How to Make FanArt on Computer? Complete Guide 2022

Today many artists make their masterpieces with some form of computer and image software. Many software graphics editing products have a comprehensive range of drawing tools that allow users to manually draw images on a computer. 

The programs range from free to costly. Various mouse styles help users draw more organically and imitate the feeling of writing objects in digital mode. It may take some to get used to it, but painting on a computer may spark your ideas and open up an almost endless realm of digital art.

So if you like fanart and wants to know about How to Make Fanart on Computer? For this, read the procedure below and understand the steps it will help you easily make fanart on the computer.

What is FanArt?

For decades, fan art has been a feature of fandom communities. Fans of TV series, films, books, music, and animation – or perhaps of the whole media genre – have created art pieces based on their favorite heroes and heroes for years, like “Star Wars,” and “Star Trek”, to “Twilight” and “Harry Potter.”

In numerous genres and media, fan art can originate from classic portrait sketches and illustrations to digitally manipulated works of art. It’s such a diverse and creative medium of expression as “original” art, full of skilled folks.

History of FanArt

The early fan art was mostly pen-and-ink, simple line art since it was the easiest to replicate before the customer could readily use modern Xerox machines. Color artwork has traditionally been saved for fanzine coverings and special issues as costly color printing is necessary. 

Sometimes fanzine producers pay for upcoming fanzines in advance to assist pay the expense of generating better quality artworks. Many of these fanzines from recent decades are regarded as incredibly collectible for their artwork today.

Is Fan Art Legal?

The regulations of fan art are often contested within the fandom community and, because of different copyright laws, are not always easy to answer, particularly from country to country. 

If fan art is considered “derived work,” it is copyrighted to a particular character, property, film universe, or book by the original copyright holder and not the artist. 

Therefore, the artist should not have the right to display the work unless the original holder has permission and should certainly not be permitted to sell it without first acquiring a license.

How to Make Fanart on Computer?

How to Make FanArt on Computer
  • Choose a graphic software program with a comprehensive range of drawings and artistic instruments. Photoshop is an alternative many artists utilize, although it can be costly. 
  • GIMP is a comprehensive picture program equivalent to Photoshop. It is available free of charge for Mac and PC. 
  • ArtRage is another program with various creative tools that imitate styles, pencils, brushes, oils, and aquarelles. Some of these programs will access you to draw your computer.
  • Open your drawing software, navigate to the menu “File,” and select the “New” option. Specify the size of your photograph. Firstly, consider maintaining the image in a typical computer paper sheet. When your blank document is set, click OK.
  • Select a tool to start. It is advisable to use a simple pencil tool for drawing. Make several scripts on digital paper to utilize the mouse or digital pen for drawing. While you move your hand the same way you do with a real pencil or stylus, maintaining your hand stability can take some effort.
  • Get to know some of the automatic drawing tools. Art software usually features preset lines and forms to allow you to flawlessly refined design essential aspects of your image. 
  • Click on the line tool and hold down to draw the line with your left mouse button. You’ll find it will snap in place as you release the line, and you’ll have a straight line. 
  • The same goes for circles, squares, triangles, and other forms. In your drawing, use as many of these elements as you can. You can select the freehand tool and draw without your shapes snapping in if you cannot utilize pre-defined shapes.
  • Draw a primary picture to get started. There is no need to be an artist to learn how to sketch. With practice, you can bring the details of your computer designs to a more complicated level. 
  • When you feel like sketching on a computer, try coloring tools to draw your drawings in color or to color them. You can also experiment with painting brushes and paint and charcoal pencil textures to make your computer drawings look more lifelike. 
  • Typically, the “Tools” menu or floating palette can quickly access these tools, so click on them to let your imagination go. Art drawing applications come to include an erased tool so that whatever you don’t like can be wiped away.

Fan Art Drawing in Different Styles

Draw Cartoon Fan Art Style

The nice part about cartoon drawing is the fact that realistic dimensions or body shapes are not bound. The higher, the better. Cartoon faces are more expressive, and stances are more exaggerated than real faces. Cartoon heads are usually more extensive than the body, which helps with expressive features.

It is generally not essential to draw the whole body with cartoon sketches before adding the garments. First, the simple body structure, lines for the shoulders, hips, vertebrae, and annexes, create the fundamental forms of the body and then fill in details such as clothes and hands.

Draw Realistic Fan Art Style

To create your fan art realistically, you must especially master human anatomy, draw different muscle types on a figure, and the proportions of every body component. The simplest method is to find a figure drawing anatomy book, such as Stephen Rogers’ Atlas of Human Anatomy for the artist.

There are numerous web tools to assist you in finding realistic figures. The method usually looks like way: begin with the body’s frame, add the fundamental outlines of the body, detail the body muscles, and add the last garments. Keep your lines light as you draw, so you can quickly remove all the pencils by going over your pencil drawing.

Draw Manga Fan Art Style

The Manga illustrations include exaggerated dimensions and facial characteristics, as well as simplified and styled hair. The principal difference between manga and realistic figures is in the face; therefore, if you’re learning to turn realistic figures into manga drawings, concentrate on creating manga faces.

Manga faces have massive, highly detailed, and shaded eyes, and the nose and mouths are much more straightforward. Manga nose and mouth are often rendered with two simple lines.

FAQs – How to Make Fanart on Computers?

  1. Can I Sell Anime Fanart?

    Suppose it's an original creation and no fan art. It's all right to sell anime fan art if you have the permission of the copyright holder to do so. Otherwise, selling fan art is unlawful.

  2. What Is a Perfect Face?

    According to its very detailed definitions, the perfect face featured these crucial features: Face length equals three nose lengths—eye width between the eyes. The top and bottom lips have the same width. The facial width over the cheeks is two nose lengths.

  3. Is Fan Made Merch Legal?

    There is nothing illegal, technically speaking, in the United States about making and selling fan art because copyright is not criminally enforced. Instead, copyright owners protect their rights by suing federal civil infringers.


It will help if you understand How to Make Fanart on Computer? in its most superficial meaning before affecting your fandom.

You can never communicate your views in their genuine sense without that. The deception of letting down your idols will hamper your artistic advancement.

Think of all the illustrators you’re looking for. Are they not all technically qualified?

If you wish to make it so huge, you will need equivalent skills. Take a few painting lessons and master the fundamentals of mediums and techniques. You will be ready to make significant art once you have finished.

It would help if you endeavored to make your experiences distinctive. Take inspiration from a character you feel a profound connection to, as artists that have a deep relationship to their work create the best art.

In brief, you are interested in the method to create influential fan art. Your work will not simply mean to you if you can do that, but it will also inspire everyone else.

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