How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop? Step By Step 2022

There are several ways to do that, but the right way to do it is more confusing. Now that you have read and heard about it, you want to know how to use it properly.

So, How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop?

It’s important to know what they really are and what they do first before you know you’re doing it right. It’s right away! Reach it!

What Is An Anti Static Wrist Strap?

You may have heard or seen technicians wearing antistatic wrist straps while making computers in video tutorials and even from your reputable computer shop and repair center. This should be enough to give you an idea of why you need them when building a computer.

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An antistatic wrist strap is used to ensure that the voltage difference between your body and the computer is balanced. By applying an antistatic wrist strap to your body, the extra static charge in your body will be removed immediately.


You can wear a strap anywhere on your body, but most people like to put their strap on their wrist. There will be a piece of metal on the strap, and that part of the metal should touch your skin. If the metal is not touching your skin, you will need to adjust the strap.

Once you have completed this, you may observe these steps to get began:

  • Turn off your system’s power supply. There will be a switch on your computer’s back that will allow you to turn off the unit.
  • Plug the power cord into your electrical outlet from the power supply.
  • Apply an alligator clip to the wrist strap.
  • Attach the clip to the metal grill in the power supply patch or even the PSU fan.

You need a clip to hold it firmly in place, so make sure it is attached to the metal. You will use your hand to move the components inside the tower, so the clip mustn’t be closed.

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Warning: Do not clip the clip on the painted metal. Paint metal may not have insulation equipment, so it will not be able to ground you properly. Always look for bare metal, as this is the top choice.


This is a great way to get yourself grounded on your tower, and it works great. But, there are other ways to do it.

Grounding pins are also available, and this will allow you to land on the pins while wearing antistatic clip wraps. You want to put your bandage on your wrist with the metal touching your skin like the previous procedure.

Warning: This methodology may be very harmful, and I advocate that you simply analyze the place your grounding pin is situated as each country has its location. If you do not follow this method correctly, you will be electrocuted.

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Your outlet can have a grounding pin where you connect the alligator clip, but you want to make sure the power is off before attaching the clip to the pin or hook.

Part 1: Ground antistatic wrist strap for power supply

Step 1: 

Wear a strap with a metal part that touches your skin.

Note: You can wear it anywhere on your body. Not just in your hands.

Step 2:

Turn off your power supply and plug the power cord into the outlet.

Step 3:

Clip the alligator clip on the power supply screw, or you can clip on the PSU fan grills.

Note: Any metal should be done as long as it is bare metal and the paint is not metal as some paints have insulation material while others do not.

Step 4:

Check that it is firmly trimmed. Once all is well, you should ensure that you are grounded, and any allegations should be dropped immediately.

Part 2: Grounding on antistatic wrist strap grounding pin

Step 1: 

Wear an antistatic wrist strap with metal that touches your skin.

Step 2:

Find out where your grounding pin is before attaching the alligator clip.

Important: Depending on where you are located, where the grounding pin is. The risk of getting electrocuted is higher if you play sports with the right choice.

Step 3:

Clip the alligator clip to the store’s grounding pin based on where your grounding pin is located.

Note: Make sure the switch is mounted on the pin/ping before moving on the alligator clip.

Step 4:

Work with your installation and be concerned about damage to critical parts of your computer by ESD.

When should you not wear a ground wrist strap?

How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop

It doesn’t happen every time you do something with your computer that you need to wear an antistatic wrist strap to connect yourself to the ground. In some instances where an antistatic wrist strap is considered unnecessary when:

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  • It would help if you changed your network adapter
  • Plug and unplug your keyboard and mouse from the back of the computer
  • When operating inside a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor because it has a very high voltage. Also, only trained professionals are allowed to do so.

FAQS – How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop

  1. How do you use an antistatic wrist strap?

    Wear a strap with a metal part that touches your skin. Note: You can wear it anywhere on your body. Not just in your hands. Turn off your power supply and plug the power cord into the outlet. Clip the alligator clip on the power supply screw, or you can clip on the PSU fan grills.

  2. Where do you attach the anti static wrist strap?

    There is more than one place where you can attach the wrist strap to the ground. Wrist straps can be connected to electrical outlets via cables worn inside a knitted cuff ESD garment or clipped to an open field (such as a metal table on a stone floor).

  3. How do you ground yourself when working on a laptop?

    Before you touch anything inside the laptop, briefly place your hand on a metal object to remove any static. When you handle any peripheral cards, hold them by the edges. Oil on your skin can damage circuits. An anti-static wrist bracelet can give you a base when you work out.

  4. Do you need an antistatic wrist strap when building a PC?

    You do not need anti-static mat or wrist strap. It's best to plug it in, and unplug the electrical connector away from the motherboard. Make sure you have one hand while working, or your arm is touching a metal part of the case.


So this is the complete guide about “How To Use Anti Static Wrist Strap Laptop.” There are instances where you find people saying they don’t need it. However, this is your computer through which you are building your computer, and it is better to wear it and be 100% sure that you will not regret damaging your computer with your newly purchased computer component. Are not endangering instead.