How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse? 6 Pro Tips

Often you bore the same look like your laptop. So you bring some fancy stickers to paste on to make them look different. This is a prevalent occurrence among young people since they still want new and other things.

But if you want to sell your laptop, what do you do? Nobody will buy a laptop with the original look distorted or modified. In this sort of case, you generally have the only choice to remove the stickers from your laptop.

Therefore, this guide underlines How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse with easy steps from the laptop.

What Type of Stickers Get Removed Easily?

If they are not too old, it is easy to remove the stickers from your laptop. For example, you have added a shark decal sticker to the back of your computer, and you got bored after one or two months. You can only remove it with your nails or a sharp knife in that situation. Of course, you can choose a reliable sticker maker like Their waterproof laptop stickers will be removed easily and without any residue, which will let your laptop be new again. 

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It will often be challenging to remove the sticker you attach to your laptops for around one or two years. You need to take some steps to remove specific stickers.

Can you take stickers off a laptop?

Yeah, you can! You can! You may want to rethink whether it is a seal for assurance, a license key, or a serial number sticker because missing these will make it difficult in some instances to manage the laptop or its bundled software. You will also want to stop removing stickers if the laptop is mint and hope to sell them.

You should avoid using methods that require powerful solvents, abrasive materials, and unnecessary heat which can discolour or warp the surface if you have decided that you want to take stickers off your laptop.

How to Remove Stickers From Laptop?

Laptops are one of many people’s most sticker-covered products. In addition to the manufacturers’ stickers (e.g. guarantee sticks, serial number stickers, activation code stickers), many of us place our stickers on laptops as a way to personalize them. A few people like the sight of laptops fully coated in vinyl stickers. If you’ve ever tried to print stickers for promotions, you can find that many people prefer to stick their stickers to laptops.

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While stickers are simple to add, they cannot always be removed easily. This might be a concern when you want to resell a laptop or when an old sticker gets shredded, and it’s all dirty and rubbery. Fortunately, you can remove stickers from a laptop in several ways. There are several types of sticker removal methods, and specific procedures may be covered in more than one category. You can find broad categories of removal methods for laptop stickers below.

Ways to Remove Stickers

This post will explore some awesome hacks that can easily remove the stickers from your laptop. Therefore, let us start with the simplest way to remove the stickers, pull them off with nails or a sharp blade.

1: Using Blower to Remove the Sticker:

If you have put the stickers on your laptop one year ago or more than one year, you need to take other action to remove them entirely.

The method of removing the stickers is straightforward and quick to remove by using blowers. The adhesives used to adhere the stickers onto the surface become dry over time and more durable and hard to remove with the drying process.

It would be best if you melted the glue to make the adherent bond weak. To this end, you can use a blower, because it spreads hot air on the surface of the sticker, which proves extremely useful for adhesive melting.

When the adhesive melts, the stickiness is weak enough that the sticker can be easily removed from the surface.

2: Using Your Nail or Sharp Blade:

You may easily use your nails to remove them if the sticker is not too old. First, you must find out which side of the sticker will easily fall out so you can begin on that side.

Rub your nail smoothly on the loosened tip, to ensure the stickers don’t break apart in the centre. If anything like this occurs, it is challenging to remove the broken apart because it loses its proper form.

Furthermore, if you want to scrape your sharp blade or nail hardly on the table, the laptop surface would be badly hurt. This causes ugly scratches on the laptop surface that would undoubtedly affect the laptop’s cost.

You must be patient enough to operate smoothly and steadily to get a clear, sticker-free, and scratch-free Laptop.

3: Oil-based substances

Mineral oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, petroleum jelly, lotion, and other similar substances can moisturize the stock, help loosen and easily peel or scrape off adhesives.

Only add a minimal amount of oil onto the sticker with a clean rag and let the fluid soak up. Be alert to avoid any troubles and holes on your desktop. This approach works best with uncoated and paper-stock stickers. It takes more time for waterproof stickers or plastic coating since the oil can only be put under the edges. You should leave enough oil on the adhesive for a few minutes to work under the adhesive in these cases. Remove or scrape the sticker after a few minutes with a plastic card or scraping tool.

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When the sticker is removed, wipe the area treated with a clean cloth immediately, to remove remaining bits of adhesive, as prolonged exposure to these materials will discolour or damage the surface. You may also wipe your laptop down with a slightly moist rag to clean the box.

4: Using a Damped Piece of Cloth:

If you don’t have a blower option at your easy access, what can you do? The answer is very straightforward!

It would best if you used a wet cloth to remove the adhesive. Take a tissue and make it with warmth. Click it to get rid of the water that drips.

Next, you must rub the wet cloth politically on the sticker back. You can easily remove the sticker off from the surface after a few minutes.

5: Solvents

The adhesives can be disbanded by substances like lighter fluids, mineral spirits, the WD-40s, and Goo Gone (all oil-based substances), quickly scraped or peeled off. Non-öl solvents like acetone, alcohol rubbing, Windex and vinegar, and water will also loosen stickers efficiently on your laptop.

