How to Play DVD on HP Laptop With Windows 10?

Video streaming services are raging, but many of us still have massive DVD collections. Unfortunately, you can get in trouble by popping a DVD on your Windows 10 machine because Windows 10 Media Player doesn’t support standard DVDs. So How to Play DVD on HP Laptop With Windows 10? your favourite disks?

Don’t panic. You have a couple of choices. Several PC brands combine multimedia tools with playing a DVD, but these items are often limited in nature. Microsoft offers a Windows DVD Player download, but it costs $15 and has done some negative reviews.

Free third-party programs are a safer choice. Items like the 5KPlayer, Daum’s Pot Player, and Leawo Blu-ray Player, like VLC Media Player, will play your DVD with little music or hassle. Let’s see your choices.

How to Play DVD on HP Laptop With Windows 10?

It’s quick to play a DVD on your HP laptop. Nearly all HP laptops have DVD ROM drives. The latest Windows versions, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7 have been built to recognize and play DVD video content automatically. Once the content is identified, you are asked to use the disc options, including playing the content, to find and start the default player on your device.

Step 1: Make sure you have a DVD ROM drive mounted on your laptop. You can do this by displaying the device details on Screens, viewing the documentation on your system, or occasionally looking beyond the drive itself.

Most systems have mounted DVD drives, but you can only have a CD burner in rare cases. If so, before proceeding, you will need to climb a DVD ROM drive.

Step 2: Place your DVD in the drive and securely close the drive. Windows will read the inserted disk and prompt you to proceed with the options.

Step 3: Select the DVD video playback feature. The default DVD player program is started, and the menu is opened. You can play the DVD from there, view the bonus contents or special features, pick a particular chapter or set choices.

Popular Window’s Player To Play DVD on your Laptop / Computer

#1. Microsoft’s Windows DVD Player

Microsoft Window Media Player

The Microsoft Store Windows DVD Player app is a barebone affair (at least most of the time). You may want to try out the trial version for seven days first.

To do so, next to the Buy button, click on the ellipsis and select Free Trial. However, this free version does not play DVDs; instead, it tells you whether it is compatible with the built-in DVD player of your machine.

From the ratings, you will find that Microsoft’s DVD Player has no stellar grades; it has an average of three out of five stars. Many people complain that the app is not running well or reliably. Some people aim to spend $15 on an app that they believe should be free of charge.

Suppose you want to open your wallet, download and launch the program. Click Play to insert a DVD into your drive. The regular array of commands, including playing, pausing, stopping, quick forwarding, rebinding, control volume, and resize screen will be available.

#2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC (Video Lan Client) Media Player is a portable, multimedia player created by people in VideoLAN. It can play music and videos saved on your PC or home network and DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray discs. VLC Media Player is free, but you can always offer some money to build it.

First, the VideoLAN VLC Media Player program is downloaded and installed. Start VLC Media Player, insert a DVD, and automatically revise it. If not, press Media > Open Disk > DVD, click Play. You can find a comprehensive set of playback control keys.

#3. Kodi DVD Player

Kodi is a free and open-source player that manages stored images, music, games, and DVDs. You can also view live TV and radio by adding a personal video recorder to your computer.

Download and install Kodi from the Download page of the software or the Microsoft Store on a Windows 10 PC.

Insert and open Kodi on your DVD. Choose which media type you want to play on the main screen and where to access it. For a DVD, press the disk option and automatically revise your movie/TV show. If not, click on the button Play Disk.

By default, Kodi Media Player plays your DVD in full-screen mode, although the software settings can alter it. Tap on the screen to access the control panel, and you can pause, restart, jump to the next scene, or return to the previous scene.

The software will help you display the DVD’s name, the time spent and the entire time, the current time, & the time the video will end if you view it without stopping. After a few seconds, all this detail disappears so that you can enjoy the media in utter glory.

To control Kodi’s main menu and settings, click the Esc button at any time. For example, I wanted to change the default view from full screen to window, which I did on the Display Settings screen.

FAQs (How to Play DVD on HP Laptop With Windows 10?)

Why can’t I play DVDs on Windows 10?

Microsoft has disabled built-in support for Windows 10 video DVD playback. Thus, DVD playback on Windows 10 is more disturbing than on previous models. There was a mistake. Therefore, we recommend that you use a free third-party player with integrated DVD support, VLC Player. Open media players, click media and pick Open Disk. Open media player.

Can I play a DVD on my HP laptop?

Many HP laptops come with DVD drives. It’s quick to play a DVD on your HP laptop. Nearly all HP laptops have DVD ROM drives. The latest Windows versions, including XP, Vista, and Windows 7 have been built to recognize and play DVD video content automatically.

How do I get Windows 10 to recognize my DVD drive?

Boot to the desktop Windows 10, start System Manager with Windows key + X, and press Device Manager. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click on the list of optical drives, and click Uninstall. Then restart your machine, exit System Manager. Windows 10 detects and reinstalls the trip.

Why does my DVD not play on Windows Media Player?

When you see a Windows Media Player error that reads “compatible DVD decoder not installed,” this means there is no installation of a plugin (called a MPEG-2 decoder) required to play DVDs. There was a mistake. We recommend that you download this app from to play DVDs on your computer.

Why won’t my DVD play on my HP laptop?

Do not play Blu-ray or DVD video disks:

1) Ensure that the drive supports disk form.
2) Install compatible movie playback software if supported.
3) Go to Windows DVD playback options for more detail.
4) Discs burned on a different machine don’t play: burn the disk with another white disk brand again.


These methods work well for HP laptop playback of DVDs. Choose a tool and play as you wish. In addition to the HP laptop issue, you must also have found that your DVD cannot be played on your Xbox One.

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