How to Put a Key Back on a Dell Laptop? Complete Guide

Last week one of our Rank Laptop visitors asked me in the feedback about How to Put a Key Back on a Dell Laptop. So I thought it was essential to answer this question because this problem is happening to almost everyone۔ 

Removing or replacing the keys from a laptop is much easier than maintaining them because it is challenging to attach them without having them damaged or destroyed. Use special care and take your time, and it will be like new again. All you need is a steady hand and a keen eye to succeed.

Step by Step Guide About How to Put a Key Back on a Dell Laptop?

Step 1: Begin with all the material elements. Look at them closely. Make sure you can identify where the small labels are on each of the notes.

Step 2: Take note of the tabs and how they’re positioned on the U-shaped piece of machinery. Installing these tabs here will help prevent the laptop from rattling when placed on a solid surface.

Step 3: Bend the second O-shaped piece and then position it into the center of the J-shaped piece.

Step 4: Gather the electrical connections to the O-hooks on the laptop.

Step 5: Make the U-shaped cutouts go into the O-shaped slots.

Step 6: The tabs should be lifted. The two parts now have formed a complicated embrace. They will not lay down. These would be about an inch and a half above the laptop.

Step 7: The upright in the letters ‘U’ and ‘O.’ If you press on the right side first, force down on the left side of the Key to reaching the lever.

Step 8: Go ahead and click the place. If this doesn’t solve the problem, check the small bits that the little pieces are not broken, and try again.

Step 9: Aha-ha! The Key has been replaced.


How To Fix Replace Small Key for Dell Laptop

How do I fix a broken laptop key or put it back on?

It may be possible that the laptop’s Key can slip or fall off. To get the Key back into the original place, try the following approaches.

#1) Fixing a loose keycap

Each Key can have three parts on a laptop: the keycap, keypad, and key retainer.

If the keycap is loose but in place, the laptop is often overlooked; you can repair it by pressing it down firmly on the board. The snap is made when the keycap comes into contact with the finger. The lock could have become dislodged. If this doesn’t work, we recommend reinstalling the Key to see if that would solve the problem.

#2) Fixing a broken keycap

If you have trouble inserting a key, follow these instructions: Your objective is to correct the spacebar. If you’re concentrating on fixing the spacebar, skip to the spacebar steps.

  1. Begin by inserting the key first. Use a keypad if possible. The retainer should be able to flex when in position.
  2. To turn the keyboard, insert the keypad into the retainer.
  3. When the two preceding steps have been completed, rotate the keycap to fit the retainer and then apply downward pressure to make sure it is firmly seated. There should be a tight fit. Make sure the clips are all snapped into place if the Key looks incorrect. When you’ve got the Key in the lock, make sure it works.

#3) Spacebar key steps

To fix the spacebar, you must press two buttons in order. Remove the spacebar from the laptop. Use your flathead screwdriver to put the spacebar key back in its place underneath the laptop and pull up on it.

Once the bar is in its new place, install the new spacebar. Try to keep it aligned over the retainers, and then give it a push and snap to return it to its proper position.


How to fix laptop keyboard keys for the Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Here you can find all the tools to repair or replace your Dell Inspiron 15 3000 keyboards. Instead of investing hundreds of dollars on a new keyboard, try simply fixing the old one.

Here, we will give a brief demonstration on How to Put a Key Back on a Dell Laptop. There is an additional supplement to the above video guide if you need to fix your Inspiron 15 3000 laptop keyboard.

Now, the first thing you can do is locate the retainer clip so that it is facing the correct way to put the Dell Inspiron 15. These tiny plastic feet tell you in which direction the small plastic parts go concerning the metal hinges on the base of the machine’s keyboard.

Take note of the feet on the laptop’s key clip: If you are right-handed, the smoother side should face down when you insert the clips into the keyboard; moreover, the feet of the clips should point toward the hooks should face down to make it fit.

Once the key retainer is positioned correctly, the task is much easier to tackle in one direction than the other. And if one approach fails, go for the other.

Now the plastic Key is locked in and ready to go on, the laptop retainer will be fastened. If the metal bar support style of keys is used, the support hooks must be in place before they are applied.

You should be able to feel a distinct ‘click’ when the keyboard is poised firmly over the retaining film. If the Key is seated correctly in the retainer film, then the lock has been engaged.

To be sure that the lift has closed correctly, pull up on all four corners with a bit of care. The conclusion is inescapable! The repair is effective on an individual Dell Inspiron 15000 key.

The Key still doesn’t work after fixing or replacing.

If the Key is not being applied after doing the keycap, putting it in, on, or changing the keypad, the circuit may be broken. When it comes to the board, you have to replace the whole circuit.

To send in your whole keyboard instead of buying one yourself, contact the manufacturer to see if they can have one. Take your laptop to a store and ask them to buy a replacement for you.

FAQs ― How to Put a Key Back on a Dell Laptop

Why do some keys on my laptop keyboard not work?

When the keys on a keyboard stops working, they usually happen because something has gone wrong with the mechanism. In this scenario, it may be that the keyboard is broken. On the other hand, often, a broken keyboard may be repaired.

Where is the Scroll Lock key on Dell Inspiron laptop?

Click PC Settings >Select Ease of Access > Select Keyboard from the setting. To switch on the keyboard, click the ‘On-Screen Keyboard‘ in the ‘Accessibility‘ settings. Press the ‘ScrLk’ button on the virtual keyboard when the on-screen keyboard appears.

Why are some of my keys hard to press?

There is possibly dirt or dust inside the key switch, preventing the link from being as we describe it from working. Once you press the keys for a little bit harder, the connection is made, not a fast or gentle touch.

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