How to Take Apart Asus Laptop Simple & Easy Guide

Regularly update your Asus laptops. If you leave anything alone for too long, it will probably break down. Asus hardware can also need to be replaced from time to time. 

It is impossible to do without the knowledge of disassembling your laptop. Due to the design of the Asus laptops, there’s no space to do some real work on them.

How to Take Apart Asus Laptop [ STEP BY STEP GUIDE ]

Step 1: Turn off the laptop, detach all peripherals from the device, and unplug the power cord. When your laptop is Shut down properly, put it face down on a flat surface. Turn the laptop on its front end so you can see the screen correctly. 

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Go to the laptop’s bottom and look for the battery compartment cover. To safely remove the battery cover, do so by pressing the tabs, then sliding it off the battery. Set the battery pack aside.

Step 2: Remove all the screws holding the bottom of the laptop casing in place. First, unplug all the cable connectors on the underside of the laptop. Depending on the system, this task can range from simple to complex. 

The bulk of the components of many modern Asus laptops are attached to the base of the machine instead of the motherboard. 

Depending on the model, it can be accessed via the bottom of the laptop’s hardware, only the RAM, modem, and wireless cards can be accessed.

Step 3: Now it’s time to detach the LCD from your laptop. Unhook the keyboard’s top-row locking tabs To pick up the keyboard, grasp the upper edge and then turn it towards you. 

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Next, put the keyboard on its face. To disassemble the keyboard and disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard.

Step 4: The next step is to loosen the screws on the laptop’s metal cover to detach it from the case. Look for and drop the trackpad cable into the trackpad receptacle. 

Place a tiny, thin screwdriver near the bottom of the laptop touchpad Act around the laptop’s perimeter to pry off the top case. Get rid of the LCD hinge clips. Take off the whole laptop case. All the motherboards will be revealed.

How to disassemble Asus VivoBook 15 F512 X512

Disassembling a VivoBook 15 F512 from ASUS, also known as dismantling a VivoBook ASUS. It should work for the Asus VivoBook 15 models: X512F, X512DA, X512FL, X512FJ, X512UA, X512DK, X512FA, X512FB, F512DA, F512FA, X512UB, X512UF; but I’m pretty sure it applies to others as well.

The VivoBook 15 F512 supports two SATA hard drives: M.2 SSD and 2.5″ hard drive.

  • Upgrading the RAM to the system can only be done in one place.
  • Simple to take out and clean.
  • soldered to the motherboard DC jack

Use only three simple tools for this disassembly: a Phillips screwdriver, a case knife, and tweezers. If you want to know about my series of electronic repairs, here are the tools I use.

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How to Take Apart Asus Laptop (Brief Explanation)

How to Open Asus Laptop Back Cover

STEP 1. Remove ten bottom cover secure screws. There are three tornadoes: orange-the longest torn, red-medium-length tornadoes, green-short.

Removing the base cover 1

STEP 2. Pry the base cover-up and start to separate it from the top case.

Removing the base cover step 2

STEP 3. Continue to remove your hands from the base cover. You must use reasonable strength to remove the cover. Several secret latches are attached to the top case.

How to Take Apart Asus Laptop

How to Remove Asus Laptop Battery

STEP 4. Remove four battery and battery mounting bracket secure screws & remove the bracket. The battery cable is routed under the first disconnected touchpad cable.

Disconnecting and removing the battery step 4

STEP 5. Disconnect the motherboard touchpad cable.

Disconnecting and removing the battery step 5

Before cutting the cable, the connector must be opened. To open your connector, raise the locking tab (red arrow).

STEP 6. Unlock the connector of the battery cable and remove the battery cable from the motherboard. Glide the metal clip in the direction shown (yellow arrow). This clip covers the connection battery cable.

Disconnecting and removing the battery step 6

Now the battery cable can be lifted and unplugged from the motherboard. Do not use metal instruments to raise the connector. You can shorten pins and damage your battery or motherboard by mistake. Instead, use your fingernails.

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STEP 7. On the side of the battery are routed the speaker cables and Wi-Fi antenna cables. Separate all battery cables.

Disconnecting and removing the battery step 7

STEP 8. Remove the battery from the top case. The battery hangs on the left side of two knobs. Make sure it is correctly placed in place during the reassembly process.

Disconnecting and removing the battery step 8

Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD, and M.2 SSD

Asus VivoBook 15 F512 X512 motherboard has a 4GB (soldered) non-removable memory and one RAM slot for up to 16GB DDR4 memory module. The maximum laptop memory is 20GB.

