How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen? 2 Pro Tips

The laptops is the most outstanding choice for any computer user who wishes to transport their business material wherever. Unfortunately, however, this laptop portability capability sometimes leads to calamities like an unintentional drop. 

In most circumstances, the laptop display breaks and ceases display, and you have to spend twice as much on buying another laptops yourself to fix that. 

Most people, therefore, prefer to buy a new notebook rather than fix their broken screen. In addition, if there are logical flaws, the laptops screen may stop displaying anything.

However, all data from the laptop hard drive with a shattered screen must be removed since it may comprise important corporate material, personal files, and more. 

Here the question arises, i.e. how to get files off a broken laptop screen? It may be the query for many notebook users, and this is the best response. First, remove your laptop’s hard disc safely and utilize it to extract all its data on another machine.

It’s not that straightforward to remove a hard drive. Users who are not technically strong confront unforeseen problems while removing the hard disc from their computer, and many produce mistakes by ruining their hard drive. 

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In addition, a laptops hard drive can get destroyed while trying to interface it with another computer and lose important information from it. The additional causes leading to damaged laptop hard drives are:

  • Inappropriate laptop termination
  • Corruption of file structure
  • Severe infection with the virus
  • Crash of operating system

For some reasons, if hard drive data is inaccessible, then the best way to do it is to utilize practical hard drive data recovery tools.

How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen:

#1) Remove the hard drive

How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen

If the laptop isn’t enabled, the hard disc has to be removed to get the files. It can be difficult for some because the computer has to be disassembled. There are loads of resources online, and one for your exact model may be found. You can always ask a buddy or find a specialist if you can’t.

You’ll need specific screwdrivers if you do it yourself. However, you may get from amazon this inexpensive multi-purpose screwdriver set.

Steps to get back broken laptops screen files from the hard disc:

  1. Connect your laptop hard drive to a healthy Windows computer as a secondary/external hard disc.
  2. Download Hard Drive Recovery Program like Yodot for Windows
  3. Then install and start the utility with the instructions supplied.
  4. The main window displays two options, “Partition Recovery” and “Formed/Reprocessed Recovery.”
  5. Click the Recovery Partition option to perform inaccessible hard disc data recovery.
  6. After the next click, select the drive that is externally attached to the laptop hard drive.
  7. Now the software examines the entire drive and provides a list of restored files for all data.
  8. Make your choices by toggling between the display of data and the kind of file.
  9. Then select a host system disc destination location and save these files.

#2) How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen Using External Monitor.

If the notebook is running OK, connect it to an external monitor. The majority of notebooks feature one. Different laptops have various VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort output ports. Find out which laptop you have.

Check whether your TV/monitor has video port input.

Most new TVs and monitors are equipped with HDMI input connectors, where your laptop can be connected. Look at the picture below and see the same on your TV/screen.

Get an appropriate cable.

Now that you know your laptop and monitor port type, all you need is the proper cable to connect to your laptops. For example, you need a mini HDMI to HDMI connection if you have a mini HDMI.

But it would help if you had a VGA-to-HDMI VGA converter plus a standard HDMI cable when your notebook has a VGA connection.

FAQs ― How to Get Files Off a Broken Laptop Screen?

  1. How can I get files off a laptop with a broken screen?

    If you have a desktop and SATA replacement cable, you may pull out and copy the hard drive onto the desktop. You can also invest in a USB adapter SATA. They're cheap and function well.

  2. Can you get photos off a broken laptop?

    So yes – you can get images from a broken or dead laptop, but it depends on how much damage it causes.

  3. How do I transfer files from a broken phone to my laptop?

    1) Connect your broken Android using a USB cord to a PC/Mac.
    2) Activate USB debugging on your malfunctioning Android device.
    3) Make your Android phone recognize the program.
    4) Choose your shattered Android phone files.
    5) Transfer files to the computer from Android.

  4. How can I recover data from a laptop hard drive?

    1) Build a bootable Disk. Prepare a USB empty.
    2) Boot from USB bootable. Connect the bootable disc to a PC that will not boot and alter the BIOS boot sequence of your computer. …
    3) Recover PC/laptop hard drive files/data that would not boot.

  5. How do I recover files from an old hard drive?

    1) Slide the old drive into it, and attach it to your new computer using a USB hard drive enclosure.
    2) To connect an old disc to your new computer, use a USB hard drive adapter.
    3) If the new computer is a desktop, connect the old drive as a secondary internal drive.

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