How to Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen? [Updated Guide – 2022]

Restarting your frozen Dell laptop is never going to be any tricky technical wizardry. A simple three-keys shortcut combination on your keyboard or one long-press on your power button can quickly fix such an odd scenario for you.

Here’s what and how to do, in detail.

How to Restart Dell Laptop When Frozen?

Though it’s never wise to right away opt for the restart option and pointlessly lose all your unsaved work, as you may possibly find ways to simply unfreeze your hanged-up laptop as well, we’ll discuss that later.

For now, here are all the methods how you can quickly restart your frozen Dell laptop.

#1. Method 1 – Try A Shortcut Key Combination

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete all the three keys on your keyboard at once. The key combination may absolutely work for you even if your laptop is completely brick, and so you’ll be taken to the quick security options interface.

Once you got there, you may feel that screen resembling your device’s login interface. So just navigate to the power button icon on the bottom-right corner of that screen, tap on it, and select Restart from the dropdown to do the trick.

But if the key combination fails to work or if you can’t make it to the Restart option at all, proceed to the next method.

#2. Method 2 – Perform A Hard Reboot

Press and hold the power button on your frozen Dell laptop for some 5 odd seconds, and the laptop will completely shut down. You may then safely restart it in the usual manner after a few seconds.

Hard rebooting means restarting your device manually using alternative methods if its OS is frozen and, temporarily though, utterly fails to respond to your commands. Though it’s nothing different than simply turning off your device, you should not make doing a hard reboot a habit unless there is an odd scenario like this one.

#3. Method 3 – Take Off the Battery

Though the hard reboot is the sure-fire fix for such mishaps, if the power button on your laptop doesn’t work (due to any reason), you can straight away go for removing the battery from your laptop.

So if you’re one lucky chap and you’ve got a Dell laptop with a removable/replaceable battery, you absolutely have this extra resort option as well to restart your brick Dell device.

Don’t You Think You Should Unfreeze Your Frozen Dell Laptop First? Restarting Straight Off May Even Add Up in Frustration – I Reckon

Say you’ve got a critical assignment to complete till the next hour or so, and your laptop goes brick exactly in the middle of that task. Would you force-restart your frozen laptop and then start all over again with the task? Or wait for it to unfreeze so that you won’t lose all your unsaved work?

The second option, right? Exactly, because that’s the safer approach in such a scenario. So you should rather learn how to unfreeze a Dell laptop instead, and here’s what to do for that:

  1. Your Dell laptop is supposed to work its ass off 24-7 so it does need intermittent breaks to have some breath. Given that, if it freezes sometimes, just give it a few minutes of repose, and it may possibly automatically catch up again.
  2. If not, again press Ctrl + Alt + Delete all once and if you get to the security options interface, select Task Manager this time. You may then easily notice what specific program/app/system is causing the mishap (by eating max system resources) and terminate the highly offending systems to unfreeze your laptop.
  3. If the laptop freezing issue is a result of some sort of conflicting webpage or due to some issues with your browser, you can press Shift + Esc both at once (on Chrome and Edge only) to open the browser’s task manager and quickly find out and solve all the conflicts.
  4. Try taking off any secondary device (i.e. USB flash drive, external hard disk, etc.) connected to your laptop. It may be one of those dongles creating the issue and removing them could possibly make the laptop unfreeze.
  5. Or you can also try closing and re-opening your Dell laptop’s lid. It may also do the trick.

But if your laptop usually happens to freeze and be in such a situation, try finding out the exact cause for such regular letdowns first. It may be due to a lot of reasons ultimately leading to software/hardware crashes but highly likely due to virus/malware as well. So it’s better to do the respective troubleshoot first.


Laptops are compact computers running on an array of tiny electronics which can easily hang up, even collapse, if they fail to make it up to your 24-7 relentless demands. But no worries as you’ve still got ways to refresh and restart things all over again.

This article teaches you all the ways how to restart Dell laptop when frozen, and I’ve listed some extra tips therein as well on how to be on the safer side and unfreeze the laptop first so that you won’t lose your unfinished work.

Give it a sweet read and if you’ve still got some questions related to this in your mind, ask in the comments below.