How to Replace Laptop Battery Cells (7 Simple Steps)

Laptop batteries share a common frustrating feature with most electronic batteries, which appear overtime to degrade and lose the load. 

A battery that once held charges for more than 2 hours can be reduced to 20 minutes gradually. The cheaper option to replace cells in your laptop battery is very tenting because new batteries can be costly!

Before I tell you How to Replace Laptop Battery Cells, make sure you know the type of battery, how many wattages it absorbs and what the model is, and what the battery is. 

You can swap cells in your laptop battery, but this is not a fail-resistant operation, even with the most experienced hands. If you fail, be ready to invest in a new laptop battery.

Before you begin, check the manufacturer’s guarantee for your laptop to ensure it is not voided by cell replacement.

Tool: screwdriver, pry bar

Material: 4 cells according to your laptop battery model.

Please note: Violent disassembly will destroy your internal cells and the circuit board. The short circuit cells can cause fires. The damage to the circuit board could cause the battery to fail.

How to Replace Laptop Battery Cells

Like all rechargeable battery packs, laptop batteries lose their charge power over time. Since new laptop batteries are costly, it can save a lot of money to replace the cells inside the battery case. 

However, sometimes reconstruction of a battery doesn’t function as intended, so if the operation fails, it’s necessary to buy a new laptop battery.

Step 1: Allow the entire laptop battery to run down. Turn the laptop off, then remove the battery. Set the model number on your battery to identify the type of Li-ion substitute cells you need to buy.

Step 2: Split the battery pack with a screwdriver or craft knife opening a small portion (on the seam). Continue to lose the plastic case around the external edge until the whole top is open. It can take a little bit of power.

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Stage 3: Note the number of cells inside the box (usually four to eight). Enter the part number and the voltage information written on the boxes of the cells. Draw a diagram that shows how the cells are organized and linked, or take a few photographs to help assemble them.

Step 4: Buy your battery model and cell specifications based on the correct number and form of a replacement battery from a local or online dealer. Usually, six Li-ion cells cost approximately $30 to $40.

Step 5: Each cell should be carefully removed with a craft knife and wire cutters as required. Every battery pack is different, but typically the cells are wrapped in a plastic case with one end of metal contacts. Put aside the metal contacts, wires, and case stuff.

Step 6: Use a double-sided or soldering gun (only if required) to connect the metal contacts on the circuit board and cells. If the old cells have been finished, they should be entirely removed (naked), and the new cells should look as old as possible.

Step 7: Place the new cells inside the case, and if possible, refer to your diagram or images. Stick on the top of the battery pack. Charge the new battery at least 24 hours before it is used.

What You Should Never Do with Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are dangerous; there is always a chance of fire and explosion if you are not careful. The supplied charging circuits can only power these batteries. 

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Only other lithium-ion batteries can replace lithium-ion batteries. Fires can occur when clots are hammered in or sawed, resulting in point smoke. In the event of a burn, do not extinguish it with water; sand is the safer alternative.

FAQs ― How to Replace Laptop Battery Cells

How do I replace my laptop battery?

Let’s start. 
1) Buy a new HP battery laptop.
2) Create a Windows battery report.
3) Switch your laptop off from the power source.
4) Remove the back panel with a screwdriver from your laptop.
5) Remove your battery from your laptop.
6) Connect your new battery to your laptop’s body.
7) Replace the back panel of your laptop.

How do I get my dead laptop battery to work again?

1) Pick it up and place it in a sealed zip-locking pocket.
2) Put in the freezer the dead battery and leave for 11-12 hours.
3) Take it off the freezer until the time is running out and take it off the bag.
4) Leave the battery out to allow the temperature to reach the room.

Which cells are used in laptop battery?

Three types of batteries currently are widely used for laptops: nickel-cadmium, metal hydride nickel, and lithium-ion.

Is it worth replacing laptop battery?

Regardless of how well you handle the battery of your laptop, it will inevitably die. If you’re fortunate, it’s time to upgrade your laptop when your battery dies

If you are not, the battery will have to be replaced. Death of the battery might suddenly seem, but it doesn’t have to.

Can I use laptop without battery?

First and foremost, make sure you use the original power adapter on the laptop. Power variations may cause the laptop motherboard to malfunction, which the battery can prevent by acting as a UPS.

How much does it cost to replace laptop battery?

A battery replacement may be between $20 and $50. It can cost $50 to upgrade the RAM of a laptop.

How long does a laptop battery last before it needs to be replaced?

A battery on a laptop can last for two to four years. The overall battery life depends on several variables. It includes the type of battery (NiCad, NiMH, or Li-ion), the frequency of use, and the age of the battery.


Lithium-ion batteries are supplied with the charging circuit of the most modern laptops. That is why it is possible to use only lithium-ion batteries as substitutes. 

Make sure the replacements are OEM! Effective ads, unrealistically high capacities, lack of weight, and low prices show that batteries are fake.

The new batteries should not be as capable as the original ones, but slightly higher to not reach the maximum allowable charging current.

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