How to Disassemble Asus Laptop

Asus laptops have to maintain and upgrade, like with other computers. If left sitting without appropriate cleaning for an extended period, key hardware components start to fail. You may also need, from time to time to update your Asus laptop components. You can’t do either without understanding how to dismantle your laptop. It can be tricky since Asus laptops are intend to be extremely small, meaning there is limited space inside the computer to work.

Nowadays, people are greatly concerned with the question of How to Disassemble Asus Laptop. But below described information will assist you in gaining knowledge and helping you in disassembling the Asus laptop.

General Procedure For Disassembling Asus Laptop:

Step 1:

Turn the laptop off and unplug the power connection and any peripheral computer devices. Close the LCD screen and then face down the computer. Rotate your system upright. Locate the battery cover on top of the lower case of the laptop. Press the locking tabs and remove the lid of the battery. Would you please remove the battery pack from its container and reserve it?

Step 2:

Remove all hardware covers from the lower case of the laptop. Remove from the bottom of the laptop any hardware components. This job differs significantly between laptop and notebook. Some Asus laptops feature the bulk of the hardware on the bottom of the notebook. In other instances, only RAM, modem, and wifi cards are accessible from the laptop’s bottom.

Step 3:

Flip over the laptop and open the whole LCD screen. Disengage the locking tabs of the keyboard behind the top row of keys. Grab top of the keyboard, tilt keyboard up, and put the keyboard down over the rest of the palm. Turn off the motherboard’s ribbon cable and remove the keyboard from the laptop.

Step 4:

Remove the screws to the laptop that secure the metal cover of the motherboard. Locate the trackpad cable and unplug it from the motherboard near the trackpad mount. Just behind the trackpad buttons, insert a tiny, flat-head screwdriver towards the base of the laptop. Begin to pry off the top of the laptop as you’re working around the laptop. Disengage the LCD hinge clips from the upper box of the computer. Carefully remove the whole upper case of the laptop and save it. It shows the entire motherboard.

The above procedure will help you to know How to Disassemble Asus Laptop.

Disassembling Of Asus K42 Series:

How to Disassemble Asus Laptop

Here are some valuable instruments:

Two squirrels

 straight squirrel

silica gel

 ethyl alcohol


  • Before disconnecting, make sure the laptop is switch off.
  • Remove the three major components on the undercover: slot memory cover.
  • Hard drive cover. Hard drive cover.
  • Cover for the optical drive.
  • Remove all the bottom cover screws.
  • Open the lid of the memory slot.
  • Remove the hard drive. Remove the hard drive.
  • Unload optical drive. Optical drive.
  • Then the keyboard disassembled.
  • With a straight screwdriver, pry the four pieces.
  • Carefully unplug the keyboard cord. And so is the line of the touchpad.
  • Turn over the laptop. Dismantle all the screws.
  • With a smaller screwdriver, must remove blue circular screws.
  • Turn it to the front, then. Remove all cover screws.
  • You have to be highly cautious with the cover.
  • Pry the area gently indicated with a red outline. Then reveal the board.
  • Remove four motherboard securing screws.
  • Unplug the cord of the Speaker.
  • Then grasp the motherboard and pull it gently to the right.
  • Discharge these screws and remove the modules for heat dissipation.
  • That’s what the laptop “cools.”
  • It has to clean up.
  • Sprinkle with some silica gel.
  • We can finally reassemble the laptop.

The above procedure will help you to know How to Disassemble Asus Laptop.

 Disassembling of Asus Vivobook 15 F512 or X512 Laptop:

This Disassembly Guide formulates to work on one of the Asus VivoBook 15: F512DA, F512FA, X512F, X512F, X512DK, X512FA, X512FB, X512FJ, X512UA, X512UB, X512UF.


