How to Know if Laptop Battery Is Dead or Not?

Laptops are pricey equipment that makes them more portable and their batteries vital. I encountered battery difficulties with past laptops, both Windows and Mac, which led me to investigate whether the battery was dead. 

Laptops are necessary for my daily work, and I must keep an eye on a dead laptop battery warning signals.

How to know if laptop battery is dead? Navigate to your laptops battery settings and examine the battery report. 

For windows, a message is displayed along the line “plugged in, not charged,” while for Mac, a message is displayed, saying “Service Battery.”

Navigating your laptops can be difficult. If you suspect that your laptops battery is dead, or if you want to learn more about How to Know if Laptop Battery Is Dead, then read more about the issue.

When Should I Replace My Laptop Battery?

A sudden shutdown without warning indicates your battery is dead and has to be replaced. An uncharged battery may indicate that the battery is starting to fail. 

When these difficulties begin to arise, your battery calibration is always a good idea; calibration may give you a better idea of your battery’s state and help determine whether or not it is time to replace it.

This article covers How to know if laptop battery is dead, how to inspect and test its health and when it’s time for a replacement.

How can I know if the laptop battery is dead?

First, it could be relatively straightforward for some to see whether your laptop battery is dead. Your laptop won’t come on if it’s dead, right? Wrong! If you’re like me, and you’re most of the time plugging your laptop, you might not see your battery is dead.

When it’s plugged in, your laptop runs on AC power and not the battery. So your laptop will still work, even if your battery is dead, as long as it is connected.

If you try to disconnect your laptop, your battery is dead and suddenly dies without notice. Sorry, but your battery has passed on. 

There’s no way to fix it at this point. Just go to the site of your laptop maker (if you have a laptop guarantee) or too good old Amazon and acquire a bright new battery for yourself.

Remember that batteries are not intended to live forever but are intended to be utilized. So, your laptops battery will begin to degrade at some point, and it will die.

It is when a guarantee on your laptop is applicable. The warranty on my Asus ultrabook arrived in the first two years with a free battery replacement. 

The battery was still okay toward the end of my warranty, but I wanted to use the offer, so I got a battery from Asus. Story moral: you paid for the guarantee; utilize it!

Is the battery going to die?

Now, if you’re a lucky man and your battery doesn’t bit the dust yet, it is possible to verify if your battery is out. When your laptop is plugged in, click the battery symbol in your taskbar (Windows). 

If you see that the battery only charges part of the way and does not charge further, this is a decent indication that something goes on with your battery.

The first thing you ought to do is adjust your battery. Said, calibration implies that your laptops battery is almost entirely discharged and then reloaded again. 

It enables your battery to reset and to make a self-diagnosis to see the amount of energy left in your battery.

Battery Calibration is a standard diagnostic procedure that should be carried out relatively frequently to ensure your laptops battery is healthy. Don’t worry if you never did that before, and you know that now!

The manufacturer includes a tool to adjust your battery for you on some computers. Please check your laptop handbook on the manufacturer’s website and see if you have this utility. 

If you do, just let your laptop adjust for you using this software. It takes some time (for my laptop, around 3 hours), so don’t be alarmed.

If Your Battery Is Dead, What to Do?

Check your guarantee to check whether you have a free replacement or purchase your replacement laptop battery online. Batteries can be pretty cheap, depending on your laptop. Most reasonable substitutions amount to about $20 or less.

Make sure that when you browse online, the battery you choose fits exactly the laptop model. I’ve learned the hard way and bought the battery that didn’t work with my laptop.

Laptop Battery Damage Symptoms

Sadly, computers don’t last forever. The battery is the most common region of a laptop that usually fails first. Battery failure can occur without warning at any time. 

You also have specific pre-warning indications, so you can upgrade before your machine is useless. There are techniques for individuals using a laptop to find out whether their battery needs to be replaced. Let’s look at the various symptoms to look for.

#1. Windows Will Warn You

With advances in computer technology, specific computers have a new feature that will tell you when the battery capacity is crucial. 

Some computers appear on the battery symbol with a red X when it is severely low. If this happens, you can also get a notification when you pop up the battery symbol, which states, ‘think of substituting your battery.’ 

It is usually observed in Window 7 and above models. It is an excellent signal that your battery is leaving.

#2. Does not accept the charge it uses

Another solid sign that your computer’s battery is about to finish its life is when you charge it throughout the night. 

Batteries that do not carry their load after long charging periods clearly show that something is wrong. 

Generally, people tend to leave the computer connected to the main power all day. However, this can eventually produce a fire risk. It’s time to consider a new battery if your laptop battery doesn’t keep charging.

#3. Your computer quickly overheats

In certain situations, if your laptop quickly overheats during simple daily tasks, it may be an indication that your battery may die. 

