How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen

Is your screen now exhibiting some strange spots? Would you like to replace the entire device simply because some marks appear on the LCD screen? No panic because it is easy to solve this problem. Don’t panic if you are in a circumstance where you see white spots or dots on your TV. It is well recognized on most LCD TVs and is relatively easy to solve. The white specks (dots) you perceive are the backlight of the LED in your TV.

Due to frequent use or low quality, some TV sections can migrate from their location and project white spots or points on the screen. Today, we will discuss  How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen.

Reasons Of White Spot:

So what causes white spots or television dots? A dropping reflector (lens) in the LCD system causes white spots or points on the LCD. These mirrors are situated opposite the LED backlight and utilized to diffuse the LED light on the display. They usually fall away because of the low quality or heat inside the collection.

You will notice a series of LED lights when you open the computer, covered with plastic reflectors or lenses. The lenses are primarily glued to the backlights of the LED, and when the television is overheated, they start flying off and creating white spots or dots on your display. Also, with LCD, there is a similar problem: the formation of dark (black) areas on laptops.

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen

Before knowing How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen, you should learn the reasons first.

As we stated previously, the leading cause of the white spots or dots on display is overheating difficulties and poor integrated quality. Everyone who has taken care knows that this picture issue does not impact older laptops.

This problem is typically found in laptops with LED backlighting, especially in the so-called side-LED backlight. Behind the panel is a light-conducting plastic plate.

Malfunctions That Cause White Dots or Spots:

Reflectors for LEDs:

Each LCD TV has a reflector (lens) for easing and spreading LED light on the screen. These reflectors sometimes get loosened and fall off from the place. You will see the bright white spot on your TV screen when this happens. In most circumstances, you have multiple white dots on your screen, not just one.

Dead Pixel:

Each LCD and LED TV consists of millions of pixels or dots whose primary duty is to illuminate and produce the image. Sometimes, if some of the pixels are broken and stuck to a particular state that causes the problem, they appear as white spots on the TV screen.

To solve this problem, you must open your TV and use the super glue stick that falls back on the reflector where it belongs.

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen?

Whether you have previous experience repairing laptops or gadgets, I believe you can fix your notebook and can reduce the White Spots on your display if you follow the directions below. You must dismount your LCD and use the glue to reattach the dropped reflectors to their original spot. The following is what you need:

Required Material:

  • Q-tips
  • Small Prying tool
  • Gloves
  • Gorilla Glue (super glue)
  • Medium screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver


  • Please turn off your laptop and turn it off from the power supply.
  • Remove all the screws that secure your notebook back.
  • Pull out the metal tabs carefully. (Pay attention when you do this)
  • Remove the speaker connectors off your system and remove the speakers off.
  • Turn off the circuit board thingy and lift the metal board.
  • Lift the tabs carefully on the plastic frame and look for the dropped reflector.
  • Use the Q-tips to add adhesive. (Place the glue around where the mirror fell).
  • Position the reflector in place after applying the glue and hold it until it is crushed.
  • After your completion, execute the entire method to build your computer reverse.

Test Your Screen For White Spots:

How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen
  • If you already have or choose to purchase a laptop, the test method is the same. Even fresh models may have white spots or dots problems. Rotary mirrors might slip out of place during shipping or have poor installation quality and generate white blotches. You may also run a simple test to test a notebook before purchase and see if the visual problem is there.
  • Would you please ask your dealer to activate the computer before you pick it up?
  • Then choose a dark test pattern from the menu of settings. If you can’t find it, connect to a media source and display a black image on your screen.
  • If everything is OK and no white areas are available, be free to get a laptop.
  • You can also pause at the film’s entrance while the screen is black to test for white spots or dots.

Screen Replacement:

White spots on the displays are a very prevalent problem on LCD. Almost every show works with a bit of chip that consists of millions of tiny mirrors. Each mirror on the screen is like a dot or a pixel.

If the reflector or lens is moved from the place, these white points appear on the screen. But in other instances, there may be more damage than a moving reflector or dead pixel on your computer screen, which can cost you more than a new matrix.

Therefore, if you notice the problem is not just with the shifted reflector, it is recommended that you consult the system specialist. Be aware that if your notebook is under warranty, it is advisable to contact and deal with this problem at a service center. They have more experience with such issues and will fix your notebook free of charge.

FAQs – How to Remove White Spot on Laptops Screen?

  1. What Causes White Spots on Screen?

    Defective mirrors inside the LCD cause the white blotches. They are usually deleted from spots that leave the gap in the array. The uneven white spots on the LCD are thus generated. Pixels on the screen can result in dots.

  2. Do Dead Pixels Disappear?

    A dead pixel is a more or less persistent malfunction that does not go away over time. Dead pixels always appear at the same place, even if you shift the camera. It's more difficult to find dead pixels on the camera sensor.

  3. Do dead pixels spread?

    I want to keep an eye out for the models that are based on Android One. No, dead pixels are minor for a few days already. However, you probably won't notice 3 or 4 over.


The problem with white spots or dots isn’t something new, and it might seem entirely new or utilized on practically all LCD or LED. Very quickly fix this problem, and you do not have to be concerned. Do you want to know  How to Remove White Spot on Laptop Screen?

You can unscrew your laptop, inspect whether the reflecting lenses have dropped, and use super glue to restore them. If you do not believe that you can handle this problem yourself, contact a computer service professional and let him do the work. I hope that we have helped you a little and resolve the issue with white dots.