How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

Not much worse than having a laptop with a cracked screen. Yeah, Al that sounds pretty crap to me Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me At the time you were wondering how to fix it a couple of times. Well, a lot of people ask me about how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

Before we talk about the end and the best solution, let me talk about my journey. My laptop screen is badly damaged, and I can’t break anything. One day I suddenly sat down on my laptop, and because of this, my laptop screen exploded severely. I was thinking of these solutions, and I was a little confused as to how I could fix my laptop screen by replacing it with a new one.

At the moment I don’t have much money to replace this cracked screen because as you know, buying a new laptop screen seems very expensive. In this situation, I was also a little stressed because I was working on a business project, and I was not in a position to trust a laptop repair retailer.

At the time, I was asking myself how to fix a cracked computer screen without replacing it. I start concluding various websites and look for the best solution that can solve my problem. Here I want to share my expertise that does not consider blogs and websites that post incorrect or spammy ways to attach laptop screens. Finally, I found a great solution that would help me fix my laptop’s cracked screen.

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There are many reasons for a cracked laptop screen. However, some of them are very clear to the average user. Some are relatively unknown to most people. Therefore, it is essential to know the reasons for a broken laptop screen.

  • The first and most frequent cause of a broken laptop screen is the high pressure applied to it. This can occur whenever you by accident depart the laptop computer or something difficult or heavy removed from the device.
  • Another reason is stress, but it can occur if the laptop stays in a bag or enclosed space for a long time. The screen can be damaged when carrying a laptop or when we put it in a bag.
  • Laptops made of fragile parts. Where the screen captures is the weakest part of the device. If you open and close the laptop hastily and aggressively, you can break the capture mechanism that can damage the laptop screen. This can cause one side of the screen to bend and thus cause cracks in it.
  • In addition to physical damage, the laptop screen may stop working for various other reasons, such as an internal problem in the motherboard or video cables to display or display high light intensity.

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How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing it?

The first step earlier than doing something is to take a radical look and examine your laptop computer. If its graphics card is dead on the motherboard, you are wasting your time and effort.

To test the functionality of your graphics card, plug it into a desktop monitor or TV. There are three ways to test functionality.

  • If the exterior show appears to be good, your graphics card is working appropriately, and your display screen is at fault.
  • Your display screen is clean, and it is advisable to press some perform keys to activate the exterior show output.
  • If the output on another display is successful, you should use your computer for a while to test the standard functionality of the other components.

I’m talking about a run-of-the-mill or average laptop. Others will need some different processes to change the screen.

Tools for fixing a cracked laptop screen

You have to be sure you have the appropriate instruments earlier than you begin. Here is an inventory of issues it is advisable to know

  • Any Flat Working Area: To fix your laptop, sit comfortably near a flat working area.
  • Needle or Safety Pin: To remove the cover stickers by hiding the patch under the bezel.
  • A Small Magnetic Head Screwdriver: You want a measurement that varies between mini-medicated magnetic screwdrivers. The magnet helps the patch stay on your head, making it easier to remove and replace the patch.
  • Any plastic knife or thin object: it helps remove the bezel from the case.
  • Any container or small bowl: To keep small patches safe, you will need a box.

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Step By Step Guide To Solve ” How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without replacing it. 

  • Before repairing any screen of your laptop, check the motherboard and its hardware. Check out the reasons for this because I’ve seen individuals in my life-changing laptop computer screens and ultimately, they concluded that their laptop computer’s graphics card was damaged. I suggest you check the hardware and see the graphics card. The process of reviewing the graphics card is simple and easy. All you need to do is pull out the graphics card and insert it into some other mobile or PC. If the graphics card is working correctly, then it can conclude that your laptop screen is damaged. Check out the short keys available on the Internet to test laptop graphics.
  • Now you need to remove your laptop battery. Consider that your laptop should adequately charge. Now you need to take a closer look at your laptop screen. As you check, you’ll find that there are some smaller patches on the front of the corners of your laptop screen. Pull them out using a screwdriver. Now cover the laptop screen carefully.
  • Now fastidiously take away the bezel from the laptop computer display and test for cracks on the display. You don’t want to fret if the cracked half is small. However, if the crack is massive, it is going to take a while to repair it correctly. Now place any skinny object on the laptop computer display to repair the crack. Apply just a little stress on the thing. If you think the bezel is free when applying pressure, carefully remove the LED screen using a screwdriver. If your torn part is large, you should remove the torn screen and carefully replace it with a new one.
  • Now things are done, and you have to combine everything carefully. Use a magnetic screwdriver to position each screw and adjust the laptop computer display correctly. Now you may have a brand new laptop computer display in your hand the place you’ll be able to exit. Now you don’t have to think about how to fix a cracked laptop without changing the screen when someone asks you for a solution. All you have to do is teach them and get over their problem.

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Here are another Simple & Quick Steps to solve ” How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without replacing it. 

  1. First, plug the laptop into its AC adapter. The battery also needs to be removed.
  2. Find round cover stickers, hide patches on the bezel. They located on each part of the screen.
  3. Use a key or sharp object to remove cover stickers without damage safely. After removing the cover, please place it in a safe place, with its sticky side facing upwards to ensure that it is safe later.
  4. Now you need to use a screwdriver to remove these exposed patches.
  5. Now carefully pull the bezel from the screen case. Putting a thin object in the crack around the outside screen and applying some force, you will get the sound of incompetence.
  6. By moving the position of the screen up and down, it becomes completely free.
  7. After removing the bezel, you will see that the LCD protected by a metal trim frame on both sides.
  8. Remove the receiving patch with the help of LCD.
  9. Now place the face of the LCD down towards the keyboard.
  10. Avoid excessive power on the video cable on the back of the LCD screen and disconnect it. Most laptops have this connector close to its centre.
  11. Gently remove the wires from the screen. Turn it over with a little force.
  12. After completely removing the broken LCD screen, face the new screen just like the old one. The video cable needs to be reconnected to the connector, as should the tape and other wires.
  13. Set and re-save the new screen inside the trim frame pieces like the old screen.
  14. In the case of the screen, screw on the top of each one to reset it.
  15. To keep the bezel back, you have to carefully line it up and push it back in the case of the back screen.

FAQs ( How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It )

Can toothpaste fix a cracked screen?

And as long as you’ve broken the screen, it’s probably best not to use toothpaste anyway. You’re better off getting a new laptop than repairing it by yourself.

Can I fix my own cracked screen?

While you can replace a laptop screen yourself, it’s possible to obtain one without paying for service repair. The truth is if you’re able to repair a phone, you’re probably don’t care about keeping your warranty.

How can I temporarily fix my cracked screen?

As long as there’s a quick fix coming, use a temporary solution. The laptop must be cleaned to the best of your ability, and a large piece of tape must be placed over it to keep the dust from circulating. If the product does not have an extra tang, trim the tap, and you will still be able to use the phone.

Will Liquid Glass fix a cracked screen?

If you’ve cracked your display, Simon mentions, use a thin layer of Sugru to fix it. It doesn’t work to repair the glass, but it will help keep it from falling while you’re working on it before you can get it fixed or get a new glass.


In this article, I have just explained in detail all the requirements and procedures to fix your laptop crack screen. Now is the time to solve your laptop problem without going there and spending a lot of money on it. After reading this article on “how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it,” you will realize that repairing a laptop screen is not a big deal.