How To Reset Acer Laptop Without Password? 5 Pro Tips

This is very frustrating when your computer is working, mostly when you forgot your computer login password! The frustration is exacerbated if you are using an expensive and branded laptop like Acer. And you do not know How To Reset Acer Laptop Without Password.

Most consumers are unaware that Acer laptops need to be reset to factory settings without a password, but it is effortless in reality. So, check read below for how to open locked acer laptop.

The developer has taken some steps for such situations. You can use them to perform a factory reset of the Acer laptop, and everything with the password will be erased, and you will be able to reaccess your laptop.

? Note:

Well, before going to reset your Acer Laptop, I'd recommend you to run diagnostic test first. If that doesn't give you any results, then you can then reset it to factory settings.

The simplest method is reseting by entering to it's Bios system. But, this will need you to be a bit tech savvy.

If your acer laptop is not turnig on, then you should apply these 4 fixes, before reseting it.

Now let’s start the detailed method for resetting.

How To Open Locked Acer Laptop With ALT + F10 without any disks.

This is the first method that guides you on How To Reset Acer Laptop Without Password. This method applies to systems that run with Windows 10, 8.1, and 8.

You will need to boot up the laptop before performing this recovery procedure. This is an easy way because it only requires you to boot your Acer laptop to restore factory settings.

? Note: 
This method only applies to Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8.

Acer laptop steps to reset the factory to “reverse” + “F10.”

Follow these steps:

Step 1. Press & hold the power key for 5 seconds to off the laptop entirely.

Step 2. Turn on the Acer laptop by pressing the power button. Press the “Alt” + “F10” keys simultaneously on the Acer logo’s appearance on the screen.

Step 3. Click “Choose an Option.

Step 4. Select “Troubleshoot.

Step 5. Click “Reset this PC.” The process erases all data on your computer. If you want to keep your data, click on the Reset your PC option.

Step 6. Click “Remove Everything.

Step 7. Click “Resume” to start data recovery.

Step 8. Wait for the reset process to complete. This may take a few minutes. Finally, you will reset the Acer laptop without a password using the “ALT” + “F10” key.

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Acer Laptop Administrator Password Reset with Ophcrack Free Tool

Here we have discussed the step by step process for acer laptop administrator password reset. Follow the following steps.

? Note: 
If you don't clearly understand this process, then check this linked article for booting acer laptops form CD.
  1. Download the appreciation version of the Ophcrack Live CD ISO file.
  2. Burn the Ophcrack Live CD ISO file to a USB or CD / DVD drive.
  3. Take the removable device (USB or CD burned with the Ophcrack LiveCD ISO file), and Insert the locked Acer into the laptop. And then boot the Acer laptop from the removable device.
  4. When the Ophcrack Live CD menu opens, you can press Enter to select the first option or do nothing to wait for it automatically. The whole process of retrieving Windows passwords with Ophcrack Live CD is done automatically, so you don’t have to do anything after booting an Acer laptop from a bootable disk.
  5. Ophcrack Live CD directly loading. It’s running fast on the screen, so don’t panic, and you don’t have to do anything here.
  6. Hard drive partition information is displayed.
  7. Recover passwords for user accounts on Acer laptops. Ophcrack Live CD will try to recover the password of all user accounts on the PC device. Find your user account in the list, and you’ll find the password to the right of the NT PWD column. But I did not find my user account in the Ophcrack Live program, so I had to take another approach. If you can find the password for your user account, type the password and enter 8.
  8. Remove the off-the-shelf Live CD, and press the power button to restart the Acer laptop. When you go to the Windows login screen, you can log in with the password you just recovered.
? Note:
If your Acer laptop is installed with Windows 7 / Vista / XP, you can try this free tool - Ophcrack Live, but my Acer laptop is running Windows 10 system, and this tool Did not work.

How To Factory Reset Acer Laptop Without Password via setup/repair disk:

Reset Acer laptop from installation or repair disk to factory settings

This applies to Windows 10 and Windows 8 / 8.1, but here are just ten examples.

If you do not have a setup/repair disk, you can download the Windows 10/8 ISO file to create an installation disc from a USB or CD.