 Disassembling of Laptop Case:

  • Remove ten screws that secure the lid of the base. Three kinds of screws are available: orange – the most extended screw, red – medium-length tornadoes, green – short.
  • Pry the base cover-up and begin to separate it from the top casing.
  • Continue using your hands to remove the base cover. You must use moderate strength to remove the lid. Many concealed latches connect it to the top casing.

Disassembling of Battery:

  • Remove four battery and battery bracket fastening screws. 
  • The battery cable is routed beneath to remove the first contact pad cable.
  • Disconnect the motherboard touchpad cable.
  • Before disconnecting the cable, the connection must unlock the link. To open the connection, lift the locking tab (red arrow).
  • Remove the cable connection from the battery and attach the cable to the motherboard.
  • Glide the metal clip in the direction indicated (yellow arrow). This clip covers the cord of the battery to secure the connection.
  • Now the battery cable may be lifted and disconnected from the motherboard. Do not use metal instruments to raise the connection. May inadvertently cut out the pins and the battery or motherboard damaged. Instead, use your fingernails.
  • The speaker wires and the wifi cables on the battery sides routed along the suggested path. Separate all battery wires.

Disassembling of RAM:

  • Would you please remove the battery from the top casing and lift it? The battery hinges on the left side of the battery. Make sure it is place in a correct position throughout the re-assembly procedure.
  • The opposite side of the battery is here.
  • Remove the memory module and, if required, replace it with a bigger one.
  • Remove the M.2 SATA SSD screw and take the SSD out. It is 2280 M.2 SSD kind.
  • Disconnect the 2.5′′ SATA motherboard hard drive cable.
  • Unlock the connection before the cable is remove.
  • Remove the 2.5′′ laptop hard disk.

Removal Of Cooling Fan:

  • Remove the cooling fan from three screws. Disconnect the USB board fan cable.
  • Lift the cooling fan and remove it.
  • Here’s the fan’s other side.

Removal Of Display Panel:

  • Turn off the video cable that is concealed beneath the foam cushioning.
  • Lift and remove the sticky foam on the bottom. Remove.
  • Peel off the clear tape and disconnect the motherboard video display cable.
  • Open the 90-degree display panel and put the laptop upside down on your desk edge.
  • Remove four screws that secure the hinges of the display.
  • You may now detach the display panel and remove it from the top case assembly.

Removal Of LCD Screen:

  • Remove from the bottom left and right corners of the display mount two screws.
  • Remove the bezel screen.
  • Remove any screens that secure the screen.
  • Disconnect the cord from the screen’s back.

Removal Of USB Board and Motherboard:

Disconnect the USB board I/O cable.

Lift the USB board and remove it.

Remove all motherboard screws and unplug the following color-coded cables:

  • The cable of the Speaker (yellow).
  • Cable Touchpad (green).
  • Cable keyboard (blue).
  • Keyboard cable backlight (pink).
  • It is also required to remove the wifi card.

Removal Of Keyboard:

Cannot remove the keyboard since it is connected (ridden) to the top casing permanently. If the keyboard fails, must replace the entire case assembly.

FAQs – How to Disassemble Asus Laptop?

  1. What Tools Do I Need to Open My Asus Laptop?

    Put a tiny, thin screwdriver on the bottom of the laptop touchpad Act around the edge of the laptop to pry the top cover. Remove the hinge clips of the LCD.

  2. How Do I Open the Bottom of My Asus Laptop?

    Use a plastic opening tool to remove the lower part of the laptop carefully. Slowly slide it down the sides, turning it so often to take out the laptop's bottom from the clamps that secure it.

  3. How Do I Turn My Asus Laptop on?

    Start with a hard reboot: Unplug the AC adapter and then hold down the power button for 20 seconds. Then attempt to boot again. Next, try another AC adaptor with the same voltage and see if it will startup. Continue to reset the RAM if a different AC adaptor does not work.


Now you know How to disassemble the laptop Asus Laptops. These all simple guides and points will surely help you in disassembling Asus Laptops. I really tried hard to cover all the important points that will definitely assist you.