How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop

One of the worst situations for anybody using their phone or laptop is that the gadget is stuck in headphones. Incorrect device settings, operating system difficulties, or a broken headphone plug wedged inside the audio port can cause this.

Worse is when you don’t know  How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop?  The gadget is still in headphone mode even when the headphones are removed. Because the device thinks the headphones are still connected, it can play no audio through the built-in speakers or any other output.

We created this detailed guide on disabling the headphone jack on your computer, laptop, or mobile device to play music through other means.

Why Do You Need Your Headphone Jack to Be Disabled?

If you think other people seldom have this difficulty, then you would be wrong. People who want to disable their headphone jack typically occur far more than you would imagine, and that’s because headphone jacks are seen to be delicate.

There are various reasons for disabling your headphone jack on a Windows computer or mobile device. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The headphone plug disconnected and is now in the headphone jack.
  • The headphone plug is broken physically.
  • You wish to play audio with speakers even while your headphones are connected.
  • Your device is stuck in headphone mode because of configuration or operating system problems.

Windows 10 Headphones Not Detected:

  • Right press enters for Right-click.
  • Select Run. Select Run.
  •  Press Enter to activate the Type Control Panel.
  • Select Sound and Hardware.
  • Find HD Audio Controller, then tap on it. Find HD Audio Manager
  • Go to Settings for Connector.
  • To check the box, click ‘Disable front panel jack detection.’

How Do I Deactivate My Computer’s, Headphone Jack?

Double-click the system tray icon for Realtek HD Audio Manager. Click the icon for the little folder. Check the “Disable Jack Detection Front Panel” box is cleared. Insert either the microphone or headphone’s jack plug into your computer’s matching front panel socket.

 How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop?

How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop

Turn off audio upgrades in Windows 10. Type ‘Sound’ and select the Noise Control Panel option from the result list in the Task Bar search. The box of sound characteristics will open—Right-click the Default Device / Headphones under the Playback tab and select Properties.

Turning Off Speakers:

  • Search for the excellent old control panel
  • Go to “Sound and Hardware”
  • Open the “Audio Manager Realtek HD”
  • In the above right corner of desktop , click on the “Device Advanced Settings.”
  • Instead of “Classical mode,” select “Multi-stream mode.”

How Can I Prevent My Laptop Speakers From Displaying When Headphones Are Connected?

  • When headphones are plugged in, the speakers will not turn off.
  • Go to the Control Panel, Sound then.
  • Five Look for the tab Recording.
  • Select the default device of your microphone/headset and press OK.

Realtek HD Audio Controller disabling:

Go to Connector Settings in the Realtek HD Audio Manager and switch to the device responsible for your speakers. Then deactivate Auto Popup dialogue. Turn off Realtek HD Audio Manager notifications and hide the Realtek manager from the taskbar.

Deactivating HP Laptop Headphones Jack:

  • How to turn off the headphone jack!
  • Right-click on the tray’s speaker icon and click on playback devices.
  • Right-click and see devices that have been disabled.
  • Right-click and disable the headphone output.

Disabling the Audio Driver of Realtek:

Push on Windows/Start Key + R, type devmgmt.msc on the run box, and hit enter. Right-click Realtek HD Audio Device from (visual Sound and expansion of the gaming controller) and choose ‘Disable.’ Right-click again on Realtek HD Audio Device to choose ‘Update Driver’ for this time.

Deactivating Built-in Laptop Speaker:

Disable the laptop speaker through sound features.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar volume icon, then click Sounds to access the Sound dialogue.

Step 2: Right-click on the speaker and click Properties under the Playback tab.

Step 3: There is a section named Device Usage under the General tab.

Unmuting My Windows 10 Headphones:

T550 Re: T550 Sound won’t disturb when you put headphones in (Windows 10)

Open “Realtek HD Audio Manager” from the Start Menu program list.

Click the top right of the Realtek HD Audio Manager window for “Device Advanced Settings.”

To choose “Multi-stream mode” in the area of the audio director, click OK.

What to Do if Laptop Headphones Don’t Work?

If your headphones are not a problem, look at your permitted audio devices to see whether your headphones are refused. Go to the controlled display and tap Hardware & Sound > Sound. Then click Audio Devices Management.

How Do I Turn Off Speakers When Windows 7 Is Connected to Headphones?

Right-click the Speaker/Headphone entry in the Sound window and select the Disable option. Right-tap the speaker icon on the device tray in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and select Deactivate.

Isolate Speaker From the Sound of My Headphones:

  • Click OK first
  • Choose the Speakers tab and press the Default Set Device button. Make your speakers standard.
  • Click Advanced device options in the right upper corner.
  • Option check 
  •  Mute the back output device when the front headphone is connected from the section Playback Device.

Getting Rid of Audio Manager Realtek Hd?

Expand Device Manager sound, video and game controllers from the list. Locate the Realtek High Definition Audio audio driver. Right-click on it and choose Device Uninstall from the menu. Check for the option Delete this device’s driver programme and hit the uninstall button.

Set-Up of Headphones for Realtek Hd Audio Manager?

To achieve this, we take similar actions on the headphones.

  • Right-click the taskbar sound icon.
  • Select the right sound control panel.
  • Choose the Recording tab.
  • Select the microphone.
  • Hit Default setting.
  • Open the window Properties.
  • Choose the Levels tab.

Fixing Windows 10 Sound?

Just open the Start and enter Device Manager to repair audio problems on Windows 10. Open it, find your sound card and click on the Driver tab from a list of devices. Now, pick the Driver Update option.

FAQs – How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop?

  1. How Do I Get an Audio Manager for Realtek Hd?

    You can go to the “Large Icons” control panel to display items. You may find Realtek HD Audio Manager there. If you cannot find the Realtek HD audio manager in the Control Panel, go to C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe here. Double-click the Realtek HD audio manager to open the file.

  2. How Can I Control Windows 10 Speakers Left and Right?

    Right-tap the speaker icon in the notification area on the taskbar. Choose the Sound. Choose playback tab, double click on speakers, click on balance to select the level tab for speaker characteristics. Set the sliders as you like.

  3. How Can I Switch to Headphones From Speakers?

    Click Start, Hardware and Sound Control Panel. To launch the sound window, click Manage sound devices under Sound. Click the Speaker and Headphone icon from the Playback tab on the Sound window to activate the Configuration button, then click Configure to create a Speaker Setup window.


There would be different explanations for audio jack collectively. It can be broken and blocked into the laptop audio port. I’ve spoken about a lot of techniques to disable the audio jack. The methods above are practically implemented. You may be surprised by the result. I addressed all aspects related to hardware and software, directly or indirectly, to audio jack problems. I hope that will help you to know How to Disable Headphone Jack on Laptop?