How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Keyboard [Step by Step Guide]

Is the keyboard locked, and you did not know How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Keyboard? If you unintentionally locked the keyboard and could not remember how to do so, Follow this tutorial, and on your Windows 10/8/7 computer, you should be able to unlock the keyboard.

Before you begin, you must find out whether specific keys or the whole keyboard have broken physically. You can connect it to an external USB/PS2 keyboard to another computer. 

Your keyboard may be physically damaged if the problem still exists. It should be a software problem, and in the following steps, you can fix it.

How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Keyboard

Here are the solutions that can be tried. You ought not to have to try all of them. Try each one in turn until it all works again.

Fix 1: Re-enable your laptop keyboard.

Your Toshiba laptop keyboard could be disabled by accident, which is why your Toshiba laptop keyboard doesn’t react or type. So your laptop keyboard should be re-enabled to fix the problem.

The way your Toshiba laptop keyboard can be activated can vary with different laptop models, so you can consult your manufacturer if you are uncertain how the laptop keyboard can be activated. 

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Many people can, for example, press and hold the Shift key for approximately eight seconds to activate the keyboard again.

Or you can go to the Device Manager to set up your Toshiba laptop keyboard:

1) You can first open your computer Control Panel.

Click on the start button on your laptop, and then you should see the Control Panel in the list. Control Panel can be removed from the Start button in newer versions of Windows 10

You can use Cortana: click Cortana and tell Device Manager, and then you can open Device Manager directly.

2) To view all Control Panel items, click on Small Icons or Large Icons.

3) To open it, click Device Manager.

4) Double-click to expand the keyboard options.

5) Find the arrow icon on your keyboard, right-click your keyboard to enable your device.

6) Try your laptop keyboard Toshiba again to see whether it works now.

If your keyboard now works, your laptop keyboard problem has been discovered and fixed. Don’t worry, if not. We have to try other solutions.

Fix 2: Uninstall the keyboard driver.

The wrong or corrupted driver can cause your laptop’s keyboard problem. You can reinstall your keyboard driver. It must be done in the Device Manager.

You can run devmgmt.msc in the Run box if only some keys stop working to open the Device Manager directly. If neither of the keys works, don’t worry; try opening the steps below.

1) You can first open your computer Control Panel.

You can click the Start button on your desktop, and then you should see the Control Panel in the list. Control Panel can be removed from the Start button in newer versions of Windows 10. 

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You can use Cortana: click Cortana and tell Device Manager, and then you can open Device Manager directly.

2) click Small icons view, or large icons view all items in the Control Panel.

3) To open it, click Device Manager.

4) Double-click to expand keyboards, right-click your keyboard, then select Uninstall.

5) Confirm the uninstallation.

6) After you uninstall your Toshiba laptop, your Windows will automatically reinstall the driver for you. Then check whether your keyboard is working now.

Fix 3: Update the driver of your keyboard.

The lack of or outdated keyboard driver may cause your Toshiba laptop keyboard not to work so that your laptop keyboard can be updated to correct the problem.

The latest version of your keyboard driver can be manually downloaded from the keyboard manufacturer and installed on your Windows laptop. Time and computer skills are needed.

If you don’t have time or patience, you can do it with Driver Easy automatically.

Driver Easy recognizes your system automatically and finds the correct drivers for it.

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You don’t have to know precisely which system your computer is running and Download and install the wrong driver. You do not have to risk and don’t have to worry when you install them.

You can automatically update your drivers with either the FREE or the Pro Driver Easy version. However, the Pro version only takes 2 clicks (and you will get full support and a 30-day money-back guarantee).

1) Easy Driver Download and Install.

2) Run the Easy Driver and click Scan Now. Driver Easy will then scan and detect any problem drivers on your computer.

3) Click the Update button to download and install the correct driver version next to the flagged device name (you can do this with the FREE version).

Or click Update All to download and install automatically the correct version of all the drivers missing or out of date on your system. (This requires version Pro – when you click Update All, you will be asked to upgrade.)

4) Restart the operation of your computer.

Try again to see if your keyboard works.

No luck yet? Okay. One more thing is to try—one more thing.

Fix 4: Modify the keyboard settings

You can attempt to change the filter keys settings on your laptop to fix the keyboard problem.

You can control the pace of repeated keystrokes and, if necessary, slow down keystroke acceptance to simplify user typing.

1) Right-click the Start button at the left bottom of your desktop, click Settings or Control Panel (if you are using Windows 7).

2) Click Access Facility (or Ease of Access Center).

3) Click on the keyboard or make the keyboard much easier to use (if you are using Windows 10). (if you are using Windows 7).

4) Disable the function filter keys (switch off Filter Keys or uncheck Turn on Filter Keys).

5) Restart your laptop and see if your Toshiba laptop keyboard works.

That’s it. I hope this trick helps to solve How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Keyboard.

Fix 5: Turn Num Lock off

If your keyboard doesn’t write the good characters, you may have turned on NumLock or used the wrong keyboard layout. 

To fix this problem, you must disable NumLock or change the layout of your keyboard by following these tutorials:

How to Unlock the Touchpad for a Toshiba

If you type quickly on a laptop keyboard, you could send a command to the laptop that changes one of its functions through an unintentional combination of keystrokes. 

One such unintended command on a Toshiba laptop could lock the laptop’s touchpad, disable the mouse cursor and possibly distress the user. 

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Fortunately, Toshiba has a laptop function that can be used for locking and unlocking the touchpad.

Step 1: Test the touchpad to ensure it is not damaged. Do this by swiping a finger on the touchpad in all directions. 

If it still moves, it may be harmed rather than locked, albeit erratically. If this is the case, your Touchpad laptop might need to be repaired.

Step 2: Press and hold the FN (function) laptop key found in the lower row of the laptop keypad. It is usually found next to the Windows key, and its text is colored differently.

Step 3: Press the F9 button typically on a laptop keyboard’s top row while holding the FN key. The touchpad should be released now.


I hope I am solved your query about “How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Keyboard.” With these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to release your keyboard most of the time. 

If you still have problems, try contacting your computer manufacturer or seek help from your forums. You can unlock the keyboard for HP Pavilion by clicking the Ctrl + PrntScr shortcut.

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