How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself

Many PS4 gamers complained that their PS4 is activated, while some reported that their PS4 is then activated. Once it turns on, the disc is ejected automatically or enter safe mode/rest mode. Others claimed that the PS4 console starts working despite a disconnected controller.

You wonder, ‘Why does my PS4 Turns on by Itself? There are numerous reasons: software updates, hardware malfunction problems, faulty power connections, and ports. However, there’s no need to worry. We have covered you. Let us talk in-depth about How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself?

What is PS4?

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a Sony Computer Entertainment home video game console. Announced as the successor to PlayStation 3 in February 2013, it launches in Europe, South America, and Australia on 15 November 2013, North America on 29 November 2013, and Japan on 22 February 2014. An eighth-generation system, it competes with Xbox One, Wii U, and the Switch from Microsoft.

What is PS4 Able to Do? 

Without the intricacies of PC gaming, PlayStation 4 consoles are a terrific way to play. You can move around the whole experience with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard. Software upgrades install quickly and allow you to play or see your favorite TV shows and movies.

Specialty of PS4

It’s the most powerful game system in the living room, with developers who can constantly generate games with higher resolutions than Xbox One. It is also more friendly for dedicated gamers with built-in storage upgrades and more.

How to Fix Ps4 Turn on by Itself?

Sometimes it may be as easy as checking and installing the newest update to fix the problem. Restoring the database is also a well-known solution, but it may take hours if you have too much data. We mentioned all the following answers. Note that you may have to attempt several solutions to solve the problem.

Fix Power Connecting Problems

How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself
  • Turn off your PS4 System with the power button holding down for 7 seconds.
  • It will give two beeps to signal it is off.
  • Unplug the power cable from the electrical outlet of your Play station 4 console.
  • Check the power cords or ports to see the problem. It can also use Replacement ones for inspection.
  • Do not connect too many gadgets to the power outlet while attaching the PS4.

Off the Auto Updates

If the auto-updates are activated, the Play station 4 can enable to download and install updates at night. Follow the procedures to deactivate auto-updates:

  • Select the Settings icon on the home screen.
  • Go down to the bottom of the screen and select System.
  • Select Automated Downloads.
  • Uncheck the System Software Update Files box.

You do not have to uncheck application update files because they will only update while Play station 4 operates. It will block your PS4 from receiving system software updates.

Find Alternative of wifi

Wifi does not sometimes give a reliable Internet connection, and variations detect in the network connection. Any network short circuit or external disruption can commonly disrupt wifi connectivity. In such instances, the best solution is to use an Ethernet cable.

At the rear of your console is an Ethernet cable power. You can also connect the router to your PS4 via a LAN connection. If this connection succeeds, do not entirely use the wifi connection.

Examine PS4 Firmware Updates

  • Select the Settings icon on the home screen.
  • Now select System Software Update with the X button.
  • It will show you an update available. You will get a notice when the latest version has already install.

Deals With Hardware Problems

  • First, turn off your PS4 with the power button holding it down for 7 seconds. It’s going to produce two beeps.
  • Turn off the power line from the power outlet. Also, remove any linked cords.
  • Next, remove the cover of the hard drive ( shiny )
  • Check that the hard disc drive is correctly attached to the System. If you want a new one to change it, open it and replace it with a new one.

Recreate Database

Reconstruction of the PS4 database is one of the finest techniques to resolve practically all forms of minor system failures. It does not eliminate your saved data, but it may take several minutes to hours to rebuild the database, depending on the amount of data stored on the drive.

  • Before rebuilding the database, ensure sure your PS4 is entirely off.
  • Choose power from the screen function and then choose to Turn off PS4.
  • Press and hold the PS4 power button until the second beep is heard (This will put your PS4 in safe mode).
  • Connect a USB cord to your DS4 controller.
  • Click on your controller’s “PlayStation” button and select “Rebuild Database” using the X button.
  • After the process is complete, the PS4 is immediately activated.

It should cure the problem of PS4 Turns on by Itself. Keep in aware that reconstruction data can erase some of the games you have purchased. You can restore it via the Settings > Account Management > License Restore > Button if you do.

Ensure System Update In Safe Mode

Sometimes the reason for your problem may be an incomplete update. You can counter this by reinstalling the update in safe mode.

