How To Make A Youtube Video With A Laptop Camera? Step by Step Guide 2022

Nowadays everyone is suddenly jumping the bandwagon in the world of youtube to create and present their own content.

Whether it is related to technology, craftwork, video animations for kids, or simply DIY tutorial videos, Youtube has been home to everyone and has openly welcomed their arms for content creators.

As with the evolution of videos and their quality, every artist has been trying their best to come up with something unique so that they can gather subscribers to monetize their channel and earn some money.

Although lucrative, yet tricky, youtube tends to have ever-changing algorithms set in place which is a little bit thorny.

So the knowledge about how to make a youtube video with a laptop Camera is a little bit ambiguous on the internet.

But don’t worry I have you covered, I will explain some simple steps which will help you create, procreate and flourish your youtube channel even if you aren’t armed with a high-tech external webcam, for whatever reason you have at hand.

Steps On How To Make A Youtube Video With A Laptop Camera

If you are rocking a laptop with windows based operating system the steps are quite simple and honestly feel like a breeze.

  • First of all, boot up your laptop and click on the start button located on the lower left side of the screen.
  • Now simply type in Camera and depending on the speed and specifications of your laptop, it will pop up camera utility.
  • Click on it to open your laptop’s default camera which you can use to either take photos or make a video, depending upon the type of use you may require at the moment.
  • The user interface is quite simple and looks like a smartphone if you want to tinker with the options available on the screen.
  • Moreover, if you have dual cameras and want to switch in between, you can click on the change camera option which will let you use other cameras if your laptop has any.
  • Pressing the record button will let you record videos so you can publish them on your youtube channel.
  • You can also change the storage location partition, through which you can change the directory where all your videos are stored for easy access or editing for later.

Configuration You Can Fiddle With!

Depending upon the model and your hardware specifications, your laptop camera may or may not have some unique features such as HDR and Flash which will let you enhance your image or video clip output if your video seems a little bit grainy or the colors aren’t popping or up to the mark.

Moreover, you can also tinker with other features like Zoom in and Zoom out as well as Timer mode which will let you take images hands-free. 

And if you are feeling a little bit artsy, you can try the panorama mode to create some sort of background or thumbnail for your youtube videos.

Word Of Advice

After gaining all this esoteric knowledge, you must also have acknowledged the fact that webcam or your laptop videos don’t seem to have an optimal picture or video quality, and sometimes, especially in low light situations, you may have to deal with a lot of noise grain.

It is best advised to edit your high-quality videos before publishing them, otherwise, you won’t be able to provide quality content no matter how thoughtful and helpful your videos are for the world.

Moreover, it is in your best interest that you also invest in a decent third party webcam that has more depth of field and better HD video resolution and overall more pixel output such as Logitech HD Webcam C920 or the Dell UltraSharp Webcam which are no doubt among the best third party webcam available on the market that will surely boost your reach and subscriber count.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no such restriction by Youtube on the resolution of your videos, however, laptop cameras shouldn’t be your goto choice if you are aiming to grab views and subscribers and make your channel gain some form of traction.

However, if you are limited with options and don’t want to spend extra cash for whatever reason that is, you can read my article above on how to make a youtube video with a laptop camera.

Good luck!