How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter? Simple Guide

So, today’s question is How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter? Laptop have numerous weak points, one of which is the batteries. Your ability to utilize your computer when you’re away from an outlet is solely dependent on how much battery capacity you have. 

The lithium-ion batteries used in today’s laptops often perform more poorly after about two or three years of use. 

How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter

When things start to go downhill, the battery will need to be replaced. Testing your battery’s charge and health is simple and enables you to save yourself from future inconvenience.

How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter

Step 1:

Keep your laptop battery fully charged.

Step 2:

Disconnect your computer from power and remove the battery. Check to see whether the battery has a voltage rating marked on it. Use this to check the voltage using multimeter

Many laptops feature voltages ranging from 9.6V, 10.8V, 11.1V, 14.4V, and 14.8V. People can rate with low or high scores.

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Step 3:

To fix the battery error on your computer, locate the connector where the battery and the laptop connected. When plugged in, the battery will be positioned in the center of the side that faces the laptop. 

It should be around one inch long, resembling a sequence of 5 similar thin slots that appear like the grating on your laptop’s exhaust fan. The two open slots on the outside of the battery will serve as the positive and negative terminals.

Step 4:

Measure the voltage at 20 volts on your multimeter and turn it on (or anything close to 20 volts). The letter “V” represents voltage settings, whereas wavy lines around the letter V are used to indicate direct current voltage settings.

Step 5:

Next, locate the outermost battery connector on one end of the battery and insert a probe of your multimeter into the slot on the connector. 

Find the middle two outer slots on the connector and insert the other prong of your multimeter into them. It doesn’t matter if you keep your strengths and weaknesses in balance. 

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You’ll merely end up changing the voltage sign instead of changing the actual value, and the number is critical. To ensure that each prong is contacting naked, exposed metal, ensure that you are using four prongs.

Step 6:

Read the multimeter’s reading. When the battery is ultimately charged and healthy, it will measure approximately the printed value on the battery.

Measure the voltage of your battery after a 60% to 80% discharge to obtain a value for the complete charge. Lithium-ion battery runs out of juice, but it isn’t going to measure near to 0V. Several volts are still in it. 

It occurs when the battery voltage dips below a particular point, at which point your computer automatically turns off. 

As voltage decreases, the battery’s ability to hold a charge becomes compromised. Because of the protective circuitry in the battery, using a dead battery is impossible.

How to Check Laptop Battery Health Windows 10

Step 1:

You can open the Start Menu by clicking on the Windows button.

Step 2: 

Look for a search box in the Start Menu that says “Search programs and files.”

Step 3:

In the search area, type “Windows Mobility Center.” When the results have finished loading, click the “Windows Mobility Center” in the Programs area on the left side of the screen. 

It contains various mobility indicators, such as the mobility status of your laptop, which you can check from within the Windows Mobility Center.

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You should pay attention to the “Battery Status” sign. The information on the display shows you how much battery life you have left. It should read close to 100% if you keep your laptop plugged in.

FAQs ― How to Test Laptop Battery With Multimeter?

How do I check the health of my laptop battery?

1) Click your laptop’s Start menu.
2) Click on the “PowerShell” option that shows when you enter “PowerShell” in the search bar.
3) The command to type once it appears powercfg /batteryreport.
4) press the Enter key, and the battery health report will be generated.

How do you know if laptop battery is bad?

As soon as you click the red X on the battery icon in your system tray, Windows will notify you that you should “consult a qualified technician to get your battery replaced.” 

Additionally, if your battery can’t, your computer can spontaneously shut down because of an issue with your battery.

How long do laptop batteries last?

The average battery life of a laptop is three to four hours. It is estimated that a typical laptop battery lasts roughly 1,000 charges.

Is it OK to leave a dead battery in a laptop?

When the battery has entirely or significantly failed, it may catch fire, causing the laptop to go up in flames. It is up to you. A dead battery won’t cause a problem if you use the laptop typically. 

In some cases, a defective battery can cause the computer to malfunction. Therefore you must remove the battery and use the laptop that is plugged into a wall.

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