How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer

WinRAR is well-known for being a popular compression program used for compressing, encrypting, packaging, and backing up files. A straightforward interface makes creating, opening, and managing different kinds of compressed files simple.

Free for the short term, then you must pay to continue using it. The 64-bit version is only for 64-bit operating systems. You must replace your 32-bit version of WinRAR if you installed it alongside a 64-bit system.

Regardless of why you’re trying to uninstall WinRAR, you may likely encounter complications that slow you down or even prevent you from uninstalling the application. If you’re stumped as to How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer? Don’t feel bad. It happens to everyone. To help you solve the WinRAR install problems, look at the post below and see if any of the options below help.

What Is WinRAR.exe?

This WinRAR.exe file is safe to use. The WinRAR Archiver process is commonly known as WinRAR. Alexander Roshal created it with WinRAR Archiver. C:\Program Files is a popular location for this. Cybercriminals who build dangerous programs write applications of different kinds and then call them WinRAR.exe to propagate viruses.

How to Test if System Is Contaminated With Winrar.exe Error?      

How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer

Malware is different for every system, and it can cause unique problems. When infected with WinRAR.exe virus, you will notice one or all of the following symptoms:

  • The connection to the internet fluctuates
  • It appears like WinRAR.exe is using up more of your CPU RAM.
  • The system is performing below expectations.
  • Browser is redirected to some strange websites
  • Interference of annoying popup ads
  • Other malware infiltrate into the computer

Since the malware infection has been established, proceed with the next steps:

  • To access Task Manager, press the keys “Control + Alt + Del.”
  • Head to the Process tab, and then right-click on the WinRAR.exe.
  •  Once the File Location window opens, select the folder where WinRAR.exe is stored.

If the file is not located inside C:\Program Files, then it is likely that the system is affected by WinRAR.exe malware.

Problems of Removing Winrar From Computers

  • A small notification window displays, and then it blocks the uninstallation if you attempt to do so on the PC.
  • WinRAR is installed on your computer; however, the computer system does not enable you to delete it because WinRAR is currently opening or being utilized in another application.
  • WinRAR comes with other unwanted applications installed on the system, and after WinRAR is uninstalled, customers must spend a lot of time removing all of the harmful applications.
  • It is difficult to completely delete all of the associated files and registry keys of WinRARs with the application.

How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer?

  • When the Taskbar is in focus, right-click on it and select ‘Task Manager to open it.
  • First, view the processes operating on the list, and then shut down the process that belongs to it.
  • If you are current user of Windows Vista or Windows 7, go to the Taskbar, click the Windows icon, and right-click it.
  • It will the best option if you started by selecting “Program and Feature” under “Apps and Features” on the left-hand side, and then select “Uninstall” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Find the WinRAR application on the list, and then click it.
  • Once you get the prompt “Continue with uninstall WinRARs?” choose to Uninstall on the menu and click Yes.
  • It will soon activate the program-removing process, and you will see it removed from the list of programs shortly after that.
  • It would assist if you restarted the computer and exit all open programs after that.
  • Utilize the search box on the Taskbar and hit the Enter key to access the system’s Registry Editor.
  • Expand the registry groups therein, and then check all of the registry items. Once all of the registry items have been inspected, delete all of the registry groups or entries associated with it.

 How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer Using Comodo Antivirus Software?

To avoid having your WinRAR.exe file replaced on your computer with a different version found on the internet, replacing your current copy of WinRAR.exe. Use Comodo’s free and reputable antivirus software to remove the file.

  • The award-winning Comodo Free Antivirus is available for download.
  • You will see new configuration frames. To configure the settings, make your selection.
  • In the Installers, Configuration, and File Location tab, select the Customize configuration option.
  • After the installation finish, restart your PC.
  • While the Comodo Internet Security updates, it will take some time for the antivirus to catch up.
  • Initiate a fast scan as soon as the update is finished.
  • You will be warned if there are any hazards discovered during the scanning.
  • You can trust Comodo Antivirus since it will eradicate Winrars.exe malware and all other viruses from your computer.

 How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer Without Hassel?

  • In the system tray, right-click the WinRARs (64-bit) icon and choose the Exit option.
  • You can close WinRARs (64-bit) in Task Manager if it becomes frozen and fails to leave.
  • Task Manager is accessed by using the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys simultaneously.
  • After you have selected the process(es) relevant to WinRARs (64-bit) and clicked the End Task button.

In the case of Windows 8

  • To bring up the Programs and Features screen, right-click the Start menu and select Programs and Features.
  • WinRAR (64-bit) has been highlighted, and you may click Uninstall to initiate the uninstallation.

In Case of Window 7

How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer
  • You can approach the Programs and Features panel by accessing Start > Control Panel > Program to open Programs and Features.
  • To uninstall it, click the icon and then click Uninstall.

In the case of Windows 10

  • To access the list of installed programs, select the Start menu and then click All apps.
  • The link to WinRARs (64-bit) is below, so go ahead and right-click on it and select “Uninstall.”
  • Click on the ‘Uninstall’ link in the window that just opened.
  • A window will appear offering to uninstall the app if you confirm the removal. WinRARs (64-bit) will uninstall from your PC if you select “Yes” in the box.

FAQs –  How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computer?

  1. Is WinRAR Free Forever?

    You shouldn't overlook the possibility that it gives away its program for free after the trial period has ended. It is part of the business plan for the company: offer simple, essential functions with light pressure to pay, then on top of that provide additional features and services tailored for heavy-user consumers, such as enterprises.

  2. Does Anyone Pay for WinRAR?

    Created by Jej, initially posted by To continue utilizing the software, companies must acquire it. To earn money, RARLabs does this. The contract does not apply to the average residential user; hence they should not buy it.

  3. Why Does WinRAR Not Expire?

    Rather than making their program unusable to customers, the developers of WinRar have decided to use a more hands-off approach to advertising their product. It restricts the number of functions you have access to, and every time you open the software, it reminds you that you can buy it.


As you can see, How to Delete WinRAR From Your Computers? Is not that tough situation. You can use any suitable method for your computer. If none of the approaches has helped you, we strongly recommend that you use the Restoration Through Repositories tool to search repositories for missing and corrupt files. In most cases, system corruption is to blame. You will also optimize your system for peak performance. Restoro can also download to resolve this.