How to Make OverWatch Run Better on Laptop?

As probably the greatest video games of all time, Overwatch has gained a super reputation round it.

Most individuals are passionate in regards to recreation, whereas some need to attempt it out.

Earlier I wrote a guide about the best laptop for Overwatch, however for some of you who want to try the game. Buying a new laptop may not be ideal.

So in this article. I’ve posted some tips on “how to make overwatch run better on laptop.” that you already have.

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Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of Overwatch, has skillfully improved the game to be able to play on average or everyday laptops.

However, you will have to compromise on different features of the game, such as rendering, shadow details, fog details, and so on.

So, move on without wasting too much time.


Check the current resolution if it is 1280 is 720 then you are fine, but it is more or less than that. Open the Graphics Quality tab and make sure that each layout set to Low.

Most professional players will bring down the video settings to get the maximum frame rate and reduce the SIM rate as much as possible. The SIM rate is the amount of simulation or time that your game client spent processing the tick.

A system running with high graphic settings often gets its SIM rate to run in tens of milliseconds. It might not appear to be a lot, but it does affect how fast your inputs react, like a communication delay in your game. The render scale should set to at least 75%. Play the game on full screen as it will run faster than window mode or borderless window mode.

Measure SIM rate:

You can measure the SIM rate using the network graph in Overwatch. You must click on the training range, and after selecting the hero, tap the following key combination: Ctrl + Shift + N

This will open a graph on which you will see a shaded area with a group of lines running from right to left. Find the upper white line and value to read your SIM rate. The shorter it is, the faster your game will perform. You can check the status further by playing the game and make some impressive moves.

11 Pro Tips On “How To Make Overwatch Run Better On Laptop.

I have divided the following points into two parts: simple and advanced.

There are easy steps that you could take on your own without expert guidance or precautions, while advanced steps are helpful but there is a small risk so if you are an advanced user or just a friend Call someone with experience—modern computer equipment.

Note: You can try all of these points one by one or a few and see how the game works, instead of pushing them all together.

The following steps; Properly covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions, with up to 50-70% improvement in gaming performance.

Be sure to follow them correctly and let me know in the comments section if you have any issues. First, let’s start with a few simple steps.

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Just as a result of your Windows taskbar would not present any software open or working, this does not mean that all applications on your laptop are closed.

Numerous applications run in the background of your laptop without your notice.

To shut them, click on the ^ button on the fitting facet of your Windows taskbar, there you will note several packages which can be open within the background. (See picture beneath)

Hover over each icon of the program, and it will display its name. Disable all programs you don’t need by right-clicking on each app’s icon and selecting ‘Exit’.

Make sure you don’t skip any graphical programs running in the background, such as Nvidia or AMD Radeon or Intel HD.


If your laptop is using integrated graphics or discrete graphics cards, you must keep your graphics drivers updated to keep your system performing at its best.

If you use Intel integrated graphics, you can download your drivers from the Intel Download Center.

If you are an NVIDIA user, you can visit this website to download the GeForce experience or to download your drivers manually. Keeping your graphics drivers updated is a good suggestion. A new driver is always useful for your laptop.


The main reason your laptop slows down over time is because of the applications or software that load when you start your computer.

For specific uses, we install various software, and some of this software start automatically when your system boots.

These apps then decelerate your laptop computer by hogging important system assets, impair gaming performance while playing Overwatch.

However, make sure that no graphical program disables Nvidia, AMD Radeon or Intel HD.


It is a well-known fact that overloading the Internet connection is weak enough to drive Overwatch. You want to do some things to increase stability and reduce delays. Are

There is no such thing as a significant MBPS connection, and it can fix with a standard small MBPS connection. What happens is that online games like Overwatch send very little data.

Applications such as file syncing from Netflix, YouTube, and cloud storage applications, such as video streaming, often take up more space and create breaks.

Therefore, running these applications can potentially lead to an unwanted increase in delays, especially if the bandwidth is not that large. Also, more and more devices on the same local network using the Internet at the same time reduce the overall available bandwidth.

So whenever you feel that your game is not running smoothly, check the factors and make changes, you will see the difference.

If you try to make all the above changes, you will see a big difference in the game. The above details are small but make a big difference.

