How to Run Overwatch on a Low End Laptop

Since Overwatch is one of the best video games ever, it undoubtedly has immense success. Most people love the game, while some only want to play it for hype.

I wrote a master guide about Best Gaming Laptop before, but it would not be ideal for those who want to try the game to purchase a new laptop.

Therefore, I have posted tips in this article on How to Run Overwatch on a Low End Laptop. Overwatch’s Blizzard Entertainment developers have skillfully optimized the game to play on average or on a daily laptop.

However, you have to decide on different features such as rendering, shadow details, fog details, etc. So let’s get on the tips without wasting much time.

12 Pro Tips On How to Run Overwatch on a Low End Laptop

In two pieces, I divided the following tips: Simple and Advanced.

Simple steps are the ones that you can do on your own without professional advice or precautions. In contrast, advanced steps are useful but a little dangerous, and so you only need to try if you are an advanced user or call a friend with advanced computer experience.

Note: You can try all these 12 pro tips one by one or a few to see how the game works, rather than try them all at once.

The measures listed below enable you to boost gaming performance by about 50-70 percent if properly followed. Make sure you follow them properly, and let me know in the comments section if you have problems. First, we begin with a few basic steps.

#1 Change Your In-Game Settings

That’s a brainer, but maybe this easy piece of advice will be the trick for you. The best way to improve your frame rate in the game is to sort your in-game video settings before you begin to play. When you have booted the game, you can start in the “video” settings tab if you open the title screen menu options.

There are several options to take into account here. You want to transform V-synchronization, triple buffering, dynamic reflections, shadow information, local reflection, and ambient occlusion entirely, in terms of turning things to “low” or “off.”

Then you’ll want to set up graphic quality, texture quality, filtering texture quality, local fog details, details of models, details of effects, quality of lighting, anti-alias quality, and low refraction quality. You can keep the render scale — the resolution in which textures are displayed in the game — at 100% or lower to 75% for a big boost in performance.

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Now, note that here you are trading visual loyalty for results. These are the best overview settings if you’re all concerned to make sure your frame rate is high and stable—but you can tinker with some settings until you find your dressing spot if you want to match the visual quality of this game with your FPS.


The first move is to clear up all temporary and obsolete files on your computer.

These files obstruct your hard disk unnecessarily and take up a lot of precious room released easily.

It would have the minimum impact to boost the gaming efficiency of Overwatch, but it is the most important and fundamental thing to do.

You can clean your laptop’s temporary files with several free applications, but the one program I use regularly is CCleaner.

#3 Solutions Beyond the Game

Like any game, you can try plenty of strategies if the game is not booted to improve your FPS. For example, you want to ensure that there are no major resource drainage applications in the context. Discord, web browsers, anti-virus software, Windows updates, etc., can slow down your game by testing the capacity of your RAM and CPU.

Make sure all your drivers & Operating system are up to date. Video card drivers and OS updates also include highly significant bug fixes and optimizations that can affect your everyday video games’ frame rate. However, it should be noted that if you have a GTX 1060, before upgrading 397.31, you may want to conform to NVIDIA drivers because some users have reported odd graphic issues after the update.

You can also configure more complex video settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel if you have an NVIDIA graphics card. Setting the maximum number of pre-rendered frames, such as anisotropic filtering and DSR factors to one will give you a huge increase in Overwatch efficiency.


Just because your Windows taskbar does not display an open or running program does not mean that all the applications on your laptop are locked.

Multiple programs run without your notice in the context of your desktop.

To closing, press the ^ button that displays several programs in the background on the right side of your Windows taskbar. (See illustration underneath)

Hover over every icon of the software, and its name will appear. Disable all programs you do not need when you right-click on every application icon and choose ‘Quit.’

Make sure you don’t leave any background graphical programs like Nvidia or AMD Radeon or Intel HD.

#5 Repair Your Game Files

As with any modern game, the data that your Overwatch copy contains are not unfailing. Following repeated updates and long enough, you can find your game files corrupted, which can seriously inhibit your game performance.

It’s a must figure this out, and it’s a really easy fix. When you open the client and click on the Overwatch tab, you can click on the small gear at the top that says “Options,” and from the dropdown menu, then pick “Scan and Repair.” It could take a few minutes, depending on the number of game files to be fixed and your device and internet connection condition. It may take up to an hour.

And when we speak to the client, some players have confirmed that there is a workaround that is responsible for their low FPS: Voice. To link you to your teammates via VOIP communication, it seems that Voice has not ironed out every bug so that you couldn’t have the FPS boost.


Your laptop gets slower over time because of the apps or applications that are loaded when you start your laptop.

We install various software for specific usage, and a few of this software are set to start automatically when your device begins.

These applications lower your laptop by hosting vital machine resources and, while playing Overwatch, deteriorate the gaming performance.

But make sure that graphics programs like Nvidia, AMD Radeon or Intel HD are not disabled again.

