How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10?

Although PCs have all the latest bells and whistles, they are significantly less flexible and more restricted. In reality, we only used about a handful of the features. It is commonly understood that one of the popular modes is the Flight mode. When Bluetooth is allowed, you cannot use the internet (ethernet or WiFi), or you will be unable to make any network connections.

While fooling around with settings or keyboard shortcuts, you can often inadvertently unlock this mode. At this point, the answer is self-evident. No Internet connection will be available. Therefore, one must disable it.

But How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10? Flip the switch found on, and here you can find different ways to disable Flight mode in Dell laptops. Let’s investigate. Therefore, we must know if the flight mode is on or off first.

Reasons Why Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

You can get your laptop stuck in airplane modes for one of the operations. Most often, the problem is caused by software errors or by network driver problems. Sometimes, it may be due to a defective wiring switch. Your first move should be to restart the machine, in most cases. Sometimes, the root of the problem will become evident as a solution.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

The airplane modes icon will appear when flight mode is enabled on your laptop. The network icon typically appears when something replaces the network connection.

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To switch off your laptops airplane mode, do the following:


Windows 10’s Action Center includes a dedicated airplane mode button to deactivate and reactivate the setting quickly. Clicking the Action Center taskbar button will display the new Action Center. The shortcut is Windows + A. You can disable the flight modes by clicking this icon to change it off.


Under ‘WiFi settings,’ you’ll find the flight mode option. Tap on the “Wired or Wireless Network” in the Taskbar. Depending on how much access you have, you can discover three options: WiFi, in-flight mode, and hotspot mode. Enable ‘Airplane Mode’ to switch it off.

From Windows Settings

Here’s how,

  • Press and hold the Windows logo key + I on your keyboard to open your settings. You can access your settings by going to the Windows Start screen and clicking on Settings or opening your Settings Window from the settings menu bar on the Start screen.
  • Try selecting “The network and internet.”
  • You can go to Airplane modes through the left side of the home screen.
  • Once you’ve selected to enter airplane mode, you will be presented with a choice to keep or deactivate it.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10 Using Keyboard

  • Most laptops, particularly the Dell models, have a single key to deactivate or activate “Airplane Mode.”
  • You will know that you are in flight modes if you see an ‘airplane’ printed on your F keys.
  • Activating and deactivating to airplane mode can be alternated between F9 and F12 keys. The key is assigned to be your flight modes button on your computer.
  • Use either of these F keys to activate or deactivate the mode.

Using Physical Button

The Power button is not the only physical control on a Dell notebook, and it only works if you hold it down. There are several keys on each of some Dell laptop, e.g.:

  • WiFi key
  • Airplane Mode key
  • Power Button key
  • Display brightness key
  • The keys on your Dell laptop can be found in many places, not just on the F keys.

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If your Dell laptop has a “locked” switch, you can turn airplane mode on or off with that button.

Turn Off Airplane Mode Windows 10 Login Screen

It’s right. You can also disable flight modes from Windows (where you enter your password or PIN) from the login screen.

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To do that, click on the Airplane mode in the lower right-hand corner, and tap the WiFi button.

How to Fix It When Windows 10 Is Stuck in Airplane Mode

Successfully exiting airplane modes involves following these steps, one at a time: the path to more sophisticated options begins with the most straightforward solutions.

  • Only reboot the machine. A computer stuck in Airplane modes on Windows 10 will also be fixed by a quick reboot.
  • Take advantage of a built-in keyboard shortcut. Look to see if there is a key with a radio signal emitter. This control can be found in one of two places on every key of the keyboard, depending on the laptop model (PrintScreen).
  • When you hold the Fn key, click the F11. If it’s a success, the message appears in the upper left-hand corner showing WiFi is activated and Airplane mode is turned off.
  • Click the Start button. To enable or disable flight modes, go to the lower-left corner of the desktop, select the Action Center, and select the Small Flying Object (looks like a bit of Window).
  • Additional destinations appear on the list. You can automatically link to any previously configured WiFi networks in range.
  • An Airplane Mode is often referred to as the Network Mode button, is present on computers (usually desktops). When you press this button, Airplane Modes is activated and deactivated.
  • Look in the PC manufacturer’s documentation to see where this button is located and whether your PC has it.
  • Find out how to turn off flight mode by going to the System Menu. One can also activate and deactivate Airplane Modes from the System Settings. On the Best match, press the “Airplane” and then choose System settings.
  • There is an Airplane Mode GUI you can see. Toggle the flight Mode.
  • Restore the PC’s original configuration. Advanced users should avoid doing this.
  • I will use the Reset This PC feature to reinstall Windows 10. It is the only route to take when all other options have been exhausted.
  • Report a problem to Microsoft. Don’t have any of the above ideas? Contact Microsoft help for assistance.

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How To Troubleshoot Airplane Mode

If you are unable to disable your airplane mode on your screen, follow these instructions manually.

  • Press the Window + “I” key on your keyboard to open your settings. You can access your settings by going to the Windows Start screen and clicking on Settings or unlocking your Settings Window from the settings menu bar on the Start screen.
  • Choose the option Update & Protection.
  • Tap the problems to the right to click ‘troubleshoot.’
  • Right-Then click on ‘Link to the Internet.’
  • Inspect and fix it if necessary
  • Next, go to Settings (available in several apps) and follow the step-by-step instructions to troubleshooting your internet connections.
  • If your airplane mode still gets in the way, use this guide to learn how to turn it on.

FAQs ― How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

  1. Why can't I turn off airplane mode on my Dell laptop?

    Select the Power Management tab and clear the Allow the system to turn off the option. If you switch Airplane Mode off, check if the machine restarts. WiFi is still on when you turn the Airplane Mode off.

  2. Why can I not turn off airplane mode in Windows 10?

    Set the network adapter properties on your PC in the network adapters section, and select Power Management in the options. Then uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device when it is not in use. Allow the machine to power down to save the changes and restart the system.

  3. Why is my PC stuck in airplane mode?

    Often your laptop can enter airplane mode if it is unable to get online. The issue is a software bug, an inconsistent network driver, or a malfunctioning hardware switch. Your machine has to be restarted to complete the repair process.

  4. How do I force airplane mode off?

    To switch OFF the Airplane mode through the device settings, you must first access them through the Taskbar. Use the Windows Search field to search for airplane mode. Open the Airplane settings. Do not enable the airplane mode.

  5. How to Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10 Using CMD?

    Open an admin Command Prompt > powercfg /delete {GUID of Airplane Plan} > To re-enable Airplane mode is different: Start > Settings > Network > Airplane Mode > Enable.

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