How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop? Both CMOS And Main Battery [2023]

Laptops have two types of batteries.

  1. COMOS Battery
  2. Power Laptop Battery

Today we will talk about both. First of all, let me tell you how to remove the Comos battery from the Acer laptop. And then, I will explain How to Remove The Power Battery From Acer Laptop?

The CMOS battery is your power source for the computer’s flash memory. A CMOS battery stores and maintains BIOS settings in the absence of electricity. Your CMOS battery is mounted on your motherboard, just like a regular watch battery is. If you need to remove your CMOS battery, you’ll need a screwdriver to do it, and it will take about ten minutes to do.

But on the other hand, a Power Battery is a normal battery that is used for powering up the laptop. It is big in size and it is rechargeable. whereas the CMOS battery is very tiny in size and is not rechargeable, it is a cell type of battery actually. The power or main battery of the laptop is easily removable with some clips or mechanical buttons, yes most laptops nowadays come with a non-removable battery.

Now, let’s discuss the detailed methods of removing both of these batteries:

How to Remove CMOS Battery From Acer Laptop? Step-by-Step Guide:

Here we have the step-by-step method of removing the CMOS Battery from an Acer laptop:

Step 1: 

Turn off your device and disconnect the power cable.

Step 2: 

Remove the Main Battery or the Power Battery.

Step 3:

Now, remove the screws from the back case, there are usually 10 to 17 screws on any Acer laptop’s case.

? Note:
If there is any stripped screw and you can't remove that, then read this linked article for how to remove a stripped screw.

 Step 4:

Now gently remove the back side case.

? Notes:
If your laptop has that old-style architecture, in which the backside cover isn't removable, then first open the hinge of your laptop, and then unplug the connection ribbons between the motherboard and wrist rest area (the touchpad and keypad section) and also remove the wifi card or any other display ribbons, etc. 
Then flip the motherboard, because the CMOS battery is on the backside.

Step 5:

Find your motherboard and examine it. The CMOS battery will be in the same position as a large watch battery, but it will be much more challenging to remove because it is on the motherboard and larger.

Step 6:

Now that you have the CMOS battery visible. Then try very gently with your screwdriver, to make it pop out of that little cradle in which it is plugged.

Here is a complete method of how to remove a CMOS battery from an Acer Laptop. Thanks to PC Monkey for this clean and to-the-point guide.

Now How to Remove The Power Battery From Acer Laptop?

Well, I think I don’t need to explain it step-by-step in bulletins. Because it’s just a 30 seconds process and you are going to see it practically, watch the video below:

Removing Acer Laptop battery in just 30 Seconds.

Bonus Tip: How to remove the Battery from Apple Laptop

How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop
  • Please turn off your Apple MacBook & unplug it from the charger.
  • Close the lid of your laptop.
  • Flip your Apple Book upside down.
  • Then search for an unlocking slot on the front right side of your laptop.
  • You can use a coin to turn it to unlocked.
  • Press a grey button, and the 1-4 lights will turn on.
  • Rearrange the Battery and slide the card out.

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How to Fix an Acer Aspire Battery That Does Not Last Long

Acer computers and netbooks use Lithium-ion batteries. A laptop’s lithium-ion Battery contains a built-in processor which automatically calculates the charge remaining, and Windows-to-lithium-ion battery level calculation translates that into you. Often, the Battery reports false values, which can result in it stopping charging or dying unexpectedly. It can be fixed by “calibration,” which drains and refills the Battery completely.

  1. Shut down the Aspire.
  2. Inject the AC power adapter.
  3. To begin charging the Battery, wait until the LED light turns solid blue.
  4. Start your Acer Aspire 
  5. Leave the AC adapter unplugged.
  6. To activate the battery options, click the battery icon in the device tray.
  7. Click the radio button if it isn’t already marked as “High Performance.”
  8. Select “Change When the Computer Sleep” on the left pane to make it change while the computer is in sleep mode.
  9. When each item in the “Battery” column is selected, use the drop-down box to remove it from the selection. Save your modifications.
  10. Click Start Button & type “cmd” without quotation marks.
  11. To get “cmd.exe” to run as an administrator, right-click the results, pick “Run as administrator,” and then enter your username and password.
  12. Type in the following line and click the ‘Enter‘: ( powercfg.exe /hibernate off )
  13. Allow the Battery to drain fully.
  14. Enable the Battery to charge, plug in the AC adapter, and let it run to completion.
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FAQs ― How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop

  1. How do I take the Battery out of my Acer laptop?

    Use a PH0 screwdriver to remove the two 4mm screws. Use a soft plastic utilization tool to depress the battery tabs. Use a metal spudger to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. To take out the plug, remove it from the laptop, and then gently pull it out.

  2. Is there a reset button on my Acer laptop?

    Press and hold the “Alt” and “F10” keys simultaneously until the Acer logo appears on the keyboard. Think of these keys as the Acer One is pressed repeatedly; this resets it every time.

  3. Can I use laptop without Battery?

    Yes, it is possible to use the laptop without Battery, But ensure you are using the original power adapter that came with the Acer laptop, not a different power supply or one with a different voltage. If the power varied too much, parts on the motherboard could fail, and the Battery would take care of that.

  4. How do you force restart an Acer laptop?

    1) To restart the machine, press and hold the power button for five seconds.

    2) Let it wait for thirty seconds.

    3) Relaunch the system and press the 'OK' to restart the computer.

  5. Is Acer Aspire 3 battery removable?

    For power and hard drive activity, there are two LED indicators on the laptop's left side. There is no way to take the battery out. Additionally, there are two quick-access panels for the RAM and hard drive on the bottom, which is a nice touch.