How to Turn on Asus Laptop Without Power Button? 2022 UPDATED!

Your Asus laptop’s power button could be out of work, in which case you’re wondering if there are other ways to power it on your laptop. I suppose we could use a new approach to accomplish this, no?

Yeah, of course, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, it will be a little more difficult. With this procedure, you can power your laptop on with the simple press of a button. Let’s have a look at some of the approaches that you might try.

How to Turn on Asus Laptop Without Power Button?

If you don’t know how to use your Asus laptop’s power button, you’ll need to open it up. You’ll be able to get to your laptop’s power button this way. To turn on your Asus laptop, you need to turn on the switch;

  • To get to the motherboard, you must first disassemble your Asus laptops.
  • It’s just a matter of geography; essentially, the laptops power button is the two connections meeting, one to a power source and the other to the battery. The circuit is completed when the microchips are pressed in tandem. For your power button to be in a home theatre system, you must find the two connections it needs to click in a regular computer system.
  • Once you’ve done that, your Asus laptops will be ready to go. It’s possible to get this done using the least possible effort if you’re adept at taking a laptop apart.

Of course, if you’re not comfortable disassembling your Asus laptops, you will need to investigate other forms of powering it on.

The power button connector can be positioned to fit a variety of different models. If you see your power button on the outside of your laptop, you can find it quickly.

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There are other ways to start your laptop. These methods will work if you have a laptop without a power button.

Video Guide: Turn on Asus Laptop Without Power Button

Could you turn it on when you open the lid?

In some situations, you can change your laptops settings to force this. Instead of pressuring the laptop’s power button, you can program it to turn on when you open the lid. However, it is sometimes feasible.

This response assumes that you have the laptop available in the first place. This function will allow you to turn your laptop on even if you know the power button is broken.

Get your power button fixed.

I know this is not the suggestion you want to hear, but you should repair your Asus laptops power button. In most computers, getting the power button repaired is just a few dollars, but it can range anywhere from this to two hundred dollars and depends on what has to be fixed.

Although the clips holding the button in place would be easy to repair, the button may not be working correctly because of the sloppiness. It can need slightly more money if the parts are worn down or missing. They would have to be rebuilt.

It will rely on your computer. If you have a gaming laptops, this would be better than a MacBook, made to be dismantled.

How to Turn on Laptop With Keyboard

How to Turn on Asus Laptop Without Power Button

If you’re fortunate, you may have a laptop that’s already set up with an external keyboard. It may be the answer to your issue of restarting your Asus laptops when the power button stops working.

Since the external keyboard usually has a power button, the important thing is to remember is to switch off your external keyboards to avoid unwanted interruptions while you aren’t using them. When you attach your laptop to an external keyboard to the Bluetooth jack, you may be able to use this one.

The USB device that you’ve plugged in depends on the keyboard or laptops. For example, you can’t use a Mac keyboard to type like this.

Depending on the model of your Asus laptops, you will need to make the keyboard first using the accessibility settings in Windows. But if you have an external keyboard, you can try this on.

How does a power button work?

Keep in mind that a power button functions differently on different types of laptops. On Asus laptops without the power button, this can be very handy.

Essentially, it is all accomplished by the motherboard’s circuits. When you turn the power on, you’re connecting two points.

The loose link is the most likely to be the source of the problem.

FAQs ― How to Turn on Asus Laptop Without Power Button

  1. How can I turn on my laptop without the power button?

    These methods will work if you have a laptops without a power button.

    1) A convenient choice that involves using an external keyboard. 
    2) Assuming you didn't already configure an external keyboard, you might have already set one or more of these up.
    3) Keep in mind that it is important to turn it on when you open the lid.
    4) Power it up.

  2. How can I turn on my laptop using the keyboard?

    How do I switch from the external keyboard on my Windows 10 computer?

    1) Use the BIOS system settings screen. The machine BIOS is enabled by entering a special key to start up the device when you first turn it on.
    2) Try to find the perfect place. Typically found under “Power Management.”
    3) To perform a settings test, unplug the PC and try to test your setting.

  3. How can I turn on my laptop using the keyboard?

    Take out the battery and the power adapter (not all models do so.) Press and hold the Power button for about 40 seconds to force your computer to restart. For laptops with removable batteries, do as follows.

    1) Reinstall the battery if necessary.
    2) then adds the AC adapter.
    3) Restart your laptop

  4. How do I turn on my ASUS computer?

    To ensure that the back-power switch on the power supply is on, locate it and then check its position. Use the monitor's power button to activate it. The PC should turn on when you press the power button on the case.

  5. How do I fix my Asus laptop it wont turn on?

    First, perform a hard reset by unplugging the AC adapter and pressing and holding the power button for 20 seconds while the computer restarts. After that, restart the computer and see if it works. The next step is to see whether the computer will start using a new AC adapter set to the same voltage. If attempting a new AC adaptor doesn't work, try reseating the RAM.


Overall, you can get your laptop running without having to take it apart. It’s not that uncommon to have trouble with your laptop.’

There are short-term and long-term fixes to the issue.

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