How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd

Nowadays, destroying their PC is fun. I was joking. You should also learn How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd? Cmd is a command Microsoft Windows, which opens a window on the Windows command line. Only by entering an order can Windows 95 and 98 users enter the command line. All other Windows users can enter using cmd or command. 

A command prompt is the input field for the operating system or program in a text-based user interface screen. In this context, anything prompt is designed to trigger an action. The command prompt is a short text string with a blinking cursor where the user writes commands.

The standard interface for systems from the former days of the 1980s was command-line interfaces (CLI). The CLI-based MS-DOS and other early consumer computers. Current Windows systems support administrative functions with CLI. The CLI is still a vital aspect of the use of Linux.

The command itself is an executable CLI application called cmd.exe. At the command prompt, one’s types a statement that includes a primary batch or a command name and all the inputs to set conditions for operation, logging, etc.

Are You Interested in Knowing About Cmd?

CMD is a command abbreviation. Command prompt, or CMD, is the Windows operating system, a command-line interpreter. It is comparable in DOS and Windows 9x platforms to dubbed “MS-DOS Prompt.” It is similar to Unix Shells used on Unix as a system. The command prompt is a native Windows operating system application and offers the user an option for command-based actions.

How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd

You can have a direct connection with the operating system through the command shell. Think of the command prompt as an interpreter who accepts and translates the user’s commands or inputs in machine language. These commands are predefined and carry out a particular operation. You can also combine these commands to achieve several tasks. These instructions also need not be manually input, and they can be written into a batch file to automate some of the manual chores, such as taking a scheduled server backup, cleaning junk files, etc. 

These commands are handy when debugging the network or working day after day. These commands may be invoked from many programming languages such as Java, allowing the programmer to accomplish tasks directly via the command prompt, which would otherwise require multiple code lines to be written to do the same job.

Why Need to Destroy Hard Disk Data?

Typically, for the following two reasons, people choose to destroy all data saved on the hard disc:

Recover Disc Space

When the hard drive runs out of capacity with unneeded data, you wish to eliminate the data to release disc space. It can easily be performed by formatting or erasing existing HDD partitions with CMD.

To Prevent Personal Information Leakage

 It is fair to erase data before you sell or donate your hard disc, making it difficult to recover the data. You can usually use CMD to overwrite the disc with zero.

How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd?

You can choose a way to destroy complex disc data using CMD, depending on your individual need. You can use the first technique if you only want to get rid of your complex drive data to liberate storage space. If you need to delete your hard drive completely to prevent data from being easily recoverable, your second option should be.

Deleting All Partition Using Cmd

In this method, you will remove all partitions and data from your hard drive. But trustworthy data recovery software can recover the erased data and partitions effortlessly.

  • To open the CMD interface, press Windows + R simultaneously, key cmd, and click OK.
  • Diskpart input and hit Enter.

Then execute the commands given below:

  • List disk
  • Select disk n
  • Clean

>> “n” is the complex drive number whose data must be deleted.

You can generate a new partition on your HDD after cleaning, using the following command:

  •  Create partition primary
  •  Select partition 1
  •  Format fs=ntfs quick (or format fs=fat32 quick)
  •  Assign drive letter=f
  •  Active (if you want to reinstall the operating system on the disk)

Fill Zero Hard Disc With Command

It means that complex disc data can be destroyed by overwriting zeroes and that most hardware-based and software-based file recovery methods can avoid data recovery. See the detailed instructions now.

How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd
  • Run Command Prompt as an administrative administrator.
  • Type “format f: /fs:NTFS /p:1” on the pop-up window.(The command formats the NTFS file system f disc and writes zeros to each drive sector once.)
  • Type “y” and enter.
  • Type a drive name as or don’t volume label after the format and click Enter.
  • Wait to display “Create file system structures.”
  • Exit type and press Enter to close the window.


There are some things that you need to know for learning How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd? 

  • A single-pass from zero is designed to preclude information extraction from any software-based file recovery applications. Or, to be safer, p:1 can be replaced with p:2 to execute two zero passes.
  • It may take a long time for this process to complete. The bigger the drive, the longer it takes. Keep patient.
  •  You can repeat these instructions to each partition if two or more sections are on your hard disc.

FAQs – How to Destroy a Computers With Cmd?

  1. How Do I Permanently Destroy a Hard Drive?

    Flip over the hard disc to reveal the main circuit board & remove the panel, halve it, and cast it out. Under the paper label, there will typically be one other “hidden” Torx screw. Pull off the top plate.

  2. Can You Destroy a Hard Drive by Putting It in Water?

    The water may produce a short circuit if a hard drive is wet, mainly if it dries on the plates. However, water alone will not destroy or remove a hard disc. While water can damage the circuitry of a hard disc, the data itself is magnetically stored.

  3. Can a Failed Hard Drive Be Recorded?

    Yes, you can retrieve files by hiring a skilled data recovery service from a failed hard disc. You cannot recover Failed hard drives with recovery software because it is impossible for the operating system to access the device to allow the data recovery application.


There is a need to know How to Destroy a Computer With Cmd? To start the CMD interface, press Windows + R simultaneously, input cmd, then click OK. Enter and hit Diskpart input. Then execute the commands given below, Towards the list disc.>>> “n” is the complex disc number on which must delete the data. To build a primary partition.