How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop Simple Guide

One of the most often requested questions is  How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop and generate audio recordings. Almost every computer has a micropore (usually paired with a headphone port), so you can connect a dynamic mic directly if you have a socket jack.

While employing this strategy, vloggers, video producers, and podcasters will probably be impressed with the quality while using it to beginners and those recording solely for your use.

An external microphone can also immediately be connected to a simple computer mic port it works. So look for professional-level recordings using a mic and your computer, iPad, Mac, or PC. And if you are here to increase the sound quality of your videos, read this page that will explain how you can make your videos sound excellent.


A microphone transforms the vibrations in the air into electronic signals or writes them to a medium of recording. Microphones allow for numerous audio recording devices, including several types of communication and music and speech recording.

Use Of Microphone:

How to Use External Microphone on Asus

An input device developed by Emile Berliner in 1877 is a mice. It is used for converting sound waves to electric waves or for entering audio into computers. It captures audio by transforming sound waves of a digital or analog stream into an electric signal.

Types Of Microphones:

The most common microphones and  How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop? are given below.

Microphone Omnidirectional:

An omnidirectional mike is a mike that can pick up the sound around the mike in all directions. These sorts of microphones used to record more than one person or musical instruments in studios. An example of an omnidirectional microphone is the Yeti mike displayed at the top of this page.

Microphone Unidirectional:

A unidirectional mic is a mike capable of collecting sound in one direction alone. This type of microphone is ideal if only one thing can be recorded, such as your voice when you make a podcast or voice-over.

Microphone Bidirectional:

A two-way microphone is a mice that equally takes the sound from the front and rear of the mice. You can also use this microphone type for interviewing a person to receive the sound of the interviewer and interviewee.

Microphone Close-talk:

A close-talk microphone is a mic that has someone’s mouth next to the mic without noise from other microphones. These microphones are utilized for speech recognition software with the headset and phones.

Microphone clip-on:

A clip-on microphone is also known as a lavalier microphone and is a manual-free wireless microphone that clips into the user’s shirt.

Microphone Mini Plug:

Ports for sound cards. Many microphones have a tiny plug connector similar to your mobile phone, tablet, or iPod. The microphone jack is commonly located at the back of a desktop computer and is recognizable by the pink hue, as shown in the picture.

Mike jackets, however, can also be on the top or front of the computer case. Many PCs and Chromebooks are equipped with a mic. If not, the mic jack is normally on the left or right edge of the mike jack.

Check how many laptop connectors; usually, three connectors depend on the one inside your laptop jack. Even if the mic has four connectors, you should also have an adaptor.

External Microphones:

Especially useful for bloggers who want to record their thrilling stories full of emotions, how else can you display your feelings instead of your voice? These are equally simple to set up and use and offer pretty good logging results.

If you merely want to record decent quality vlogs, or if you think about voice-over for videos, etc., you do not have to care about audio quality anymore. You may prefer the features and external ones. 

Microphones have become so famous that every major manufacturer of mic makes at least one; you may hear what the most popular sound looks like, side by side, view movies, and compare the essential characteristics. 

Why There Is a Need For External Microphones:

  • The cost is a huge one. A single wireless mice channel is likely to cost four to ten times its wired counterpart.
  • One issue that has been ignored is audio quality. It’s a very crucial question.
  • The connected mice would better meet the need. Generally speaking, wired mic sound better, are more reliable, need no batteries.

How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop?

How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop

Connecting and installing it is the first thing you need to do. Windows will normally automatically identify and install a driver, but if you don’t touch your mice for whatever reason, try these instructions to Set your mice. It doesn’t matter whatever computer you use.

  • Right-click the volume icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen on the taskbar.
  • Click on the selection Sounds.
  • Select the Recording tab in the sound bar.
  • Choose the mike to use.
  • Click the Setup button. It will open the Speech Recognition window.
  • Click on “Mike Set-Up.”
  • This program is designed to optimize voice recognition, but it will better tune your mike for your voice.
  • Chose the type of microphone you want to configure in the Setup Wizard.
  • Next Click.
  • Following this, there will be a screen showing you how to use your particular microphone.
  • The wizard then gives you a text in your mic to read aloud. When you’re finished, click Next.
  • To close the wizard, click Finish.

If your computer doesn’t hear you while you read the text, a notice appears. It’s probable because muted either your microphone was or more than one microphone could listen to your voice. It will also confirm you if you have not been heard clearly and recommend ways to solve this problem.

Testing A Microphone:

If your mic doesn’t seem to operate right at any moment, you may always go through those next steps to make sure your voice is heard.

  • Click the sound icon right, as we did before, to access the Sounds window.
  • Click the command Sounds.
  • To view the list of your installed devices, switch to the Registration tab.
  • Speak into the microphone and see if your voice moves up and down the green bars next to your device. If they are, your device works properly.

If you want the default sound input device on your external microphone, there are two possible ways to obtain this setting.

FAQs – How to Use External Microphones on Asus Laptop?

  1. Why Does My Laptop Not Recognise My External Microphone?

    The best approach to fix this problem is to connect in a microphone USB headset or a microphone USB webcam. However, click on it and make sure it is enabled if you see your microphone. You might have to plug it into a microphone USB headset or a microphone USB webcam if it does not.

  2. Can You Connect a Microphone to a Laptop?

    If your Laptop has a microwave port, it's the same thing as a normal headphone jack, either a USB or a 1/8″ input. You can continue and insert it into the headphone box and alter the sound configuration.

  3. How Do I Activate the Microphone on My Laptop?

    Here's how the following is: Choose Start > Configuration > Privacy > Microphone. Allow the device access to the microphone, select Change, and ensure that the microphone access is activated.


I hope this will make it easy for you to know How to Use External Microphone on Asus Laptop? You will also see the way of installing a new microphone of high quality for all your audio demands!