#7 Upgrade Your Graphics Card

If none of the above methods has solved your problem and you still have a big frame rate delay in the game, you may have reached the unfortunate bottleneck related to time, which must suffer one day by any PC gamer: Your hardware is no longer up to work.

Your graphics card is typically the most popular culprit and fastest fix. GPUs can be costly, but Overwatch is also running well with lots of cheap graphic cards. You can also see our Guide to Buyers of Video Cards for a wide variety of options at different prices.

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Once you have a new card, make sure it is compatible with your motherboard and the correct size for your case. When it comes, there are plenty of videos online that demonstrate how to switch out your card, but it is so easy to replace a couple of screws and insert the new GPU into the PCIe lane of your motherboard.


If you are running the internet from your desktop, your laptop would be full of viruses, adware, malware, spyware, trojans, resale wars, and so on.

These threats may either track your activities, steal information, or hog your machine resources excessively. In turn, this can hamper gaming performance when Overwatch is played.

To eradicate these risks, you need an ‘Antivirus,’ a paid-for software program that removes all these hazardous threats from your computer.

There are many anti-virus applications on the market; however, not all of them are equally developed. Some work better than others, while some software provides no security and is designed just for developers to make money.

Thus, from my experience, I can recommend reliable anti-virus software as ‘Kaspersky Complete Security’ for over six years.


Most modern Laptops will fail when charging their batteries, whereas they provide maximum efficiency when connected to AC Power.

It is intended to ensure that your laptop does not drain batteries faster and then accuse the manufacturer of bad battery efficiency on social media.

Therefore, it is easier to plug into your laptop’s charging cord when playing Overwatch.


Like FPS software measurement, gameplay recording software also decreases the efficiency of gaming. If you do not play games for experimental purposes, do not use Gameplay or Screen Recording Tools.


Once you have checked all of the above 11 choices, only then can I suggest you tinker with the graphics quality and resolution of Overwatch.

Now I’ll not go into its configuration, but you can check the following video to find out how to customize your configuration for better results.

Most users reduce the graphics quality from Epic to Max or Medium, but instead of adjusting the unique graphic quality option, users should tinker with particular graphics settings. The above video will support you.

Also, I would consider lowering the desired 60FPS recommended for smooth play by Overwatch from 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x 720.

Most of the easy steps will increase the efficiency of Overwatch on your laptop by 50-70%. If this isn’t the case, however, consider going through the Advanced Steps.

Let’s now continue with some advanced tips:

As the name suggests, these measures are a little advanced, and I recommend you do it with an experienced friend or support if you are unaware of tinkering with laptop hardware.

#12 Get a New Gaming PC or Laptop

All right, time for the worst-case scenario. Let’s paint a picture here, but it seems like none of the cards you want to buy are compatible with your power supply. Well, no problem—you can also upgrade your power supply. And, hey, why don’t you get a new RAM while you are here? It’s time to update DDR3 to DDR4 memory.

But, oh no. But, oh no. You will not handle DDR4 memory on a motherboard and CPU combination, which means that you would need to update your processor and motherboard to the next generation of RAM. Now the rates are beginning to rise.

If it isn’t the only update your device needs, upgrading your GPU may be time to develop a brand new machine. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to run Overwatch on a 1080P display in higher settings. Indeed, we have created a guide that will support you: 3 Legit Gaming PCs that fulfill overwatch device requirements.

You can also check out our budget-friendly gaming pcs or high-end gaming computers (if you have a different budget). Or, if you want a laptop, check our guide to best-in-class gaming laptops with a cost of less than $1,000 for reasonably affordable Overwatch choices.

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Yeah, That’s it; Overwatch three fast solutions to give you a big FPS boost and two soberer – yet practical – fixes. We hope that some of the advice on this list will help you sort your blues frames, and we hope it will help you win your matches more.

FAQS (How to Run Overwatch on a Low End Laptop)

How do you get Fortnite to run on a low end laptop?

In Fortnite, always switch on the game mode first to play on a low-end PC, since Windows only use the computing resources to play this game and this game. Set the frame rate to 60 and set it in full-screen mode.

Can Minecraft run on low end PC?

But while the graphics of Minecraft are not very challenging, the pure scale of the game and the fact that it makes the whole world a resource-laden game for you. There was a mistake. You can run Minecraft very smoothly on even a low-end PC with just a few changes to the game settings.

Why are my overwatch frames low?

To fix this issue:

1) Reset your video driver settings.
2) Reset your choices in the game to fix crashing and performance issues.
3) Optimize the power management settings and graphics options for gaming while playing on a laptop.

There was a mistake. Overheating can lead to problems with results, game crashes, and complete machine lockups.


I hope this guide on How to Run Overwatch on a Low End Laptop will assist you and boost the overview on your laptop.

No doubt, if you follow these measures, Overwatch will see an increase in gaming performance between 30 percent and 100 percent.

The basic steps are very easy to follow. An inexperienced user can even take them. However, as I mentioned earlier, ensure that the advanced steps are taken under an expert’s guidance.

If you have any questions concerning this guide, make sure you leave a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help.

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