How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case? 2022 Step By Step Guide

Different plastic components, mainly hinges, of laptop casing are prone to break under little force. It is thus essential that these fractures may be repaired and prevented from spreading. However, after repair, it is also necessary to be careful with the case and avoid case damage.

One of the dangers of owning a computer is the tendency to tumble down violently. Even if a computer user is not vulnerable to torture, a computer that falls accidentally may still have to repair. The external case of a Palmtop is composed of plastic. Several techniques used to fix a crack if the user is comfortable with the repair of a computer.

Some important ways that will give you an answer to the question How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case described below:

Fixing of Scratched Laptop Screen:

The replacement of your computer or inverter electronics is a difficult task and requires professionals to take care of it. You will have to pay out a lot to make the repairs. However, if you are talking about the unusual scratches on your Laptop, you may cure them quickly, without spending too much on repairs.

Guide to Fix Scratched Laptop Screen:

Laptop displays will get scratches with daily usage. The scratches may also cause due to misuse or rubbing the duster to purify the screen. Fortunately, you can flatten them with a simple dab of toothpaste. Make sure you get natural toothpaste, not anything in the gel category. A tiny amount of elbow fat is also needed to repair the scrapes.

Take some toothpaste and massage between thumb and fingers. Make sure it seems a bit sandy and grainy. It’s because of the mild abrasives that solve your laptop screen issue.

Rub the toothpaste carefully in a circular motion over the scrapes and continue for a few seconds. After that, you may clean the screen with a tiny soft tissue.

Please clean up the system screen with a non-ammonia window cleaner to complete it. One found at your local food shop. Now check at your palmtop screen and perform the same procedure once more if the scratches are intact. It will perform very well for the tiny scratches in particular.

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case:

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case

If a laptop case got accidentally broken, then you can repair it by using simple DIY methods. This information related to “How to Fix a Cracked Laptops Case” will assist you in fixing your laptop case’s cracks. 

Tips to Repair Cracked Laptop Case:

Work at Clean Place:

The workplace should be cleaned through constantly washed so that outside contaminants do not cling to the repair material. If this happens, the fix won’t function.

Inserting Super Glue:

  • The plastic shell of the many components of the notebook, particularly the laptop hinge, is readily damaged by a bit of force. Therefore, it is essential to repair damaged computer cases and prevent them from spreading.
  • Turn the system off.
  • Clean the gap and the components of the laptop case.
  • Squeeze the plastic as close as possible for tiny cracks and fill the gap with everyday super glue. Count for at least 5 minutes before the plastic is released, and allow the adhesive cure for a few minutes.
  • Wait until the adhesive fully binds and fixes the fractures in the laptop case.

Adding Stickers:

  • Remove all scratches from the laptop case with wet wipes or alcohol wipes. 
  • You can use stickers to cover the stickers because scratches can not remove altogether.
  • Stickers are the best solution to cover blemishes because they are cheap and effective.

Use of Plastic Polish:

If you’re looking for a specialized laptop scratch remover for shops, you’re probably short of it. However, you may repair most laptop decks with a professional plastic polish. Clean the laptop deck thoroughly with a water and soap solution and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Put a little polish on a towel and work gently into the deck. Rub in a circular motion, adding additional polish until you have crossed the whole laptop lid. Wipe it up and down until the cover has absorbed the polish, and wipe it clean with a towel.

The scratches should be gone now. Repeat the procedure until the markings vanish if they are not. This technique works well with regular laptop plastic cloths. The laptop lids made of plastic hybrid and carbon fiber may still be polished, but the reflecting hybrid covers with scratches can handle more care. A color pen for automobile aesthetic treatment, such as those produced by Quixx, may be useful to deal with this issue.

After getting the idea to remove scratch through plastic polish you can satisfy your question that is How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case.

Change Older Laptop Case:

  • When the cover is damaged or even broken, Should replace the laptop case. 
  • The bottom case of the relevant laptop model needs to be purchased online and replaced.
  • Set the Laptop to face the bottom casing and the drive to the left.
  • Uninstalling the rear fixed optical drive screws
  • Be cautious that the screws are stored since they are lost quickly. Remove the bezel from the Laptop and remove the optical drive bracket gently.

Buy a New Laptop Case:

  • Find out the new laptop case of the same model.
  • Then put this case on the Laptop.

Use Epoxy Putty:

The repair secret is that the epoxy masty uses to fill the damaged region of the laptop cover. It may be purchased online or at your local hardware shop and is also not too costly. Make sure you avoid a rapid setting variation since it will harden before the repair ended.

Method to Use Epoxy Putty:

  • Once everything you need to fix, start with cleaning the damaged surface and loose parts. Prepare the epoxy masty, which is a bottle with a few components wrapped around each other. Cut a piece off and twist the details.
  • Ensure all components wholly combine since following a reaction between these two components, a button hardens. Master Computer specialists advise the usage of gloves since it saves your hand from harmful chemicals.
  • When the mastic is ready, try rolling it in cylinders and folding it many times. Soon you’ll notice the putty forming a consistent grey or white blend.
  • Make sure that the mastic’s consistency is sufficient to work efficiently in the cracked region. Press it firmly into the crevices and shape with your nape blade or finger to follow the curves of your laptop case. If the area is covered, use the flat side razor blade to compress and flatten the outside surface. The extra putty may wipe using a paper towel. Instead, it becomes tough to remove it, do not allow it to dry.
  • After the crack has adequately filled, let it dry for a few hours. The cured epoxy patch will be as robust as the plastic shell of your Laptop. If the issue continues, you may choose to contact a repair shop in the vicinity.

Use of Soldering Iron:

Place a flat tip on a soldering iron for big cracks, then plug the iron into a wall outlet. Following the heating of the soldering iron, melt the plastic gradually on both sides of the fracture. Make sure the plastic melts thoroughly and becomes hot. It makes it possible to bond the plastic together.

FAQs – How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case?

  1. How do you fix a broken laptop case?

    The trick is to fill the fractured portion of the casing with epoxy putty. The Epoxy Putty is available for around $4 to $6 a tube online or at any hardware shop so that you may fix it even on the road.

  2. Can Laptop Cases be repaired?

    Sometimes, if the items are still accessible from your client, you may repair damages to a laptop cover using a strong adhesive. Please don't throw anything away when it comes to laptop repair. Offer your clients a modest price for their Laptop if they do not need to repair and maintain the components.

  3. Can you fix a broken laptop hinge?

    The reply is yes. A damaged laptop harness may remedy in many ways to prevent you from converting your Laptop to a desktop. Also, laptops are costly devices, so you can't expend high costs to purchase a new one, but you may spend a little money on fixing a damaged or dismantled hook.

  4. Can body of laptop be changed?

    Is it possible to alter the design of a laptop's chassis? If the body of your laptop is damaged, you can replace it yourself or have a local service shop do it for you. You'll be able to locate your laptop's chassis on any number of web stores. HP, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Sony Vaio, and HCL are just a few options to consider. You can also look around your neighborhood for a more affordable option.


I hope, so I cover all the points of your question: How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case? If you follow all the above tips with care and proper focus, you can repair your laptop at home. Small cracks can restore quickly by following any one of the tips above mentioned.