How To Reinstall Windows 7 On Hp Laptop? Useful Methods 2022

When given appropriate time, everything can get obsolete, whether it is hardware or software, time can surely take a toll and render it almost useless or borderline make it slow.

Since, it is no news that the support for Windows 7 has most certainly come to an end, meeting its timely demise, making the operating system open to all sorts of exploits and out of place.

This is why, if by any misfortune your older laptop or a desktop, having windows 7 slowed down on you due to bloatware or abnormal due to lack of updates and technical support is pretty much inevitable.

Having said that, in the mind of a sane person, there is no way you can install newer versions of windows such as Windows 10 or Windows 11 due to hardware limitations.

This is why opting for a brand new or fresh install is the best-case scenario to sort out almost all forms of issues you might be having and to be honest, there is no better alternative than going for a fresh install of a copy of Windows 7.

So let’s not have any second thoughts and without any further ado take a look at my brief yet descriptive article about how to reinstall Windows 7 on Hp Laptop, which will surely spat out any problems you may have and revive your laptop in no time.

And the best part is that not only is this article pretty much applicable for your HP laptop but the techniques mentioned here can also be used in other brands too, as long as you follow the steps carefully.

Speaking of “being careful”, you may lose your data during the process, so it is highly advised that you backup your data beforehand, otherwise I won’t be held liable or accountable in any way, shape or form.

How Will Fresh Installs Of Windows 7 Copy Help Me?

Not that I am forcing you to reinstall your operating system by exaggerating the benefits, however, for starters, here are a couple of advantages that may grasp your attention.

  • Removes unnecessary programs
  • Cleans registry
  • Faster boot up times
  • Get rids of lags

These are some of the well-known benefits you may get from reinstalling your windows if you didn’t know this already.

Here is how you can backup your data before proceeding to the steps.

How To Back Up Your Data

Since an operating system such as Windows is installed in “C” drive by default, you may need to format it, to remove your pre-existing files, however, it is almost certain you will also lose your data.

So in order to secure your precious files, make sure you copy all the data that you may need in the Document folder and paste it elsewhere such as a different partition or an external USB device.

How To Reinstall Windows 7 On Hp Laptop

This can be done in two possible ways,

1. Through CD/DVD

This is the most convenient and well-known method and to be honest equally straightforward.

  1. First and foremost, all you need to do is take your CD/DVD and insert it into your laptop’s optical drive.
  2. Wait for it to recognize your CD/DVD and let it mount it.
  3. Now restart your laptop press F10 or F2 (depending on the model of the laptop you may have) and enter it into the boot menu.
  4. And select your optical drive as your mode of booting up for your laptop.
  5. Restart your laptop and press any key to enter the Windows 7 installation interface.
  6. Click “Next” on the screen below and choose your “C” drive or wherever you want your fresh copy of the operating system to be installed.
  7. Now click on “Format” this will completely wipe away any preexisting files to make room for your new copy of Windows 7.
  8. Now press “Install” and wait for your laptop to do the magic.
  9. After a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your laptop you will be welcomed with your laptops’ fresh Windows 7.
  10. Voila, now you can configure it according to your needs, make sure you install all the appropriate drivers before you perform any tasks to prevent any software incompatibilities issues.

2. Through USB device

This method is for those, who don’t have their operating system available to them on a physical CD/DVD. Moreover, you can also utilize this method if your laptop doesn’t have an optical drive.

  1. The first thing you need to do is burn the “Image File” onto your USB drive.
  2. Use any software such as “Rufus” to burn your operating system and choose the type of partition you have on your system.
  3. After the file burning is completed, restart your laptop and boot into “BIOS Boot Menu” just like you did in the above-mentioned method.
  4. Now select your USB Brand and press “Enter”.
  5. Press any key, after you are prompted with a message, which will take you to the Windows 7 Installation menu.
  6. Now choose your preferred language, click next and format the partition you want to install your copy onto.
  7. Click on the “Install” button and the Windows 7 Installation Process will take place.
  8. Voila, Enjoy your fresh copy of Windows 7.

Bottom Line

Unlike newer versions of Windows, such as 10 and 11, Windows 7 lacks some useful drivers out of the box, which means backing up your drivers and other useful software is essential so you will not need to search the internet for them after you have finished installing.

In addition, you also save some time, so you can easily get back on track and do your daily work. Meanwhile, if by chance your laptop is acting up or feels worn out by having lags or stutters, you can follow the steps above on how to reinstall windows 7 on an HP laptop.

Good luck and have a lovely day!