How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer

Computers are utilized with broad capabilities in various technical tasks, including the installation of routers. However, it does not mean that without a computer, you cannot set up your router and modem.

Want to know How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer? You want to configure a wifi router and modem, but you don’t have a computer, or your computer could not work—no need to worry about it. You can adequately set up your modem and router with a smart mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

Modem Vs. Router

You can connect to a vast network area (WAN) or the Internet with a modem. On the other hand, a router links your devices to your local LAN or wifi network and enables your devices to communicate wirelessly. 

In principle, a modem is your internet entrance, while a router is a central hub for your devices. I have explained this difference because it helps you understand How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer?

What Is a Modem, & its Function?

A modem is a device that accepts an analog signal from your ISP and turns it into a digital sign that your devices recognize and vice versa. It enables your gadgets to communicate and receive information over the Internet. The name modem stems from the term “modulation.”

When the Internet was the first form, modems uses to modulate (or convert) an analog signal, which computers and other devices may grasp by using telephone connections. Then the modem can demodulate the signal back into an analog signal from your devices so that it can transfer via a telephone line. 

The word modem is stuck while more modern technology is being employed. Most modems have only three ports, one connecting the Internet, one relating to a router, and one connecting to a power source. 

Older modems are connected via telephone lines to the Internet, whereas newer ones are connected via cable or fiber optic. You should also use at least one Ethernet port to connect to a router or PC.

What Is a Router & its Function?

A router is a networking device that divides your Internet from your modem to the devices in your network. You can connect from your computer, mobile phone, smart TV, and other cable or wireless devices to the Internet. 

A router’s principal function is to distribute your Internet traffic to your network’s correct device. 

It achieves this by assigning all your devices an IP address, and it is not transferred to your smartphone when you try to open a page on your PC. A router creates and manages your local network settings. You may enable security settings, prioritize traffic to some devices, and more using a router.

A router also allows your gadgets to communicate across the network. An application on your smartphone will enable you to adjust the settings of your smart home devices, for example.

Need a Modem or a Router?

How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer

If you wish to use wifi or connect to numerous devices, you must both have a modem and a router. Because many modems have only one LAN Ethernet port, You may only join one computer at a time, but not the same safety as the router. If you have many devices that need to connect to the Internet, a router is vital.

However, you cannot use a router alone to access the Internet. To spread the Internet connection to your devices, a router needs to be attached to the modem. 

That said, when you set your home internet connection, there is no need to buy a separate modem and router. Some gadgets feature both a modem and a router these days.

Is It Possible to Have the Internet Without a Computer?

You can, of course. Once the combination of a modem and router has been configured with or without the computer, as described above. You can then browse the Internet on a preferred media device, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TV, smart devices, etc. 

However, it is always better and convenient to have a computer or a laptop after building up the network and running the Internet. 

However, you can browse the Internet without your network and modem with or without the computer. And it makes sense, too, because apart from your PC work, I believe that the majority of the bandwidth is media consumption devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart television, and smart gadgets.

How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer?

The Preparation

Connect the intelligent device to a source of power

The smart device can be powered by iOS or Android. Before you start, plug the device in the power supply to have enough energy to support the entire installation process. If it’s already robust, go ahead.

Install network software for discovery

Network discovery applications might be helpful when you have troubles during the installation process. These applications include EZ NetScan and FING. Download these apps, depending on your device, for free from the Android or Apple store.

The Proceedings

After doing this, you can now start configuring the router by following the steps below.

  • Switch on the Router

Make sure that you allow the root sufficient time to boot when it is activated.

  • Turn on the wifi for Your Smart Device.

Go to your intelligent device and activate the wifi if the wifi is off. If it’s on, proceed.

  • Connect to the wifi

Look at the router’s SSID or network ID and the router’s back password. Search for and tap on the SSIDs on your phones for the router’s SSID. Login to the wifi using the password.

  • Find the Ip Address Internally

There are three approaches to identify the internal IP address of the router. They are: They are

Use the App for Network Discovery

As stated previously, you can use Apple or Android to obtain network discovery applications such as EZ Netscan and FING for free. It’s straightforward to use these apps. You will nevertheless need the Internet to use the applications. 

Open any of those apps after your device is connected to the Internet and use them to look for the wireless internet routers IP address. THEREFORE, the IP address is shown next to the SSID name and is a relatively easy task.

Refer to the Handbook for the Router

Take the documentation for the routers and look for its IP address. Each router has a default IP address, which may locate on the manual.

See the Sticker Behind the Router

It is another easy way to find the IP address. Turn the routers upside down and check the IP address of the sticker back.

Open the browser of your device.

Enter the browser and code the IP address in the top bar. You will see a login screen, also known as the admin page, on the screen of your device as soon as you accomplish this. Insert the default login details to log in on the login screen. 

You can find details about the login on the sticker behind the routers. If you cannot log in, try typing the password and admin as the username. Once you have arrived, it is now possible to modify the wifi routers like you would on a computer or a laptop.

How to Set Up a Computer-free Modem?

How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer
  • Connect the phone line supplied to you by the ISP to your DSL-labeled modem port first.
  • Secondly, use an ethernet cable and attach one end to the modem back and the other end to a WAN port on the routers (Wide Area Network).
  • Next, connect the power cord and the power cord of the routers with their corresponding outlets.
  • Turn on the power for both network devices and wait a few minutes for all critical signs (LEDs).
  • You can repeat the preceding procedures if necessary because we have learned how to set up a computer-free wifi network earlier.
  • Connect your devices to the SSID router with the password you have set in the prior stages.
  • Enjoy Internet browsing.

FAQs -How to Set a Modem and Router Without Computers?

  1. Do You Need a Computer to Set Up a Router?

    In the past, the complex cabling of the desktop computer into the router began to lease an internet account. However, today, many homes exclusively use laptops, tablets, or other wireless gadgets. Connecting them is feasible depending on the configuration without the computer being connected to the router.

  2. How Can I Connect the Router Without a Modem?

    Choose the wifi icon from the Windows taskbar or the Mac menu on your computer to visualize the list of available networks, select the network's name, and input your passkey. If you have an Ethernet port on your computer, you can connect to the router directly through an Ethernet cable.

  3. Can I Connect to the Internet With Just a Router?

    The router is located between your Internet and your local network. However, you can't connect to the Internet directly with a router. You must instead connect your router to a device that can transfer your digital traffic across whatever Internet connection you have.


I hope you learned a lot today, mainly, How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer? To secure the network, it is very vital to set up the modem and router. 

You must update the SSID and the default password to ensure that the router is not at risk. However, you need to take care of the settings you will modify at the same time.

Just take a screenshot or write about the old and the new SSID and password information on paper. It is because you will need to log in again if you ever reset the router and for default settings in the future. So make sure your modem and router work flawlessly.