How to Return HP Laptop in 2022

Are you not happy with the goods you purchased from HP and want to return? Has the lengthy HP Return Policy been passed? Here we offer a brief yet instructive version of HP’s Return Policy. After reading this below mention information, your doubt about How to Return Hp Laptop will be obvious.

HelpLine Of HP:

Bothering About How to Return Hp Laptops? The first step is to contact Hp.

HP Customer Care provides professional advice on all HP devices. They will be available at 1-(800)-108-4747, options 1 and 2.

 From Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

 9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays (counting out public holidays).

Return Policies of Hp:

   How to Return Hp Laptop

Are you thinking about How to Return Hp Laptop? Then first you should know about the policies of Hp.

Under the HP Return Policy, most items may essentially be returned to get a full refund within seven days from delivering the product(s). Products with all attachments and paperwork must be returned in original packaging. However, in particular, please note that HP only accepts returns for products purchased through the HP shop online. HP accepts no returns for goods purchased from any other online shop or retail outlet.

Step by Step Guide How to Return Hp Laptop:

Here the current HP Return Policy is explained. Please read below to find out How to Return Hp Laptops:

  • The HP Remit Policy says that HP exclusively accepts product returns bought from their online shop You cannot thus return products from your retail shop. Therefore, only one method is to return a product(s) that you purchased from HP. May start applications by calling 1-(800)-108-4747, options 1 and 2.
  • By dialing the number mentioned above, you may speak to the HP call agent. But you will have to have certain information ready for them before doing so.
  • Keep information of the caller available for the call officer. You may only ask him to contact you for more information and clarity.
  • The call representative must know the information of your goods to assist you out. The specifics of the product include the serial number, product model and product number. All this will provide the call agent the accurate information it needs to determine and assist you in returning the goods.

Things To Do While Talking With HP Agent:

  • To assist the agent, you must provide the call agent the following information.
  • The precise issue and its symptoms are described.
  • The message and code for error (applicable only in some cases)
  • The actions you have taken to solve the issues (e.g., results of the memory test, etc.)
  • The information about the defective component (only if accessible), for example, the hard drive capacity, the hp spare number, etc.
  • Would you please not reject delivery or return without first contacting HP.
  • Under this procedure will delay your credit. It leads you to take the risk and loss of return shipping costs.
  • You may contact HP to verify your return status.

Unusual Conditions:

  • If the product(s) you get are damaged or inadequate on delivery, you will be entitled to a free replacement by HP within 14 days.
  • If the product(s) are delivered by the HP store incorrectly, which is the wrong address, and so on, HP will replace it without charge within 14 days.
  • Provided you mistakenly make an erroneous purchase, etc., HP will also replace the product(s) free within 14 days, only if the product(s) is unopened.
  • If the customer requires an alternative product(s), HP will replace the product(s) without charge within 14 days.
  • If the customer wishes to cancel the order, no costs will be charged if the item(s) were not delivered. The HP Return Policy applies if the orders are shipped.
  • The return includes 5% cancellation fees for cancellation demands submitted within 14 days, but only if the product(s) were unopened.
  • Should include unopened and items for return or replacement with all the warranty/guarantee cards, all promotional documentation, freebies, and accessories like keyboards, CPUs, etc., in original packaging.


  • All relevant taxes are reimbursed along with the refunds.
  • The reimbursement does not cover handling costs, unloading expenses, shipping charges, etc.
  • The refund is in the original mode of payment; in other words, HP will return the money via net bank or credit card if the payment was made by net banking or credit card, respectively.
  • In case of payment via credit cards, you will be reimbursed by HP within 7-21 business days. If you pay by debit card or net-bank order, we will reimburse you within 5-7 days at any time.

How To Proceed A Return Request Of A Product:

  • If you wish to organize a return request because you have changed your mind, you may follow the easy procedures you have taken to make:
  • Contact the HP Store within 14 days of delivery of the product(s): If you are already a consumer registered with HP, you may log in to your account, see my order(s), and then you can click return or substitute goods. You may send an email to HP at unless you are a registered customer.
  • The HP shop will then supply you with complete return instructions.
  • Prepare for the return of your product(s) to HP. All the software and hardware you have installed on the device will have to be deleted. Take all the personal DVDs and CDs you used to install software and drivers. Remove any passwords that may restrict access to all HP software applications.
  • Please also delete any personal and sensitive data.
  • If you have declined to provide the product(s) you purchased, you must contact HP to request the product withdrawal. HP will then initiate the return process.

In Case of Receiving Defective Product:

The HP Return Policy says that if you get a faulty HP product:

  • First of all, here you may contact your technical support.
  • You may contact the HP shop within 30 days after delivery after getting your caller identification or DOA authorization number.
  • The HP Store Team gives you comprehensive information on how to proceed.
  • In 14 days after delivery, contact the HP shop.
  • The HP shop then gives you information on what steps to take.
  • When you contact HP through email, the pictures of the goods or packages that you have received damaged must be included. You must also explain the damage specifics.

In Case of Receiving Defective Order:

If an incomplete order or product(s) is received, the HP Return Policy says that you must first contact the shop within 30 days of receipt of the goods; you must first contact the goods (s). You may go to “my account” then click on “I have an order question.” The HP shop then provides you with return instructions.

In Case of Receiving Unordered Product:

The HP Return Policy says that when you get a product that has not matched your purchase, you must first notify the HP Store within 14 days of delivery and then wait until the HP Store sends you the return instructions.

FAQsHow To Return Hp Laptop?

  1. Can you return the HP laptop?

    HP may allow a return for goods at its sole discretion beyond 30 days following delivery, but a re-establishment charge of 25% is applied. DOA (Defective On Arrival) products received may be replaced, returned or restored by contacting the technical support staff of HP at 1-800-334-5144.

  2. How do I return my HP computer?

    For all returns, the RMA must be obtained first by contacting the HP Business Outlet at 1-888-385-5408 or Please submit an email to with your RMA number to discover the status of your return.

  3. Can you return a laptop after you use it?

    Although they are not required by law, many stores claim you may return goods within 14 or even 30 days, as long as they are not worn. If you take your receipt and return the item in its original packing, you will have a greater chance.


It is our information about How To Return Hp Laptop? and return policies of Hp Laptop. We hope it helped you and saved you a lot of time. In this way, you can return defective or undesired products.