How To Fix Pink Screen on Laptop – Complete Guide In 2023

People who are regular laptop users may fall into a trendy issue called pink screen. And that’s why they search the internet for that “How To Fix Pink Screen on Laptop.” For those who have not found happiness, consider yourself a lucky root because the pink screen on a laptop is as frustrating as it gets.

Don’t worry. We have the solution. Let’s all know about this annoying pink screen on our favorite laptops.

What is the pink screen?

If you face a pink screen problem and want to know about fixing it. Then you’ll first need to find out what pink screens are. The pink screen on our laptops is as flawless as the standard color of the screen.

Our displays on laptops use an RGB color mixer. It uses red, green, and blue to bring out all the colors we see. It simultaneously activates the cell cone, and in doing so, it allows us to see the colors on display.

When the pink screen is notified when the color red in the RGB mixer is at a high level, the color blue is going to the maximum point but not at all, and the color green stays in the medium. Thus, annoying incoherence fan Shimon, resulting in a pink screen!

It does not always cover the entire display; sometimes it is on a few pixels of the display, and sometimes they look like lines during the display.

Why is there a pink screen on your laptop or computer?

Typically, this problem is caused by faulty associations, faulty cabling, a scary video driver, or bombing equipment.

The causes of the pink screens fall into two categories: equipment and programming.

To see, this is a tooling or programming issue that is making your screen pink. Connecting a PC to an external screen, if the external screen shows a pink color, is currently the product issue (software).

How to deal with a software problem?

Update your windows on occasion, which doesn’t work. At this point, reinstall your Windows. (Before you move all your data to an external hard disk or you may lose all your data)

Update Drivers & Graphics Software.

However, if the external screen does not show a pink head, at this point, it is a matter of equipment (hardware), and something should not be right with your LCD.

How to deal with the hardware problem?

To get started, open the laptop body and clean it (remove dust from the inside). Check the wire, if the wires are lost or not connected to the wires, at this point, interface the wires correctly.

Open the screen frame and check if the wires are damaged. If the wire is not damaged, then, at this point, you have to buy and install a new wire. (Try not to install a new wire yourself, if you have no idea how to do it, give it to an expert)

Then open the screen template and turn on the PC to see the light behind the screen. When the lights are on, it means that the lights are in acceptable condition. If not, it means the lights are damaged, and you have to replace them.

Methods Explaining How To Fix Pink Screen on Laptop

There are various methods for fixing a pink screen in your laptop. Let’s take a look at these solutions.

1. Separating Peripherals.

Sometimes all the peripherals connected to our laptop can cause a pink screen. Therefore, isolating these peripherals can quickly solve this frustrating problem.

Before disconnecting the devices, we need to turn off the laptop and double-check that only the monitor and mouse are connected.

2. Updating the graphics card.

There may be a problem with the graphics card, and there is a simple solution. Just updating the graphics card can get rid of this pink screen of the laptop.

The steps are very straightforward. They are here.

  • Press the Windows button + X, and a list will appear. From this list, we need to select the ‘Device Manager.’
  • Then we can see an option called Display Adapter. Under this option, we can find our graphics card.
  • Right-click on your graphics card, and there will be an ‘Update Driver’ option. We need to make that choice.
  • Then we go ahead and select ‘Automatically search for the latest driver software.’

After installing the latest driver, we need to restart the laptop, and if the problem with the graphics card is false, then it should be fixed. 

3. Restart the laptop.

Maybe a terrible day is happening on your computer, or an installation program or technique wipes the screen. Restarting the PC clears everything up and gives you a chance to fix the pink screen issue. As the issue progresses, follow the accompanying patch.

Reboot the PC; at this point, tap “F8” to drag the Windows Advanced Startup Options menu. Select “Experimental Mode” from the path and press “Enter.” Log in as you would regularly. At this point, if the screen is not pink, an incorrect video driver may be the cause of the error. Keep following the sources below. 

While the screen is still pink, you may be blaming a broken video connector. Depending on the design of your computer’s devices, repairing a broken video connector may involve providing an additional card or thoroughly supplying the motherboard. Except if you have some involvement with PC Fix, both assignments should be done by your IT office or PC Auto Shop specialist.

4. Checking The GPU Temperature.

The pink screen announcing its annoying presence on our laptop could be the result of overheating.

When it gets dusty and doesn’t clear for a while, the fan responsible for cooling the GPU may not work as efficiently as before. This can cause the graphics card to overheat, resulting in a pink screen.

We can rely on another app to determine if the GPU temperature is above normal because Windows does not offer this feature. EVGA Precision X1 is something that allows us to measure GPU temperature easily. We can view data about the GPU either in the application or on display.

If the GPU temperature is too high for its capacity, then we need to clean the dust inside our laptop and let it breathe easily. If the problem is related to overheating, it should solve the problem. Otherwise check the Notes below:

? Notes:

If the above method doesn't work for you, then check out our following guides about cooling down your laptop:
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5. Reset display settings.

Factor rearranging can work. We can rearrange the display to its original configuration, and this may solve the problem.

6. Temporary file deleting.

When these are installed, some software leaves behind auto-created temporary files. It could be the culprit behind the pink screen.

Temporary files are quickly deleted, but sometimes they are hidden. A third-party app can help you find these unwanted files and then delete them.

Deleting them can return the original color to the display.

7. Reinstall apps.

It doesn’t install as it should when it comes to tampering with installed apps or software files.

If you are having trouble running recently installed programs, then there may be a problem with missing files or corrupted files, which may be due to a pink screen.

Therefore, it is best to reinstall this app.

8. New display.

If all these solutions do not work, then it may be time to get a new display. If the laptop still has a warranty, the company can fix the problem for us. If not, then check out the cost of repairing a laptop screen.

9. Replace the connector cable.

A defective connector cable can cause trouble. We can replace the connector cable and get a new one and see if it solves the problem.

And yes these connector issues are usually created because of loose display hinges, so check out the complete guide for tightening the laptop hinges.

10. Re-Instal The Problematic Games.

In some cases, this problem can occur when you try to play a particular game on your computer. A damaged establishment usually brings it in. As a result, we encourage you to reinstall the game and check to see if it makes a difference.

Not only reinstalling the game, but it is also essential that you introduce the latest patches for the game and check to see if that explains the issue.

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Why is my laptop screen turning pink?

Damaged or loose cables are the most common cause of pink screens. Check your insulation for any damage to the insulation, replace it if necessary. Bad CCFL will make the display pink. You can replace CCFL, but for that, you need to know who made our LCD.

How do I fix the pink screen on my laptop Windows 10?

1) Check PC screen hardware.
2) Enter Safe Mode.
3) Install graphic driver.
4) Update graphic driver.
5) Uninstall error programs.
6) Turn the monitor into a test.
7) Set monitor settings to default.
For users whose PC screen is turning pink, you are not able to login to Windows 10.

How do I put my laptop screen back to normal?

Use the following hotkey combination to rotate the screen. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt and press the left or right arrow keys.

How do I get my laptop screen back to color?

The easiest way to turn your screen to black & white is to press the following keyboard shortcuts: Windows + CTRL + C. Your screen returns to color. If you press Windows + CTRL + C, it turns to black & white again, and so on.


We hope you find the solution in the article, “How To Fix Pink Screen on Laptop.” The laptop’s pink screen is an obstacle to its maximum performance and needs to be fixed immediately. The solutions mentioned above quickly solve this problem.