How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming? 9 Pro Tips

So you want to play games on your laptop, but your laptop is getting hot like crazy & you wants to know that “How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming?.” Well, you’re in luck! This post will show you How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming?.

When I’m gaming on AAA with the highest settings, these tricks help cool my laptop up to 12% cooler. So if you want to lower the temperature of your laptop with proven tricks during gaming, here are nine great tips:

Get A Laptop Cooler

Due to the compact design of laptops, it is not uncommon for them to overheat. The compact design on laptops limits their amount of cooling. So, if you can add extra cooling to your laptop computer, it can assist your laptop computer run extra relaxed.

Fortunately, there are many laptop cooling pads on the market, and they do just that: a laptop cooler, a partial one, a fan built into a small laptop stand/tray. You put the pad on the surface where you are using your laptop, then you put your laptop on the pad and turn it on. Pad fans start moving air down the bottom of your laptop, thus cooling it.

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Thankfully, cooling pads are relatively cheap – and they usually work hard to keep your laptop cool during long hours of gaming sessions. This is not surprising since you are adding an extra fan to your laptop’s exterior to promote good airflow.

But if you do not have money for a cooling pad, you can always invest in a regular stand. It’s a small block on which you put your laptop, so it allows space for air to flow more freely. Even many stands are made of materials that act as heat sinks like aluminum.

And, although this is a less common solution, you can also invest in an external GPU. They will cost a bit more than they cost, but if you have the money to save money, an external GPU will give the old laptop more power than onboard/integrated graphics, and the rest of your laptop will generate heat from the top. 

Place Your Laptop On A Flat And Even Surface

By placing your laptop flat and even on the surface, cool air will come in, and hot air will be able to escape from inside your machine. If it’s on your lap or a pillow, the bottom of your laptop will become uneven and create air gaps.

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This will cause air to enter but will not escape. Because of this, your laptop has created a “vacuum,” and there is no heat left. So make sure your laptop is always on a flat, hard surface. I believe that the first thing you should do during this game is to keep your laptop cool.

Laptop Cleaning

When the air is continuously circulating through the laptop, dust formation is inevitable as a result. There isn’t any technique to keep away from this, and it’s essential to clear your laptop computer frequently,

Now, cleaning a laptop is very easy, and here’s how to find out:

  • Buy a can of compressed air. This is the one software you will have to wash your laptop computer without opening it.
  • Make sure the laptop is not running and that it has time to cool down before starting.
  • Hold the laptop at the bottom to expose the intake fan grills.
  • Bring the bananas close to the grill and spray. Necessary: Always make sure the can is in an upright position or that liquid air can escape and damage the hardware.
  • Rotate and tilt the laptop from all angles to thoroughly clean the intake. Keep doing this until you notice dust coming out.
  • Repeat for each separate input.

Change Settings on Your Laptop

Believe it or not, there are settings you possibly can modify in your machine to verify it’s working at most temperatures. In addition to making sure that you purchase a laptop that meets the requirements of the game you’re playing, you’ll be careful to check and update your drivers regularly.

Options include lowering your screen brightness, making sure it doesn’t require plugins, and closing resource-based applications that you’re not using. Also, double-check your laptop’s power management settings, where you’ll find a variety of options and default configurations to maximize energy savings.

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If you want to make sure your changes help, you possibly can at all times obtain a free software program like SpeedFan to monitor your laptop’s temperature actively. Not each fan or piece of hardware in the marketplace has a built-in workforce gauge. However, it would help if you could learn your machine’s warmth output anyway.

Although this is a less common issue, you may want to check to see if your BIOS needs to be updated. Your BIOS menu has settings that tell your fans what temperature they should turn on, and in the latest version of the BIOS, the temporary reading setting can be adjusted based on the spread of video games. If your fans are going to work out sooner, it may avoid more extended moments.

Less Overload on Hardware Components

As much as possible, limit the graphics resolution of a particular game as needed. It is best to avoid using an external GPU and get in the habit of playing games on the laptop’s available display resolution. A low-end GPU or CPU used with modern games will also be a reason behind the high heat. You can also control the processor’s power management through advanced settings.

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A good habit is to run your laptop in power saving mode. This can avoid high power consumption and reduce the rate of increase in the overall temperature of your machine hardware. That’s why gaming laptops are specifically designed to handle this need.