The game always feels great to play, which gives the game a smooth and intermittent free time. Leagues and slow laptops can ruin the gaming experience no matter how good the game is.

Therefore, to get the best experience of playing online games, you should always pay attention to the needs of the game and other complementary factors. Not only will you enjoy the game to the fullest, but you can also play the game to its full potential.

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We say your laptop already has antivirus software, and your computer is free from the risks I mentioned above.

My recommendation then is that you disable/disable antivirus software from your system. This is because antivirus software also runs in the background and regularly checks for threats, re-integrating your system’s resources, thus reducing overwatch performance. While doing

So make sure to leave the software for the time you are going to play Overwatch.


The cooling system on the average everyday laptop is more fun than the cooling system you get on the high-end gaming laptops.

Even if you make changes as I mentioned in the point above, that doesn’t mean your laptop won’t get hot. And a hot notebook will result in poor game performance.

On, there are multiple laptop cooler pads, and like antivirus software, some are more efficient than others. At the same time, some do not offer real performance and only want to make money for the manufacturer.

From my personal experience, my suggestion is a Havit HV-F2056 laptop cooler.

A capable laptop cooler will help keep your laptop cool down to 5-7 degrees Celsius or higher. On paper, this may not mean much, but it does make a lot of sense to lower the temperature to 5-7 degrees Celsius for your laptop.

#7. Avoid using gameplay record software

Just like FPS calculation software, gameplay recording software also reduces gaming performance.

Unless you are playing games for experimental purposes, you should avoid using gameplay or screen recording software.


Dust is the essential enemy with digital elements, and your laptop computer suffers probably the most as a result of it’s tough for the typical shopper to wash it from The within out.

It’s hard to get rid of the dust that builds up inside the laptop’s hardware, and the only way to do that is to open your laptop.

If you are not sure how to unlock your laptop, then search on Google or YouTube, and you will find some other guide on how to open it properly and how to clean it. 

However, laptop hardware is more fragile than PC hardware, so once you open your laptop. Be sure to handle it carefully.


If your laptop computer is just a few years previous, it is an excellent suggestion to add additional RAM stick.

But, before you go out to buy RAM, first make sure that your laptop supports something.

Be sure to check the features of your laptop on the manufacturer’s website and get the RAM accordingly.

If your laptop supports DDR3 RAM, then get DDR3 RAM instead of DDR4 and make sure it has laptop RAM, not PC RAM.

Improvements in RAM will result in faster times and slightly quicker gameplay.


It’s no secret that when a laptop or desktop is running fast, it is freshly formatted.

This is as a result of many of the non-permanent and undesirable recordsdata deleted. And with a brand new set up, the system has much less to cope with this program.

As a result, it improves the performance and speed of the operating system.

If you’ve got adopted all the steps above, you’ll want to set up a contemporary Windows 10 to take pleasure in a greater recreation efficiency.

This shouldn’t be an obligatory step, but when it does, Overwatch will improve efficiency whereas enjoying.

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Suppose your laptop comes with SSD. Then ignore it, if not, then consider installing a solid-state drive.

Similarly for SSD, in case your laptop computer comes with an extra SATA slot, then get a 2.5″ SATA SSD, in case your laptop computer has just one SATA slot, The solely choice left after that’s to interchange SDD with HDD.

If your laptop has an M.2 SSD slot, it comes in two variants: SATA M.2 SSD and NVMe M.2 SSD.

FAQs ( How to Make Overwatch Run Better on Laptop? )

How do I increase FPS in OverWatch PC?

To hit the total frame rate, go to the advanced settings on the settings screen. Though Anti-Aliasing is left off, be cautious because even with the Off setting, the FX preset won’t remove any aliasings.

Can my laptop run OverWatch?

It would help if you had at least a Core i3 CPU or a Phenom X3 CPU to play Overwatch. You must be capable of running a CPU test equivalent to an Intel Core i5 or an AMD Phenom II-series CPU at 2.8 GHz. Service Pack can work on any OS that supports 64-bit OS support.

Does RAM increase FPS?

Using more RAM could increase your frame rate in some situations, depending on how much RAM you have available. If you have less than 2GB of RAM, increasing RAM will not improve your game’s performance.