How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen? Easy & Complete Guide

Did you discover a black spot on your LCD? & you want to know about How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen? If it’s on the top, the bottom of the foot, it’ll probably stick out like a sour thumb. 

If you fire up the LCD, the first thing you see will probably be the black spot. But you can take the requisite steps to avoid black spots on LCDs by knowing what causes them.

Superficial Dirt or Debris

Black spots are also only caused by superficial Dirt or debris. Debris & Dirt collect on the surface of LCDs over time. 

This Dirt or debris can be manifested as one or more black spots if left unchecked. The black spots will not affect the output of an LCD or harm the inner circuit of the LCD. 

Nevertheless, clean the LCD screen when superficial Dirt or debris creates a black spot is a good idea.

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You can clean the screen of your LCD using a wet, not saturated, macro-free cloth. Rub the microfiber cloth softly on the panel when the LCD is switched off until the black spot is no longer apparent.

Stuck Pixel

A stuck pixel is another common cause of black spots on LCDs. As its name suggests, any pixel in an LCD — or any other display system — that cannot change its color is a stuck pixel. 

Pixels have been designed to change color following the image shown on the screen. If the color of a pixel does not shift, it is a pixel trapped.

Dead Pixel

A dead pixel can also trigger black spots on an LCD, which should not be confused with a stuck pixel. What exactly is the difference between a pixel trapped and a dead pixel? 

When the LCD is switched on, a stuck pixel will be lit; it will not change color. On the other side, a dead pixel would not be discarded. 

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In other words, all three of the dead pixels – red, green, and blue – are switched off forever. And since they’re not lit, dead pixels on the projector appear like black spots.

How to observe Dark Spot on Laptop Screen

Run the self-test-designed LCD. The steps are as follows:

  1. Switch off the screen.
  2. Press & hold down the Key “D” while the power button is pressed & it starts with the BIST.
  3. Several blinking colors on the screen—fine lines, distortion, or any other video problems you’ve seen.
  4. Once the test is complete, the laptop will restart.

How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen?

How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen

Often pixels are trapped on your laptop screen, and you can see a red, blue, green, white, or dark spot. If you have an LCD mirror, try rubbing it gently to remove the broken pixel. 

If not, use a software program to assist you in removing it. Jscreen Fix, Dead Pixel Buddy & Pixel Fixer software are designed to find and fix damaged pixels on your laptop screen.

Clean a soft, lint-free cloth from your LCD screen. Use a stylus pen with a circular end & place a small cloth over the pixel directly. Rub the pixel gently with the stylus pen before it disappears. 

Avoid putting too much pressure on your LCD panel because you might puncture it. If the broken pixel cannot be removed, proceed to the next level.

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Download and install a pixel fixer program from the Internet on your machine. Start the app and let it run on your device. 

If a web-based online service such as “JScreen Fix” is preferred, please go to the website ( and click on ‘Launch.’

Make sure your machine runs the new Java version. The program can be downloaded from The service activates and disables all pixels on your laptop screen and quickly cycles your screen color approximately 60 times a second.

Click on the button “Locate” after the dialogue box “JScreen Fix” appears. The display screen will be black on your monitor. You must rotate the window around to locate the pixel on the panel.

To locate and restore damaged pixels on your LCD screen, click on the “Fix” button and allow a Web-based service to perform the diagnostic test.


If a damaged pixel cannot be removed from your LCD panel, the pixel could be defective or dead. Rerun the pixel fixer app to see whether this helps fix your dead pixel problem for several hours. 

If your Laptop Display screen has four or more missing pixels that cannot be restored, contact your LCD maker. In certain instances, if you already have a warranty and satisfy the repair criteria, the LCD manufacturer will replace the laptop screen. 

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Notice that LCD producers will sell a certain percentage of laptop screens with defective pixels. So, choosing an LCD screen with solid user feedback is a good idea.

How to Stop Ink From Spreading in Laptop Screen?

  • Start by mixing a solution with one part of the alcohol rubber into a spray bottle with one piece of distilled water.
  • Sprinkle the microfiber gently with the solution. Do not explicitly spray liquids on an LCD screen. That can cause harm.
  • Use the damp cloth to clean the area carefully.
  • Avoid using too much pressure as this can affect the screen too.

FAQs ― How to Fix Black Spots on Laptop Screen

  1. How do I get rid of black spots on my screen?

    Stuck pixels are dead pixels that appear as a stationary black dot or a bright white or red spot on the smartphone screen. 

    It would help if you tried to gently remove them by massaging with a soft tissue the region around the stuck pixel. By this process, the pixel can be reoriented and the color regained.

  2. How do I get rid of black spots on my HP laptop screen?

    As you mentioned, there's a dark patch on your laptop's screen. If the issue is resolved in BIOS, try updating your graphics driver and PC's BIOS. Check whether running your PC's default BIOS fixes the problem. Wait five seconds after turning off the screen.

  3. How do I fix a black spot on my LCD TV?

    Often stuck pixels can be separated by running special DVD programming to exert pixels from the stuck spot. Also, the soft cloth of the affected area when this programming is running will help unbind the pixel.

  4. Can dead pixels go away?

    It can go alone, but it doesn't say how long it takes. You may have the dead pixel for the rest of your life, or it may go away in one week. Try JScreenFix. Display replacement is the most effective way to patch a dead pixel.

  5. How do I remove dead pixels from my phone?

    The mode “fix” is operated by tapping on the home screen “fix Dead Pixel” button. The next screen contains two modes, and clicking on the “Start” button starts the process immediately.

  6. What causes dead pixels on laptop?

    LCD manufacturing flaws include dead pixels. Even dust on the LCD matrix can contribute to “dead pixels” because to misalignment or erroneous component cutouts. LCD panels leaving the factory for laptop installation or for the resale of parts were generally tested for dead pixels before leaving the facility.


For the record, black spots on LCDs are usually due to superficial Dirt or debris, a pixel or a dead pixel. Of course, superficial Dirt or debris is the most straightforward problem to repair. 

In contrast, stuck pixels are a little more difficult to patch, while dead pixels are the hardest to fix. If a stuck pixel creates a black spot on your LCD, a third-party flashing tool can be used to restore the spot.

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