Faulty Fans

Most modern laptops (especially those designed for gaming) have multiple internal fans that help keep all components cool. If only one of these fans were malfunctioning, you would see a temperature rise.

The best way to check a laptop without opening it is to use your ears. Quickly load the system so that all the fans are spinning fast and listen closely to each intake. To give an eye is to provide – or rather, the ear –

Retelling: A faulty fan is likely to make various noises, grinds, or loud noises long before breaking completely. If your lover is making a noise that is not a constant murmur of spinning fans, chances are it is not working to its maximum potential.

Silence: No fan will sit idle when the laptop is overloaded. If you notice that a fan is not making any noise when a laptop is under pressure, it is broken and needs to be replaced.

Now, tinkering with laptops is not as easy as with desktop PCs.It is finest to have your laptop computer repaired by knowledgeable relatively than by your self. Never open your laptop if it has a warranty yet, as it probably won’t. This guarantee will be removed.

Get A Cooling Pad To Get More Airflow

A cooling pad is a simple, inexpensive, and easy way to keep your laptop from overheating. The cooling pad prevents heat from seeping inside your laptop. It works. The cooling pad has fans that blow air under your laptop, which helps keep your laptop cool.

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This increases the heat inside your laptop, which prevents it from overheating. All you have to do is a plugin and configure your laptop on top of them, and that’s it! Being relatively small, they are also effortless to transport. So you can play anywhere while keeping your laptop cool while gaming.

Undervolting Your CPU To Reduce Heat

Over time, CPU manufacturers have had to build their CPUs to run faster and faster to compete in the market. This causes the processors to heat up very quickly. Underwriting is the process of reducing the amount of voltage entering your CPU.

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Why would you want to do that? This is due to a lot of the warmth generated by your CPU is used to observe directions. The higher the voltage you put on your CPU, the faster it gets, but it also generates more heat, which can cause the CPU to rotate.

By underlining, we can reduce the heat generated without sacrificing speed. As the amount of heat generated decreases, your laptop will stay cool while you play. Lowering your CPU can increase performance in your laptop gaming performance.

Routine Maintenance and Battery/Charger Management

Like any electronic device, laptops are not built just like other products. That way, everything inside your laptop is working with a limited life. Therefore, regular maintenance on your laptop is necessary. And, while cleaning your laptop regularly is part of maintaining a good notebook, there are different issues you can do to assist keep your laptop computer working as relaxed as potential frequently.

If your laptop has just recently developed a problem with overheating, you’ll need to replace the wrong fan. You can usually tell if the noise spoils a fan. Fighting or grinding is a sure sign of trouble, but a complete lack of noise is just as bad. If your system is not working, but your fans are still not working, they may break.

You’ll additionally need to be sure you do not misuse your laptop computers. The easiest way to break your laptop is to charge more. On most laptops, the charging jack is soldered to the motherboard, and if it does, it will probably be dearer to repair than to get a model new laptop computer. Keeping your laptop plugged in at all times is an easy way to hit the charging jack quickly.

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Also, when your laptop’s battery is charged, it gets hotter than that. Therefore, charging your laptop at night after using it and then charging it only when you use it must make sure that your laptop cooler is running.

FAQS (How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming)

Do cooling pads help gaming laptops?

Cooling a gaming laptop will help maintain the temperature and technically improve performance. Still, the fact is that you can’t improve your gaming experience by having multiple fans under your laptop. Can make Sorry, party.

How can I cool down my laptop without a cooling pad?

If the palm rest temperature and keyboard are high, place a small fan (small fan) around the notebook. Try not to use a USB fan. However, another problem arises: while the fan can blow too much heat, it can also bring debris, dust, or water into the keyboard at the same time.

Are cooling pads bad for laptops?

Cooling pads are just as bad for laptop components! The pad will blow a lot of air (and dust) inside your laptop, making some sensors think they’re cool and can put pressure on the computer. Putting your laptop on a cooling pad will temporarily fix the problem and cause trouble soon.


And there you have it; if you want to keep your laptop correctly cool while gaming, keep all the essential facts in mind! If you have any questions about How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming? Please ship us your suggestions, and we will do our best to answer as soon as possible.