If you will have a setup or restore disk, you possibly can reset your Windows 10/8 PC boot from the disk and then reset your PC device to factory settings without a password. Follow these steps:

  1. Connect the setup/restore disk to your Acer laptop computer.
  2. Boot your Acer laptop computer from the setup/restore disk.
  3. On the setup display screen, click on Next.
  4. At the bottom left, click “Repair this PC.”
  5. Select “Troubleshooting.”
  6. And then, you can click “Reset this PC” (on Windows 10). The following steps are different on Windows 8 / 8.1, and you possibly can observe the on-screen directions to refresh or reset your Acer laptop computer.
  7. On the next display screen, there are two choices to select from, “Keep my files” and “Remove everything.” Select “Remove All,” this will help you delete your user account files and erase the user account password. If you select “Keep my files,” it will not help to clear the forgotten password.
  8. Select your system.
  9. Select which drive to clear, “Only Drive with Windows Installed” or “All Drivers.”
  10. In the following steps, there are also two options to choose from; choose the appropriate one.
  11. If you are maintaining your computer, select “Just delete my files.”
  12. Select “Full Clean Drive” if you want to recycle this PC. Just delete the files.
  13. If you believe you are performing a factory reset on your computer, click the “Reset” button, which will begin the reset process.

How To Unlock Acer Laptop Without Password from Air Recovery Management

how to Reset Acer Laptop Without Password

If your Acer laptop system cannot start usually, it will automatically boot into recovery management mode.

If it cannot boot the recovery management screen automatically, press the “Alt + F10” keys on the keyboard simultaneously as the power is on.

  1. Turn off your Acer laptop.
  2. Restart your Acer laptop, and press the Alt and F10 keys at the same time when the power is on.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. You will then have three choices to reset your Acer laptop computer to manufacturing unit defaults: Restore the system entirely to factory defaults. Restore the operating system and retain user data. Or install drivers or applications.
  5. After selecting the option you want, follow the on-screen instructions to begin the recovery process.
? Note:
This method applies to Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How to factory reset Windows 7 Acer with the recovery partition

Each Windows 7 Acer laptop is equipped with a recovery partition called Acer eResource Management that lets you restore Acer’s desire to factory defaults. To go through the maintenance distribution, follow the instructions below:

  1. When the initial screen shows you entering the BIOS, start your Acer wish and press F2.
  2. Use the arrow keys “Up-down-left-right” to navigate the primary tab and allow D2D restoration. Press F10 to avoid wasting adjustments and exit.
  3. Hold down the ALT key & press F10 repeatedly after exiting the BIOS. Windows will then load the e-recovery files.
  4. Select the full recovery system for factory defaults and follow the message to wipe your PC.

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FAQS– How To Reset Acer Laptops Without Password

  1. How do I unlock my Acer laptop if I forgot the password?

    Reset Acer PC Password in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2008, 2012 and 2016: Click Start -> Open Control Panel -> Click on User Account & Family Safety (Add or Remove User Account) -> Click on User Account -> Select the option Change Password -> Enter Your New Password Input -> Click the Save & Change Password option to change your acer laptop password.

  2. How do you factory reset a laptop if you don't know the password?

    If you are locked out of your laptop and cannot access the system, press and hold the login screen's Power button while holding down the Shift key. Then select the option Troubleshooting > Select Reset PC. If you can access your laptop computer, click on the Start button> Click on SettingsUpdate & Security and then click on Reset this PC.

  3. How do I completely reset my computer?

    Go to Settings> Click on Updates & Security option> select Recovery. You should see a headline that says, “Reset this PC.” Click on Start. You can either select Keep My Files or remove everything.

  4. Is there a reset button on Acer laptop?

    Hold down the “Alt” + “F10” keys at the same time until a blue screen shows on your computer's monitor. Acer Aspire One's reset button is represented by these keys. Alternatively, you can select “Refresh your PC” to restore the device to factory settings while maintaining your data.


We’ve discussed three ways to solve a How To Reset Acer Laptop Without Password. All methods are commonly used and have advantages and disadvantages. Some of these do not guarantee a successful factory reset on the Acer laptop; however, resetting it via a Windows password reset is quite efficient and comfortable.

This technique is easy and doesn’t require technical information to make use of. You’ll download it straight away, launch the tool, follow a few simple steps, and Reset Acer Laptop Without Password.