How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell? Simple Guide In 2023

Do you have a Dell laptop and you want to know? How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell? Whether you need help or have opportunities tailored to your computer, you’ll need to find your Dell model number to proceed. You can discover the mannequin variety of your Dell laptop computer on the laptop computer ID label on the backside of the pc. 

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You may also examine it on the boot display screen, review the Windows System Information Utility, or go to the Dell Support website for an instrument that may assist.

Locate the Laptop Identification Label

Most Dell laptops have an identification label at the bottom. The model label includes several certification logos, the location where the computer was manufactured, electrical requirements for the computer, and the laptop family name – such as Inspiron, Longitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro, or XPS models. Displays with the model. Search laptop family name. Your model number is direct to the right of the laptop family name.

  1. Browse Dell Product Support Page (Resource Link)
  2. “Do you have a service tag or express service code?” I select the “Find your service tag for me” radio button. The section
  3. Click the “Continue” button. When the next page opens and displays this prompt, click “Yes, I agree.” Can we routinely detect your service tag?
  4. Wait several seconds for the service tag detection course to run. When prompted, click on “Yes, I agree” to obtain and set up the Dell System Detection software. Click “Run” to launch the software. Locating the Dell system will reveal your service tag and computer model number.
  5. See “Dell Product Support” page. Enter your service tag number in the application box and click “Submit.” A brand new web page shows extra details about your desktop mannequin.

Here is another method to solve How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell?

See the power on the screen.

You can also find the model number when you run or restart the laptop. The initial boot screen on most Dell laptops, which appears before the operating system starts, displays the family name and model number.

Dell Support Website

Enter your service tag number to determine your model number on the Dell support website or, if for some motive, you shouldn’t have your service tag, run the Dell system detection utility.

How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell?

Step 1: Find Your Service Tag

Look for the service tag label at the bottom of your laptop. The service tag contains letters and numbers, and the express service code has only digits.

Step 2: Enter Your Service Tag

Open the Dell Support website and type in the service tag or field shown on the label to enter the express service code. Click on the submit button.

After a short delay, the website displays your laptop family, Dell model number, service tag, and express service code.

Dell model number via Windows

Windows System Information Utility shows precise details about laptops, including laptop model numbers.

Step 1: Open System Information

Type system information in the field with your Windows Start menu. Launch utility when it appears in search results.

Step 2: View System Information

Choose System Summary within the navigation pane. The System Model subject shows the laptop computer household title and Dell mannequin quantity.

Find out how useful Dell systems are

To download and run the system detection utility, you must follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the main deal support page.

Go to the help part of Dell’s web site.

Step 2: Locate Your Product Automatically

“What product can you help us with?” Scroll down the page to see this query option. When downloading and installing Support, it should display a button.

Step 3: Download Dell Supports Application

Check the download button, and then I read the support adjustment terms and conditions and agree to mark the box labeled and click on the download link. When prompted to obtain the appliance, settle for to proceed to download.

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After running the program on your laptop, the Dell Support webpage should be updated.

FAQS (How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell)

How do I find my laptop’s model number?

1) Click “Start.”
2) Search “System Information” & click on this
3) Now Click on “System Summary“.
4) Next, click on the “System Model.”
5) After clicking on the system model, you will find the model number.

How do I find out what year my Dell laptop is?

1) Click “Warranty Status.” 
2) Type in your service tag 
3) Then Click on “Go.” 
4) You’ll see all the information about your laptop, including (date of manufacture – month, day, and year)

How do I find the serial number on my laptop Windows 10?

1) Right-click the Start button 
2) Select “Command Prompt.” 
3) On Windows 7, press the button Windows + R, type “cmd” in the Run dialog.
4) then press “Enter.” This Will show you the serial number of the laptop computer below the text “Serial Number.”