How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard Full Guide 2022

Most individuals need to either clean the key itself or underneath the key to removing the key. It is often required to wipe under a key if food crumbs are beneath a key or a drink spill on the keyboard.

Your Spacebar may have a sticky residue that needs to be removed, which could be necessary from time to time.

It is pretty simple to detach it, but yet tricky to reinstall it.

Allow me to guide you How to Remove Spacebar From Laptops Keyboard by taking a picture along the way.

How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard

Put your spacekey

It’s easy to remove it. Find a thin object (like a credit card or paper clip) and put it underneath the Spacebar, then lift it on it. 

As you detach it from the keyboard, it will create a popping sound, but it is designed to separate effortlessly.

How to Put the Spacebar Back on a Keyboard

Step 1: The second step has two hooks under the Spacebar, each attached to a thin metal bar. Use a piece of twine to secure the metal bar in place.

Put Back Spacebar key 1

Step 2: To connect the metal bar, lower the Spacebar and apply pressure on both ends until it snaps into place. Yes, that is it exactly!

How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard

How to Take Off Spacebar Mechanical Keyboard

The exact process applies in the case of a standard keyboard and the event of removing a spacebar on a mechanical keyboard

Additionally, it is simple to get rid of the keys on a mechanical keyboard: you only need to be cautious about the tool you pick. 

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Using the wrong tools might lead to significant issues and ultimately damage your keyboard. With larger keys like the Spacebar, you should be careful.

It would help if you had a keycap puller that is well-designed to get the most out of your key removal efficiency.

If you want the smoothest experience in learning how to remove the Spacebar on mechanical keyboards, follow these steps:

Step 1: Disconnect the Keyboard and Any Other Peripherals From the Mains.

Keep the keyboard within comfortable reach. When removing the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, you will want to use caution. Stabilizers on the Spacebar and other larger keys don’t make it easy to remove them, like most other keys.

Step 2: Use Keycaps at Both Ends to Remove the Keycap

Two keycap pullers are required when removing the spacebar keycaps. The Spacebar is arranged with one keycap puller on either end. 

To ensure that the keycap is firmly held, make sure the wires of the keycap puller are placed on both ends and are adequately positioned.

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You may be able to use one keycap puller if you don’t have two. If you don’t have two, you could use one and modify the other using a paper clip. 

A clever keycap lifter, which can also be used as a key puller, can be made. It may require some practice to learn how to manage it.

Here Is a Step-by-step Guide on How to Convert a Paper Clip Into a Keycap Puller:

  • Use the paper clip to unfurl the poster. To have three paper clips, you will need these. One would link these two clips, while the other would form the keycap puller’s body. It is a good idea to straighten all three clips before you begin.
  • Two Puller Body Sections: Use the two clips to make two separate puller body parts. You will make two 90-degree bends, each of identical length. In addition, do the same technique with the other clip. To make sure the two items are the same size, measure them each.
  • Maintain the outward bend as you make them smaller 90-degree bends. Those will let you use your pry bar by serving as the handles.
  • Wrap everything in this combination. Bent clips can overlap in such a way that they overlap each other.

Step 3: Pull the Keycap Slowly

Gently use both the pullers to extract the keycap. It would help if you pulled up both of the keycaps at the same time. 

On mechanical keyboards, the cross-shaped pegs on the switches and the cross-shaped slots on the bottom of the keycap serve to hold the keycaps in place.

It’s all or nothing now. If you intend to clean the switch, it is necessary first to detach the keycap from the Spacebar and then either clean or replace the switch.

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As a result, compared to working with the other keys, dealing with larger keys such as the Spacebar and the Shift key requires more caution. To guarantee the stability of the keyboard key switches and keycaps, there is a spring bar beneath the Spacebar. 

Jerkiness in the body might lead to damage to the spring bar. It could also result in the connection joints being damaged.

Checking out these methods should provide you enough information to find out how to remove larger keys from a mechanical keyboard. 

The above procedure can also remove the Caps Lock, Enter, Plus, Shift, and Backspace. 

How to Put the Spacebar Back on a Mechanical Keyboard

Putting the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, the back can have several crucial issues to consider. To protect the springs, you must focus on them to ensure that they are not harmed in any way.

It should be straightforward and easy to apply the keycaps to the bare key switches. However, you must be extra careful when using the larger keys, as you may damage any of the components. 

Support stems should be inserted before using the switch holes to position them correctly. Make sure the spring is centered. If this is done, there is no chance of a misplaced keycap.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Mac Keyboard

A small firm must manage every dollar very carefully. The reason you may want to give a repair technique a try yourself before paying an expensive repair shop cost is because of even modest repairs, such as removing the space bar on a MacBook Pro

Clips mount behind the space bar on your MacBook to keep it locked in place. Gently pulling up the space bar releases it from the clamps.

Step 1) Shutdown your Pro Book

Step 2) In the corner of the space bar, use the edge of a plastic knife to lift the piece. Allow the space bar to gradually be pulled up to where you can hear the clips detach.

Step 3) Push down on the opposite end of the space bar with the plastic knife, then pry the corner up.

Step 4) Use the plastic knife to follow the path of the space bar in a zigzag motion, keeping the space bar raised and angled away from the keyboard.

Step 5) Loosen the white plastic hooks attached to the keyboard with a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers.

If You Want to Remove a Random Key, Here’s How:

Unplug the keyboard from the computer or turn off the computer before removing any of the keyboard keys.

You will need to press down on the key in front of the key you want to remove to begin the process of removing a conventional keyboard key. 

An insertable object, such as a small flathead screwdriver or a vehicle key, can be placed below the key to achieve a similar visual effect. 

Place the key underneath the flat object and twist the thing or push down on the key until it comes off. 

To remove multiple keys, keep repeating the above process until all the desired keys have been deleted.

If present, hair, dust, dirt, or food particles will be found under the key once the key is removed. A damp cloth, Compressed air, or cotton swabs can be used to remove this substance.

Clean and dry the bottom of the key & key shaft if you’re removing the key because of a substance spill.

To restore the keyboard to its original position, apply downward pressure on the key until it clicks into place.

FAQs ― How to Remove Spacebar From Laptops Keyboard

  1. Can you take the Spacebar off a keyboard?

    There is a small Allen wrench hidden under the Spacebar, which you may unscrew with a screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the front edge, but carefully pry upward, with the screwdriver under the front edge, until the key releases. Ensure to watch out for a metal wire or bail connected to the back of the Spacebar.

  2. How do you space without a spacebar?

    Though getting used to it may take a bit of time, it will be somewhat helpful for the left little finger. You could even utilize both of the Ctrl keys as Space bars, giving you as many Space Bars as you like.

  3. Why does my Spacebar not work?

    Checking the Sticky Keys is one of the first solutions you'll encounter when your Spacebar stops working. Your keyboard's driver troubles are probably causing this error. For most users, rolling back the driver to a previous version or doing a clean install resolves the problem. It's always worth a try.

  4. Do you have to press hard on the Spacebar?

    If the space bar has to be pressed forcefully or in the middle, the key isn't making good contact. Typically, this issue is a hardware problem rather than a software problem. 

  5. How do I remove a spacebar key without a tool?

    Couldn't you use a paper clip instead (albeit the small ones might not work)? Put the flat edge beneath the key and gently pull up while holding both ends with two paper clips, which replicates various key pullers in essence.


How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard is pretty simple and straightforward, but there are a few specific safety measures to be aware of. Due to the stabilizers, handling more prominent keyboards requires a lot of caution. 

If these suggestions enable you to find the most excellent available solutions for working with the Spacebar on a mechanical keyboard, then you’ve come to the right place.

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