How to Scroll Through Discord Servers on Laptop [2022 UPDATED]

Hey guys, so a couple of months ago, I showed you how to scroll through discord servers on laptop for the web version, and I checked on it a few weeks ago, and I saw that it stopped working, So I updated the post, and I’m going to show you how you can use it.

How to Scroll Through Discord Servers on Laptop [Step by Step Guide]

It’s the same thought I’m also going to show you how to scroll through discord servers on laptop & also how you can add a scroll bar to your Windows app for discord, so yeah, let’s get started. 

Step 1:

Okay, so first, you have to download temper monkey from this link (Tampermonkey Google Chrome Extension). And then after you’ve downloaded it. 

Download Temper Monkey Extension

Step 2:

It’s gone the icon click dashboard go to utilities and then copy the Discord Scrolling Code

discord no scrollbar

Step 3:

After downloading the file, you can click Choose File. It’s going to be this file click open and import the downloaded file, and you should have that script on your computer.

how to scroll through servers - How to Scroll Through Discord Servers on Laptop

Step 4:

Then you have to reload that page. You don’t need this anymore, and after you’ve reloaded it, this button should pop up similar to our last versions. You have to click the ad, but this time nothing would happen and exit out. 

Step 5:

But if you move your mouse between any of these icons or the portion of the screen. You can quickly scroll up or down, and yeah, that’s the scroll bar the new version of the scroll bar works. 

Step 6:

So yeah, I’m going to show you how you can add the scroll bar to your app next, okay so I’ve my discord app open, and I’m going to show you how you can add that scroll bar.

Step 7:

So first, you have to go to this link. I will select all CTRL + C to copy, and then you have to go back to that app. I’m going to do control. 

discord keyboard combos

Step 8:

So, Click the button “I” to open that debug console. After it’s popped up, click console, and then you want to click down here to make sure it’s blinking and then CTRL + V to paste and enter. 

discord mobile can't scroll

Step 9:

And if you see your screen, then it should work for you. I’m going to close the console and just like how you did in a web version. 

Step 10:

If you move your mouse between these two spots, click, and you can scroll up and down, and yeah, that’s how you add a scroll feature for your discord when you don’t have a mouse. 

You don’t have a mouse, you can’t scroll, but with this feature, you will be able to scroll.

FAQs ― How to Scroll Through Discord Servers on Laptop?

  1. How do you scroll up in discord?

    Hover your cursor to any message and then press JUMP on the box to the right. That's going to pull you up!

  2. Can you see servers you left on discord?

    If you leave a server, you left no post. An API request is nevertheless sent, so any bots that hook into this can do what they want. Like the server list, unless the staff keeps every user's list actively up to date, they cannot see you left (unless they use a bot).

  3. Can you use discord without a mouse?

    When you've ever discovered that you want to put your mouse and become an internet guerrilla on the keyboard, Discord hotkeys are the first significant move to make your dream come true!

  4. How do you go to the first message on messenger without scrolling?

    If you recall the first conversation message, it will be straightforward to reach the first conversation message. Only go to the conversation, and there's a choice to “Check this conversation,” go and search! It would take you to the top of the talk.

  5. How do you scroll to the top of a team chat?

    If you don't want to scroll, you can press CTRL + Home multiple times. Using the message menu, select Save this message when you get to the first post so that you can quickly return to it by clicking the picture of your profile in the top-right corner and selecting Saved.

  6. Is discord safe for my child?

    Discord allows users at least 13 years of age but does not check users' age upon registration. Since all of this is user-created, many inappropriate contents is available, such as swearing, graphical language, and photos (although you can fully belong to a body that forbids them).

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