How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop? Proven Method In 2022

With Windows 10, wifi signal or wifi range problem is very prevalent among users. In addition to, and in addition to, a weak wifi connection, users may suffer various other wifi difficulties. These problems include sluggish wifi speed, a steady drop in wifi connection, unable to connect wifi, etc. automatically.

Now we will look at strategies to increase Windows 10’s weak wifi connection. These approaches can also work effectively for Windows 10’s other wifi range or signal problems.

What are the reasons for the weak wifi PC signal? Sometimes changes to Windows 10 can create a problem. Outdated wifi drivers, wifi card problems, and various internal settings may be the main culprits.

One approach to verify that the wifi range problem genuinely exists with your PC is through comparison. Check if

Let’s examine How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop?

What is wifi:

Wifi is a wireless technology that gives Internet interfaces for devices such as computers (laptops and desktops), mobile (intelligent telephones and wearables), and other equipment (printers and video cameras). It allows these devices—and many more to exchange information and create a network.

Internet connectivity is placing using a wireless router. When you access wifi, you connect to a wireless router that allows your Internet to interface with your Wi-Fi-compatible devices.

How is wifi working?

On the technical side, IEEE 802.11 defines communication methods with existing wireless Internet-connected devices, including wireless routers and wireless access points. Wireless access points support different IEEE standards.

Each standard is a time-consuming revision. The standards work on different frequencies, provide different bandwidths and support varied channel numbers.

Wifi Vs. Internet:

The Internet is the information (the language). Wireless wifi is a wireless network technology that distributes this data across the air to broad-based networks and non-wired PCs via Internet (road).

How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop?

You can make wifi signals strong by doing the following things:

Adjust the wifi Card:

    How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop

Sometimes the wifi card or antennas are either not correctly installed or broken or misaligned because the laptop has been dropped or knocked. It typically seems when you have a weak wifi signal even though you’re right next to the router and struggle with wireless networking, even adjacent networks.

See the video below for an intelligent solution to this problem with the wifi antennas. The technician essentially switches the cable to the “Main” connection on a wifi card and disconnects the AUX connection.

In contrast, this means that the wifi card no longer balances wireless Internet (i.e., does not collect the best signal from the different laptop antennae), while the movement becomes better.

Any work you undertake on your laptop is your responsibility. By opening up your computer and trying any repair work, you can cancel your guarantee.

This strategy works in this scenario; they could receive a partial wifi signal directly adjacent to the source and no other networks in the vicinity. Once the wifi cards modify, they could collect the whole movement and other contiguous networks.

Everybody also doesn’t like the concept of opening their laptop and fiddle with components. We understand that; see below for some alternatives that do not entail fiddling with your computer.

This method is a clever little solution, but more an ultimate remedy if any steps fail, and the wlan card/antenna is the problem, not other things.

Adjust Sensibility Of wifi To Maximum:

You can set your wlan sensitivity value to the highest capacity and alter a few additional options to increase the wlan signal on your Windows 10 laptop or PC. What to do here:

  • On your keyboard, press Win + X keys. Click Device Manager from the menu.
  • Find your wlan driver from the list. Right-click the Properties option and pick it.
  • Enter advanced tab in the Properties window. There, seek for roaming sensitivity level, roaming trend, or roaming aggressiveness in the list called the property. Select it when discovered and select the Aggressive option from the Value Dropdown.
  • Now choose the Diversity option for an antenna in the list and adjust its value to Auto.
  • Search for band choice or BSS mode. Set the setting to 802.11a when using a 5G network. Set the power to 802.11g or 802.11b if a typical 2.4GHz link use.
  • The value of 802.11a is only available if your broadband card supports 5G.
  • Once these values changed, press Ok to apply the modifications. Then reboot your PC.
  • See whether these modifications helped increase your Windows 10 PC’s weak wifi signal. If nothing has changed, try the following way.
How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop

Drivers Updating:

A further step is to ensure that your laptop drivers, especially your network drivers, are fully up-to-date to ensure that your wlan as well operates as possible. Driver updates improve the operation of specific computer components, including wlan, to have the latest network adapter and drivers.

Many computers and operating systems offer an auto-update functionality for drivers that should automatically install updated versions; nevertheless, there are ways of this manually:

  • See here for a fantastic video about Windows 7 update drivers
  • See here for a video to update Windows 10 drivers
  • Usually, it would help if you upgraded the network drivers to handle the wlan card and antennas.

Laptop Modifications:

  • Move the wireless router closer to your laptop. Distance from the router causes inevitable signal strength reduction. If you go too far, the computer begins to lose connection.
  • Update your wireless network adapter drivers. Drivers regulate how your computer connects to the network, and old drivers may be bugging your connection. To update drivers, visit your network adapter website, or check for driver updates for Windows Update.
  • If problems are connecting your laptop to any wireless network, replace your wlan adaptor. Most laptops have included adapters you can’t replace physically, but you can install a new USB adapter to efficiently replace a broken internal adapter.

After reading this now you definitely get that How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop?

Changes to the Router:

  • Move your router closer to where your laptop uses. Try to place the router in the room and further away from walls and metal items, blocking the signal if you can’t move your router too far.
  • Set a different wlan channel for your router. Using a different channel, other devices can lessen interference. Use channels 1, 6, or 11 to have minor interference from surrounding media. 
  • You can set the channel in the configuration options of your router, ordinarily available via a specific Web page. Check the handbook for your router to see how you may log on to your configuration page.
  • Update your firmware router. Like a driver, the firmware on your router informs you how to work, and upgrades can increase performance. Many routers have update mechanisms included in their configuration pages.
  • Fill your router with a new antenna or a wireless repeater. Some routers include switchable antennas, and a different antenna model can work better than the integrated model. 
  • You can also connect your network to a repeater. This unit receives the signal from your router and retransmits it from another position in the building, which gives more signal coverage.

FAQs – How to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop?

  1. Why Is My Hp Laptop wifi So Slow?

    First, the WLAN adapter driver will be uninstalled/reinstalled. Tap the device manager and remove the wifi adapter. After the laptop uninstalls, it should be rebooted and reinstalled automatically. After rebooting, test it again and observe whether or not the same problem persists.

  2. Why Is My Pc wifi So Weak?

    If you have a loosely attached wifi card to your PC or dust on the card and connecting ports, it could cause a weak wifi signal. Try reconnecting your wifi card to check if it works. And old wifi card can also be why your PC doesn't get enough wifi signal.

  3. What Is Weak Security in wifi?

    If your wireless (wifi) network uses insufficient security, your iPhone or iPad will warn you. To determine it, your wifi router uses outdated encryption technology to safeguard information from and to all devices connected to your wifi network.


A weak wifi signal can cause you to slow down or intermittently drop your connection from your wireless network to your laptop. To overcome this trouble you have to learn how to Fix Weak wifi Signal on Hp Laptop?. Various factors, including interference and obsolete software, may damage the wireless signal. For example, when working at your workplace, you can make extra modifications to increase. If you have access to the router and its settings. Anyone step can improve your signal. Thus if your problem fixes, you do not necessarily have to finish every step.