STEP 9. Remove the memory module and, if possible, replace the module with a larger capacity.

Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD and M.2 SSD step9

STEP 10. Remove the M.2 SATA SSD screw and pull the SSD. It is 2280 M.2 SSD form.

Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD and M.2 SSD step 10Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD and M.2 SSD step 10

STEP 11. Disconnect the 2.5′′ SATA motherboard hard drive cable. Unlock the connector until the cable is removed.

Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD and M.2 SSD step 11

STEP 12. Remove the 2.5′′ laptop hard drive. It is a standard 1TB 2.5′′ hard drive rotating SATA. I would strongly advise replacing it with a 2.5′′ solid, much faster state drive. When you upgrade the hard drive, the SATA cable and rubber sleeve must be transferred to the new drive.

Removing RAM, 2.5″ HDD and M.2 SSD step 12

Removing the cooling fan

STEP 13. Remove three cooling fan locking screws. Disconnect the USB board fan cable.

Removing the cooling fan step 13

STEP 14. Detach and raise the cooling fan.

How to Open Asus Laptop Screen

STEP 15. Disconnect the video cable under the padding foam. Lift the padding foam on the rim, and Remove it. Remove the transparent tape and unplug the motherboard’s video monitor cable.

Removing the display panel step 15

STEP 16. Open the 90-degree display panel and set the laptop upside down at your desk’s edge. Remove four display hinges screws.

Removing the display panel step 16

STEP 17. You can now detach and remove the display panel from the top case assembly.

I don’t demonstrate in this guide how to remove the LCD panel, but it shouldn’t be hard. I think the screen removal is very standard:

Removing the display panel step 17
  1. Remove two bottoms left and suitable screws from display assembly corners. 
  2. Remove the bezel screen.
  3. Remove all secure device screens. 
  4. Remove the cable from the back of the screen.

Removing the USB board and the motherboard

STEP 18. Disconnect the USB board I/O cable.

STEP 19. Remove the USB board and lift it up.

Removing the USB board and the motherboard step 19

STEP 20. Remove all motherboard screws and unplug the following cables:

  • Speaker cable (yellow).
  • Keyboard backlight cable (pink).
  • Touchpad cable (green).
  • Keyboard cable (blue).
Removing the USB board and the motherboard step 20

In addition, the Wi-Fi card needs to be removed.

You can now detach and remove the motherboard from the top case.

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The power jack DC-IN has been soldered to the motherboard. If it fails, the failed DC jack will have to be soldered and replaced with a new one.

Removing the touchpad

Step 21. Remove a screw that secures the tactile pad and unplug two wires. Remove the touchpad. The keyboard cannot be removed because it is permanently attached to the top case (connected). If the keyboard fails, the whole top case assembly must be replaced.

Removing the touchpad step 21

FAQs ― How to Take Apart Asus Laptop?

  1. Do ASUS laptops have removable batteries?

    Well, both batteries are removable, but they are not removable 'easily.' If your system remains under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer about the issue. If it is not guaranteed, you can try to do the job yourself or take it to a nearby store.

  2. Can you take apart a laptop?

    Taking a laptop apart and reconstructing it allows you to change parts, clean up the system or scrap the laptop's internal components.

  3. How do you open the back of an ASUS TUF laptop?

    Use the iFixit opener to raise the seam of the rear cover, then insert the spudger parallel to the rear cover and slowly lift up.

  4. Can't turn on my Asus laptop?

    [Notebook] Troubleshooting – Notebook is powerless and shows a black screen

    1) Remove the battery and the AC adaptor (some versions do not remove the battery).
    2) Press and hold down the 40 seconds Power button.
    3) Remove the battery (for removable models), attach the AC adapter, and try restarting your laptop.

  5. How do I clean out my laptop?

    Tap Apps & Features inside the Settings app, locate and uninstall those apps you never use. Start the Disk Cleanup utility next. It enables you to delete temporary files that increase computer speed and device files that open up some storage space.

  6. How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen Asus?

    If it was a new laptop and everything was ruined by falling, it can be regarded as a rip-off price. Replacing your laptop screen, including workpieces, does not cost you more than 300 dollars. It'll probably get closer to $200, in reality.

  7. Can you add RAM to Asus ZenBook 14?

    Memory upgrades are not possible because the RAM modules are all soldered directly to the motherboard. On the plus side, you have access to the M. 2 PCIe SSD.

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