How to Cool Down Your Laptop?

Laptops have become one of the most widely used standalone computer gadgets. This tool alone has revolutionized the whole concept of entertainment, office work, and even education.

You’ll get these simple gadgets and display presentations, read books, play video games and socialize with each other.

But there is another side to the coin. With power and stability, machines are overheating. And for those who like to play online games, this is a big problem.

However, no suitable solution has yet been found to address this issue. Even the biggest brands operating on the planet face the same heat problem.

This heat problem not only shuts down your machine automatically but also causes permanent damage. Sometimes when you don’t pay attention to this problem, the silicon chips burn out and at the end of the day, you get a dead machine.

So, let’s dive into these reasons first because laptops take up more heat. And then we come to the solution and want to cool the machine with extreme heat.

Why is my laptop so hot?

First, you need to know, what is the excessive heat of the laptop? A hot laptop, in which working fans emit heat, is an extremely hot laptop.

Naturally, the machine generates heat. And the fan installed in the machine is sending them away so that the components are not tied tightly in the bundle and burnt. If you find any of these, you need to look at these signs. Your laptop is getting too hot.

  • The laptop fan is running at its height and the laptop has slowed down.
  • Laptops often shut down automatically, unexpectedly.
  • The laptop is too hot to touch, and you can’t hold it in your lap.

If this is your laptop, and you see any of the above, you need to go to the service center to resolve this issue. Otherwise, the machine can be permanently damaged, and you will have to invest in a new one.

Here are the 8 Simple way to solve “How To Cool Down Your Laptop”

 Cleaning Out The Dust

Dust is probably the most common cause of laptop heat. Dust acts as an insulator or blocker in natural airflow, which makes it a powerful subject for extreme heat generation.

And if your machine is old, all the dust inside the machines is likely blocking the hidden airspace. Laptops are very different from computers, and they are difficult to clean with dust.

Compressed air can help you with this, and you may not even be opening the laptop. Ken will work wonders in these places and disappear from the hidden inner things. Make sure your machine is off and not plugged in, and use an average shot of compressed air.

We want to go one step further. You can open the panel below to check for dust. If your manufacturers have a strict policy on opening the machine, you better stop. If you could open the bottom once, you would see the fan for better results and safely clean it.

Find A Flat Surface

One of the biggest reasons for the shrinkage of our machines is the place where we used them. Using a laptop in bed is the biggest cause of excessive heat.

And if you’re a big fan of watching Netflix web series on your bed, you can think twice before watching it again while lying in bed.

Laptop Android small vents are designed to emit natural heat generated by the machine. And if you put the laptop on a smooth surface, these androids run smoothly.

If you place a laptop on a flat surface, such as a table, the airflow increases and you have natural airflow. The smooth surface of the beds prevents the flow of natural air, thus the heat is absorbed by the silicon chips.

You need to consider buying a laptop board or laptop tray. And when using them on your bed, place the machine on a tray to make sure the machines are getting natural airflow.

Even if you don’t think the bed is warming up using the machine, you will see the result in a few months. The fan gets jammed, and stops working, the natural heat doesn’t come out, and it will be a laptop burner.

Invest in cooling pads

Cleaning these dust and methods can help you slow down the heat. But, if your machine is not old and you have bought a new machine and are experiencing excessive heat problems, it will be necessary to buy a cooling pad.

Cooling pads are designed with one purpose in mind, to cool the laptop. Cooling pads blow cool air into the computer to reduce the outside temperature.

I once bought a cooling pad and I was very impressed with the results. But even when buying a cooling pad, you need to be careful. Combining the fan and the stand does not make a good cooling pad. Make sure you read customer reviews before buying a new cooling pad.

Shut Down The Computer

You need to believe it. The biggest reason for overheating is to run too many programs at once. It can play high-graphics video games, watch high-definition videos, or use high-intensity applications or software, or perform multiple tasks at once.

So, when you see that the machines have raised the temperature to handle, you need to turn off the computer. This is the easiest and shortest way to deal with this problem.

You need to save all your changes, cancel all savings without proper savings when turned off. Close all programs Stop all browsing and give the computer some rest.

To reduce the temperature, turn it off for several minutes, otherwise, too much heat will burn your machine.

Standing fan

Standing fans can be a great temporary solution to your burning laptop. You can put a fan near your laptop that can give cool air.

As I said before, this will not be a permanent solution. And you need to have a cooling pad or face this problem.

Adding More RAM

Too little RAM can produce too much heat. Yes, computer RAM is temporary physical hardware, where the computer temporarily retrieves work.

When the computer reaches the limit of RAM, it generates heat. It can be wisely addressed by adding more RAM to the computer to keep it cool and achieve better performance.

Reduce The CPU Clock Speed

If you are a pro-laptop user, you may have overclocked your laptop CPU speed to get better results. An overcrowded CPU can be one of the most likely causes of overheating.

With Overclock CPU you get a high level of performance, which requires many generations at the other end. If you have enabled this option, and have to deal with heat issues, it is best to turn on the clock speed and you will have the problem resolved.

Check The Fans

The best way to have a laptop with average temperature is to have a working fan. Your laptop has fans with fans to push the hot air out of the machine.

If your laptop is old, and the fans have stopped working, you need to replace the fan. Or there may be a jammed fan due to a lot of dust.

You can check with the audience by placing your hands. You will see hot air coming out, if this is not happening, you may need to replace the fan with a new one.

You can use a speed fan or a computer maker to blow away the dust trapped in the fans. The maker will blow out all the dust as a result of a properly functioning fan.

FAQs (How to Cool Down Your Laptop?)

Can I put my laptop in the fridge to cool it down?

Putting the warm laptop in a plastic bag or box would interfere with the cooling process’s normal coldest stage. When the bag is warmed, there will be a lot of moisture inside. When it cools, you will see plenty of condensation on the inside. Cooling the refrigerator system does not affect the root cause of the problem; refrigerating the root is delays the temperature rise and prevents it from showing.

Can a laptop explode from overheating?

It’s not an urban legend; it occurs, but the incidence is infinitesimally rare owing to overheating, the laptop’s battery gets hot and catches fire.

How hot is too hot for a laptop?

Primarily, the laptop should be used in a temperature range of 50 to 95 degrees F (or 10 to 35 degrees C) within this range. When your laptop’s graphics card gets too hot, it cuts down on its power consumption until it cools down.