  • Use a USB device with a free space of at least 400 MB. Make a folder called PS4 in that folder. Make a subdirectory called UPDATE inside it.
  • Download and add the newest update to your USB drive UPDATE folder.
  • Turn down your PS4, then connect your USB to the console.
  • Boot your machine in safe mode with your power button held down for 7 seconds.
  • In safe mode, the ‘upgrade system software’ option is available.
  • Follow the instructions, and you can do it.

Make Sure The Restting of PS4

  • When the PS4 is off, disconnect the power wire from the back of the console and the main outlet.
  • To confirm no charge is left, press the PS4 power button 2-3 times.
  • After 5 minutes, reconnect the power cable.
  • Keep the PS4 power button until the second beep hear.
  • Connect a USB cord to the PS4 controller.
  • To select “Initialize PS4,” use the X button.

Prohibit APU Issues

The faster processor unit could also cause your PS4 Turns on by Itself. The APU of your PS4 console can sometimes not be attached to the motherboard. It can’t repair, and only a replacement by Sony is available.

The overheating of the console is a common reason why the APU gets loose from the motherboard. To avoid this, take the following procedures.

  • Make sure that the console has appropriate circulation to cool off.
  • Remove any object that could restrict the ventilation of the air.
  • An auxiliary fan or air conditioner can cool the System.
  • Do not excessively use the console. This problem can also cause due to overuse.

Turn Off the Nighty Updates

If the night update mode is activated, the PS4 Turns on by Itself. In the remaining way, the PS4 will install and update the software. Follow the procedures indicated to deactivate the automatic download option:

  • Go to the Home screen Settings icon.
  • Choose the option System.
  • Select and disable Automatic Downloads options.

Examine Other Linked Devices

Multi-connectors widely use to connect several devices. It may be why your ps4 switch on and off. Instead of touching, a solution is to connect your PS4 directly.

    How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself

Also, if you have USB devices attached to the front port, removing them will cause a PS4 console to switch off if the console has weak internal connectivity.

What To Do If Nothing Works Well?

If the following methods did not work for you, the problem could fix quickly. As said at the beginning, there are several explanations for this type of problem. Below are some more reasons why this can occur and how it can solve.

  • Always turn off your Play statio 4 correctly and do not leave it in the rest of the the mode. In rest mode, the PS4 Turns on by Itself even if you don’t push a button. Not just Play station 4, but when we left Windows machines in sleep mode, they immediately activated, even though there is no wake timer.
  • There is a rubber foot under the Play station 4 eject button; you have to verify whether the button interferes. Sometimes the rubber foot absorbs heat that increases and starts to touch the eject button, removes or decreases the rubber foot should fix the problem.
  • We never saw a scenario in which the controller or console button triggers this issue, but there is a potential to search the controls of your controller and Play station 4. Either a button clicked continually mistakenly, your PS4 Turns on by Itself, and it can also check that any gooey dirt adheres around a button.

FAQs – How to Fix PS4 Turns on by Itself?

  1. How Do You Know When Your Ps4 Is Dying?

    Another clue that it might die: when playing a game, graphic artifacts obviously shouldn't be present, or your video card is overheating or failing. Changing thermal paste and cleaning may repair it if it is overheated.

  2. How Do I Know if My Ps4 Fan Is Broken?

    The first test would be to spin the fan and check whether it turns freely. Most defective fans have a damaged bearing. If you rotate it and it doesn't spin freely, it can have a problem.

  3. What Is the Lifespan of a Ps4?

    Many believed that Sony would soon forget the PlayStation 4 and its massive community with the debut of PlayStation 5. Fortunately, this will not happen because yesterday, the Japanese business made clear that its existing PlayStation 4 console will last for a lifespan until 2024.

  4. What Is Blue Light of Death Ps4?

    What is the PS4 Blue Death Light? A pulsating blue light from the console is a general error. When this happens, there is usually no Ps4 video or audio output. You can also see that the PS4 turns on and off.

  5. Can You Fix a Corrupted Ps4 Hard Drive?

    Proven by many users, rebuilding a corrupt PS4 database is the most efficient approach to fix it. In a word, the database reconstruction examines the drive and produces a new database of all contents. In Safe Mode, the “Rebuild Database” option is accessible. You must thus switch your device off and boot into Safe Mode.


Turning PS4 Turns on by Itself is a pretty common problem. There are several reasons for this. The secret is to try out the solutions one by one to eliminate the causes and pinpoint the factor that affects your PS4 console.

I hope this essay will teach you how to repair this most wholly and.