected to the additional ring on the TRS plug. As a result, you lose an audio track and obtain some audio output because the TS plug doesn’t support stereo sounds, just like a TRS plug.

TS substitution with TRS:

You will obtain an unbalanced signal if you use a balanced TRS plug for unbalanced signal input and output. Supplementing TRRS with TRRS: Typically, we can use a TRRS plug instead of a TRS plug. However, because there is no other ring on a TRS socket, it retains only the audio signal and not the microphone.

How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones using One Jack?

Most computers and laptops are now equipped with a single, headphone-based audio connection. It usually is not a problem since most wired headphones come with a standard 3.5mm TRRS connector for built-in audio jackets.

But what if your headset plug does not match your laptop jack or if your headset has only one plugin two jacks of your computer? Well, here are those helpful tiny adapters.

Some of our favorites are here:

  • Kingtop 3.5mm Audio Adapter Combo.
  • TechRise USB External Stereo Adapter. 
  • TechRise USB External Stereo Adapter.

Kingtop 3.5mm Audio Adapter Combo:

The Combo Audio Adapter Kingtop 3,5mm is a suitable solution if you work with just one jack. It has two 3.5mm TRS jacks and a 3.5mm TRRS connector. It is intended to connect older audio devices to new PCs or gaming consoles with only one integrated audio jack with separate audio and Microphone plugins.

It is suitable for computers, tablets, external microphones, speakers, cellphones, and popular XBOX One and PS4 game consoles. However, it does not function for most Apple devices and Apple standard devices.

MillSO Headset Splitter Adapter:

The MillSO Headset Splitter Adapter has a single TRRS jack and two independent audio and microphone TRS connections. This adapter allows you to smoothly connect both of them to use the headset with one TRRS connector and a computer with two separate microphones and headset ports. It’s fantastic for online gaming and video conferencing.

TechRise USB External HiFi Adapter:

The TechRise USB External HiFi Adapter consists of a 3-in-1 adapter for an external microphone, gaming headset, and regular audio headphones with dedicated 3,5 mm TRS ports. It connects to a system through USB and does not require additional drivers to be installed. It also features mute buttons, a separate volume dial for both the microphones and headphones.

This adapter is suitable for all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.


The problem may be because the microphone may not be set as a default device, or the settings may be wrong. I would therefore propose that you follow the actions given below and check if this helps. I hope this procedure let you know that How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones?

Method 1:

Audio Troubleshooter Recording:

How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones

The integrated audio recorder can automatically detect and repair most incorrect settings and faults that can cause headphones or microphones problems. I would recommend that you run this troubleshooter to verify whether there is a microphone problem. Refer to the following steps:

  • Open Panel Control.
  • Click Troubleshooting and choose all options from the left pane to view.
  • Click Audio Troubleshooter Coding and follow the instructions. 3.
  • Try Method 2 if the problem continues.

Method 2: 

If the Audio recorder doesn’t fix the problem, I would suggest you follow the procedures below to default the microphone:

  • Right-click the “Sound icon” first.
  •  In the bottom right corner of the system display.
  • Click “Sounds” and click “Sounds” 2.
  • Right-click “Microphone” and then select “Set Default” 3.
  • Click “Apply,” then click “OK.”

Hopefully, this information will be worthful. Please note back to us if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

FAqs – How to Use Laptops Microphone With Headphones?

  1. Can I use a laptop mic while using headphones?

    Splendid. Yes, you can. If you set it to use the laptop's mic instead of the headphones, then it should work.

  2. Can I use my laptop as a mic?

    Take an AUX cord and plug it into the laptop audio jack. You can choose an option to “Listen to this device” from the Properties so that what your laptop mic collects will also be broadcast via the laptop speakers/headset.

  3. Why can't I use my earbuds as a mic?

    Your headset mic can disabled or not set as your computer's default device. Or the level of the microphone is so low that it cannot record your sound. Right-click the Microphone Headset and click Enable. Right-click it again and choose Default Device Set.


It is certainly good to know that How to Use Laptop Microphone With Headphones? There are numerous ways you can address headset-related audio difficulties. Whether you modify a few settings on your computer or buy an adapter to handle the problem conveniently, our advice will hopefully have been able to solve the problem with minimal stress and discomfort.