It can make the other internal components of your computer more stressful if your battery uses more power to operate your application. In turn, this can heat your computer, leading to a severe fire risk. Is your PC heating up fast?

#4. Sudden Shut Down

Sometimes when a battery fails, the laptop can be shut down suddenly. This fast shutdown means that the battery is particularly strained when the computer runs, and the power required for it can’t be produced. 

Sudden shutdowns can be incredibly frustrating, especially if your job has not been saved.

How to Tell if Laptop Battery or Charger Is Bad

How to Know if Laptop Battery Is Dead or Not?

One of the most crucial aspects of the laptop is its charger and battery. Without a charger, you will try to charge the laptop thick and thin. 

Furthermore, the battery is highly crucial because the device is mobile. If you look at the charge indicators on the laptop, you can determine if the charger is terrible. You can also identify a defective battery by running software, or only when the laptop is connected. 

There is nothing that can be done about fixing the battery. However, the charger can be fastened by replacing the voltage IC card in the adapter.

How to Check Laptop Battery Health Windows 10

Batteries power our favourite technological devices, but not forever. The good news is that Windows 10 laptops offer a battery report that decays if your battery is still kicking or on its final legs. 

You may create an HTML file with battery use data, capacity history, and life estimates with a few simple keystrokes. This report will notify you long before you have a chance of failing if it needs to be replaced.

#1. Generate PowerShell Battery Report

The Windows PowerShell battery report is generated, a built-in command-line tool that you never used before. The quickest option is to right-click on the Start icon and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the menu. A pop-up window can ask for permission to make device changes; say yes.

The blue PowerShell command window will emerge so you can automatically type commands in Windows 10. Type or paste powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:\battery-report.html” in the box and hit Enter to start the command.

PowerShell will inform you of the name and location of a created HTML battery life report on your PC. In this scenario, battery-report.html is called and has been saved on the C disc. You can now close PowerShell safely.

#2. View the Battery Report

Open and access the C drive for Windows File Explorer. The battery life report should be saved as an HTML file. Click the file double to open it in your favourite web browser.

The report describes the status of your laptop battery, how good it is, and how long it can last. You will notice basic information about your machine at the top of the Battery Report, followed by battery data.

Every time the laptop is battery powered or hooked to AC power, take note of the current use section. Each drain is tracked in the Battery Use section throughout the last three days. A comprehensive history of battery use can also be found in the Usage History section.

The capacity history portion of the battery illustrates how the capacity has evolved. On the right is the design capability or the way the battery is supported. 

On the left, you can see the current total charging capacity of the battery on your laptop, which will probably decrease as your device uses more time.

It brings us to the section on battery life estimations. At the left, you’ll see how long the design capacity should last; at the left, you’ll see how long it lasts. 

At the end of the report comes a current, final battery life estimate. In this scenario, my PC is 6:02:03 a.m. at design capacity but is currently 4:52:44.

FAQs ― How to know if laptop battery is dead

  1. How do I know if my laptop battery needs replacing?

    The highest sign you need a new laptop battery is overheating. A little more heat is usual as the battery runs. Your laptop battery that is not charged when plugged in may be a symptom that it needs to be replaced.

  2. Can I use my laptop with a dead battery?

    If the battery has failed considerably or the charging circuit has a defect, it may explode with the laptop. As long as you can, If a battery is dead, you can generally operate the laptop. 

    Sometimes a defective battery creates complications, so you have to remove it and use a laptop connected to a wall.

  3. How many years does a laptop battery last?

    A laptop battery, on average, lasts from two to four years (around 1,000 total charges). The whole life depends on the type of battery, how the computer is handled and how often you use your laptop.

  4. Is it worth replacing laptop battery?

    Regardless of how properly you handle the battery in your laptop, it will ultimately die. If you're fortunate, it's time to replace your laptop when your battery dies. 

    If not, you're going to have to replace the battery. Death of the battery could seem sudden, but it doesn't have to.

  5. How to know if laptop is charging when off?

    Your laptop must be switched on. Look for the battery icon on the lower right side of your screen. It will disappear after your laptop is ultimately charged. Otherwise, the percentage of power charged in your battery will be shown.


You can extend its life if you take proper care of your battery. Follow the recommended power parameters of your laptop, especially when the charger is off. 

Keep your battery as cool as you can, or try a cooling pad. Every six months or so, calibrate your battery to check how your battery performs and hold tabs using BatteryInfoView.

Eventually, batteries will die, even if well cared for. When your laptop unexpectedly dies due to the battery, it may be frustrating. 

You may obtain a decent picture of how your battery works and when you need to replace it and prevent furious shutdowns by following the methods described above.

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