How To Disable Laptop Keyboard on Windows 10

Do you want to disable the laptop keyboard? Unfortunately, in the Windows operating system, there is no easy way to turn off or disable the laptop keyboard.

With the right knowledge and guidance, you can disable keywords and attach to an external keyboard or turn it on whenever you want.

Laptops share almost all the features of a desktop computer, a mouse, a keyboard, or a monitor.

The problem is, on laptops, unlike computers, you can’t disconnect any peripherals and replace them if they’re not working.

If the laptop keyboard stops working, partially or completely, you cannot disconnect and connect a new one. You will have to go to a hardware service center and get an expensive replacement keyboard.

That’s why people don’t go for hardware upgrades, they prefer a non-working keyboard and connect a simple, external keyboard to get things done.

But, the problem is, people, want to disable the built-in keyboard to avoid unwanted, unintentional key presses.

Here is a way to disable laptop keyboard on Windows 10, Mac, and Ubuntu:

Turning off Windows default feature

If you want a permanent change, a change where you don’t have to worry about restarting will return the default settings. You need to turn off the ability of Windows to automatically retrieve the required drivers in the system.

Otherwise, this feature keyboard will come back into your life whenever you play it again. This process can be lengthy and requires special attention.

1) First, go to Start and type ‘gpedit.msc

2) On the left side of the Windows screen, you will see a long list of different functions with different file names, don’t worry, we need to go to “Computer Configuration“.

3) Click on the section, this section will expand to many more. You need to click “Administrative Templates” and then “System“.


4) Drag to “Device Installation Restrictions“, with this click you will see a lot of options on the right. A new tray will open on the right. This section helps you control the installation of various built-in features or drivers on your computer.

5) You should right-click on “Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy settings” and edit the option.


6) The default option is “not configured” or “disabled“, you need to enable the option, and click OK to make the changes permanent.

7) Now, you have done. Any intentional change in hardware settings will not be restored by the default system.

8) Go back to our Device Manager procedure and follow the guide and uninstall the keyboard driver to disable the keyboard permanently.


We’ve mentioned multiple solutions for your Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu laptops. Hopefully, the solutions will make your computing life easier than ever.

Whether it’s a cat, a carefree family, or a friend who accidentally clicks on your laptop’s keyboard, the locking keyboard can be helpful.

When you have your tools, you can have the peace of mind that the keys will remain locked no matter how hard your little one tries.

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