Apply your “Solvent” to piece of cloth to prevent seaming or hole on your laptop and wet the sticker around the edges. Offer the solvent a few minutes to work on the sticker and then peel it off carefully. After you remove the sticker, wipe out the surface with a clean lint-free cloth to remove any solvent and residual adhesive fragments. You should then wipe up the surface with a slightly damp cloth. This phase is crucial as solvents will degrade plastics prematurely from your laptop.

6: Heat guns and hair dryers

Maybe this is the easiest way to remove stickers from your laptop. Place your hair dryer or heat pistol in the lowest setting directly at the sticker that you want to remove for 30-45 seconds at a time. If you have uncomfortable heat even at the lowest setting of your hair dryer or heat gun, cut down on time, as too much heat could damage your laptop.

After a few passes, almost every sticker can be peeled quickly and without any shredding or residue. If the sticker stays stuck, try to place a fingernail, plastic scraper, or credit card under the edge and attempt to take off part of the sticker. The rest of the sticker should be easy to remove by hand until you can lift part of it.

How to Detach the Residue?

After you remove the sticker, you will face another problem: the remains. You will show that the residue or adhesive traces are your headaches if you do not find out how to extract them.

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We are here to solve the dilemma because here is an excellent, straightforward way to eliminate the residues. It is best if you used the liquid based on alcohol as it is beneficial to extract the adhesive rubble. Take some fluid on a soft towel or cotton and rub it on the surface. You can only see the effects of one attempt.

How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse?

Therefore you have a new set of fun and exciting stickers to fit on the top of your laptop, so you don’t even want to lose your previous ones. So what to do? Ok, for you, we have the answer. There are many ways to remove stickers for reuse from the laptop.

Let us, therefore, shed light on some of the most common and easiest steps to remove the stickers safely:

First of all, you must slowly start peeling off the sticker not to break. But if you thought you’re left with a small chance of its residue, stop right there.

You may use certain fluids for glass cleaning used in homes or other solutions that can help remove the stickers without damaging them. These liquids have solvents that can be useful for removing stickers quickly and smoothly.

Also, the vinegar solution is beneficial. It helps to render the sticker’s residue stuck to it, and you get the sticker removed for reuse.

There are different ways to get your favourite tag from the laptop’s lid back safely. You have to be a little careful.

How to Remove Stickers from Your MacBook?

How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse

It is becoming natural for most developers that they add the best stickers to their MacBook to keep it wonderful. The numerous series of MacBook looks tremendously fantastic after you paste your favourite signs and slogans. But it is a little unpleasant to remove the stickers from your MacBook. But it’s not that complicated. These stickers can be removed in minutes.

Contrary to standard laptops, the MacBook does not have the same sticker removal methods. It is not advisable to use a dishwasher, steel wool, or other potent substances to avoid adhesiveness. You cannot even use chemical solvents to remove tags on your MacBook, as they are not appropriate for Mac series sensitive surfaces.

The only way to remove the stickers from your laptop is to get a water-soaked piece of cloth better and rub it against the sticker smoothly without pushing it very hard. The sticker is very easily removed from the top of the MacBook surface.

Make sure you don’t use abrasive tissue to purify the mess. It would undoubtedly harm your system. Remove the sticker from the unit using clean water. However, you can also use a lint-free tissue for the residue. Make sure you are on the safe side while you remove the adhesive substance from your MacBook.

How do you get stickers off of glass?

We suggest using a hairdryer or a heat pistol in the lowest possible position. Place it just 30-45 seconds at a time at the sticker. Reduce the time further if you cannot set a low enough temperature for your heating system. You usually want it hot, but not hot enough to hurt your skin. After a few transitions, the fingernails or the edge of a plastic card or scraper should be able to peel off the sticker quickly.

When using a solvent, add a non-oil-based liquid such as vinegar or alcohol to a clean rag and dab on the label, be sure to let it soak around its edges. Stop oil-based liquids, which can leave stains on the glass that are difficult to extract. For this use, Windex and similar glass cleaners are also suitable. They also have the advantage of washing the glass surfaces. In both cases, a plastic scraper may be used to assist with the removal process.

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FAQs – How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse?

  1. Is it bad to put stickers on your laptop?

    If you want to put some basic stickers on your laptop, you can do it without worrying. Paper stickers often have more substance on the bottom adhesive side than the top decal side. If you attempt to remove them, you risk trapping them, which will cause them to crumble or flake off. Plastic decals are the best decals for a laptop.

  2. Are stickers on a laptop unprofessional?

    They have no problem with company stickers being placed on laptops. Creative occupations or more forward-thinking workplaces like startups, marketing, or technology tend to have this.

  3. Should I put a sticker on my laptop camera?

    Yes, there's tape involved. When a computer's camera is covered, a hacker can't see what the camera views, but the computer isn't safe from hacking because of that. Uninvited listening can be prevented by covering a laptop's microphone and making it difficult for a hacker to hear.


There are some helpful and simple approaches that I have already explained. Our daily visitor asked the question, so I explained it in depth. If you have any questions about How to Remove Stickers From Laptop for Reuse or anything else, post them below in the comment box. It would be a pleasure for us to support you.

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