How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters

Is your keyboard typing incorrectly، and you want to know? How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters? So maybe possible you may choose the wrong input language. Modern OS includes the flexibility to sort in lots of languages, and it is simple to modify between them if you have several languages.

If you are using a laptop without a number pad, your NumLock key may be the culprit. RankLaptop teaches you how to change your language and keyboard input in the latest version of Windows and Mac OS.

How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters

Have you ever typed something on your computer using your Windows 10 system and are looking for a bunch of nonsense? This is because all of a sudden, your keys on your keyboard do not match what you type.

Believe it or not, this often happens, but why is this a problem? What is the reason for this? But most importantly:  How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters?

In Windows 10, it is not very difficult to fix the keyboard typing the wrong letters. There could also be a few causes for this. In any case, let’s take a look at what we can do to fix your keyboard typing incorrect keys in Windows 10.

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Keyboards are quite reliable, so it is not uncommon for them to have problems typing the wrong letters. When that happens, don’t panic.

#1 Make sure Num Lock is disabled.

Make sure Num Lock is disabled

Sometimes your keyboard is not faulty, and the only problem is that the damp lock key on the keyboard is enabled. As a result, in Windows 10, not typing the keyboard is the right thing to do.

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It could appear inconceivable; however, consider it or not, it usually occurs. It’s easy to turn on NumLock by accident. All you have to do is shut it down. Pressing once turns it on and off. This is frustrating but not the real issue.

#2 Check Language Settings 

Check Language Settings

It’s an easy one. Sometimes your keyboard can be set to the wrong Language, making it a language you don’t recognize. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” & select group “language, region, clock.”
  2. Select “Language” & select “Advanced Settings.
  3. Find the Override option on the default input method and select the “Preferred language” from the drop-down menu.
  4. For Windows display language, set the override to the same Language, press OK, and restart your Laptop.

#3 Automatically Correction settings

Automatically Correction settings

If the keyboard only types incorrect letters, characters, or symbols in Microsoft Word but works fine elsewhere, this behavior is likely due to AutoCricket. So, check.

  1. Open Word, go to File Options.
  2. Under the Proofing tab, select the AutoCorrect option.
  3. Automatically find entries that convert letters and functional keys into numbers and special characters, then delete them.

#4 Reinstall the keyboard driver

Reinstall the keyboard driver

The problem of mistyping the keyboard can also be solved by reinstalling the keyboard driver. This problem has been solved.

  • Open “Device Manager” by pressing Win + R & selecting this tool.
  • Locate your keyboard driver, right-click on it, and select UnInstall Device Driver.
  • Click Install.
  • Restart your OS, and the Keyboard driver will be installed automatically.

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#5 Update your Window

Update your Window

First of all, let’s dismiss outdated software as one of the leading causes of this problem. If you aren’t working on the most recent Windows 10 software program model on your pc, go to Settings, and then update Security. Press Windows Update and check for updates.

Restart your Laptop & see if the issue persists. On the other hand, there have been reports that installing the latest Windows 10 updates has broken the keyboard. If that is the case with you, attempt putting in related updates or backing up your OS.

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If the rollback possibility is lacking and you’ll return to your earlier OS, comply with the easy steps on this easy information to repair the issue shortly. If you’re having trouble opening the Configuration app, take a look at this article to resolve the issue.

#6 Run the keyboard troubleshooter

Run the keyboard troubleshooter

Windows 10 includes a dedicated troubleshooting tool that allows users to fix common issues that affect their computer quickly.

Since you are experiencing a keyboard bug, go to Settings, then go to Updates and Security and select Troubleshoot. Scroll down, discover the keyboard troubleshooter, & run it.

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Wait till the software completes the scanning course and follows the on-screen troubleshooting directions. You can then restart your Windows 10 pc and test if the issue persists.

#7 Scan your system for viruses, malware, and other threats

Scan your system for viruses, malware, and other threats

Your keyboard could misspell as a result of a malware infection. Let’s not forget that Kellogg’s is ubiquitous and can sometimes change your keyboard settings.

Naturally, calligraphers don’t know, but sometimes they can trigger different keyboard issues, so it’s essential to make sure your computer is clean.

Use the antivirus of your choice to run a full system scan. If you don’t know which antivirus to install on your computer, check out this list of the best antivirus tools for Windows 10.

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We recommend that you use additional anti-malware tools, such as malware bytes.

FAQS ( How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters)

Why is my laptop keyboard typing the wrong letters?

Sometimes, incorrect language settings may be responsible for a keyboard problem typing the wrong characters/symbols/letters. Click Clock, Language & Region> Language> Advanced Settings. Make sure that Override for both Windows Display Language and Override for the default input method is set to the same Language.

How do I change my keyboard keys back to normal?

All you have to do is bring your keyboard back to normal mode, press CTRL + Shift keys simultaneously. Pressing the quotation mark (the second key to the right of L) to see if it has returned to normal. If it still works, press ctrl + shift again. This should get you back to normal.

How do I fix the wrong characters on my HP laptop keyboard?

HP Notebook PC – Wrong characters are displayed when using the keyboard

1) Open the word processing program and type the Word jump on the keyboard.
2) To change modes, press the Num Lock key (on some models, you may have to press Fn + Num Lock).
3) Jump back to confirm that the keyboard configuration has been reset

When I press a key on my keyboard it types multiple letters?

Outdated keyboard drivers can cause Windows 10 “keyboard multiple letters typing” problems and other keyboard issues such as the keyboard not working. This is because the system has been updated, but the keyboard driver does not update automatically. Sync driver is not the cause of the problem.


Is your laptop keyboard typing the wrong letter/characters/symbol in Windows 10? Now, it is time to attempt these strategies to repair your downside. We hope we have answered your question, “How To Fix Laptop Keyboard Types Wrong Characters.