How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer

Would you like to learn How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer? If the answer is yes, it’s the right place where you will learn in detail about Kodak Printer. So, proceed as follows. The Kodak multifunction printer can perform all of these functions: scanner, copier, and memory card reader. As an additional bonus, it has a few extra features and benefits.

The Goal of the Kodak Printer 

To get out of bankruptcy, Kodak has worked tirelessly over the previous decade to pivot into new areas of business. The company’s latest pivot has put itself in the running to help control the coronavirus outbreak. This KODAK Portrait 3D Printer can generate end-use parts in many materials, making it an incredibly trustworthy production machine.

It offers long-term operational availability with a low continuous operating cost due to its steel structure, high-quality components, and precise design. Kodak printers use for printing output from computers in the form of printed photos. Different sizes, speeds, features, and pricing are available for printers.

Fill the Kodak Printer With Ink

To turn on the printer, push the “Power” button. Take note of the printer’s set position and lift the top of the printer access door. To remove the cartridge, press the tab on the cartridge and steal it. Once the replacement cartridge takes out of the package, open the box and remove the cartridge from the foil bag. 

How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer

To remove the old ink cartridge, pull the plastic tab on the bottom of the cartridge, place the cartridge into the empty compartment, and then reinsert the cartridge into the printer. It would help if you pressed down gently on the switch until you hear a click. Put the printer lid back on.

How to Store Unused, Unopened Kodak Ink Cartridges?

Keep these Kodak ink cartridges in pristine condition by following these recommendations.

  • To help maintain the print quality, please do not remove the toner cartridge from its original packing. Save the packaging by storing the new Kodak ink cartridge in it.
  • A typical source of ink cartridge failures is exposure to air and extreme temperatures. Without proper care, these factors will dry up its ink. Store its ink in a superb, dark location away from light or heat sources to keep it in top condition.
  • You should know the expiration date of printers ink cartridge, which is any time from 18 to 36 months. The shelf life shows how long you can use ink. When the ink cartridge has reached the end of its shelf life, be sure to utilise it before its expiration date.
  • Make sure to print using your printer consistently – As long as you use the printer every week, the ink won’t dry up, and the nozzles won’t clog.

How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer?

  • The device is multipurpose, meaning it can use as a scanner, copier, and memory card reader. While it is more than some other printers, it is less than others. While it offers unique features and capacities that find in other printers, it does so in an unusual way.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have a wireless card installed on the computer. You can use “dongle” on the USB port only if it is not installed. 
  • It occasionally happens whenever the machine shuts down; it makes connecting to wireless complex when you boot back up. Installing a WiFi PCI card will allow you to connect other devices to your computer with an added PCI slot.
  • If you don’t have a USB cable, connect it to your computer with a USB cord. You should be able to unplug the USB cable once you have established the connection between your computer and the Kodak Printers.
  • After installing the its drivers, the next step is to connect it to your computer. Insert the software disc for the Kodak EasyShare Printers series and follow the simple on-screen instructions. 
  • There is no need to download or load Kodak software if your computer has wireless capability. Instead, the Kodak software disc is smart enough to configure your Kodak printer on your computer.
  • To continue, touch the “Home” button on the Kodak printer. To enter the “WiFi Setup Wizard,” use the arrow keys to scroll down to the selection. Lastly, you should click on the “OK” button and select the Wireless option from the menu. If you choose the “other” option, your printer will provide you with an open network connection from which you may choose the one you desire.
  • Once you’ve completed setting up your Kodak Printer, you can remove the USB cable from the port. Disconnect your printers now. Let the system sit for a some minutes, and then turn it on. 
  • Let your printer warm-up before you print. The startup has to complete to see that the printer’s WiFi light is blinking once the startup is complete.
  • When the light’s blinking is consistent and does not change, you’ve made a proper connection and setup. If the indicator is flickering, then your relationship is likely experiencing problems.  

Hope so now the confusion about How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer? will clear now.

Is There Support for Airprint With the Kodak Printer?

How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer

But, by installing the free Pic Flick app from Kodak, you can enable wireless printing from an iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry device.SD, SDHC, MMC, and Memory Stick card readers are essential features on each printer.

FAQs – How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computers? 

  1. Are Kodak Printers Inkjet?

    It is a printer of a different kind, an inkjet printer. With KODAK VERITÉ 5 ink, you can save up to 50% on the cost of ink. This simple-to-use printer is an excellent choice for anyone who's had enough of paying a high price for ink. It's straightforward to set up, simple to operate, and economical.

  2. What Is a Kodak Printer Security String?

    When configuring your Kodak printer for wireless use, you will require a security key. Starting in 2010, nearly all Kodak printers may configure wirelessly. Your local wireless network's security key is what it is requesting for authentication.

  3. Are Kodak Printers Good?

    It is a friendly printer and relatively easy to read. But the main issue is that the printer produces a little too slowly. Additionally, no fax and no direct feed are available where numerous pages can be duplicates. It is slow and tiresome to lay the pieces on page one at a time.

  4. Are Kodak Printers Obsolete?

    Production of Kodak printers has ceased, and the company has filed for bankruptcy. Kodak-compatible ink will continue to be sought after by customers because it is the lowest on the market.

  5. Is Kodak Still in Business in 2020?

    Only one large motion picture film manufacturer remained, and its earnings had suffered due to the poor state of the market. Kodak received a loan from the government to transition from a camera manufacturer to a pharmaceutical ingredients producer.


One way you can quickly learn about How to Connect Your Kodak Printer to Your Computer? All steps required to follow the instructions simplify, and anyone with basic technological understanding can follow them. Link the printer to your device via the USB cord and power it on. 

To open the Settings app, go to the Start menu and choose Settings. Click the Devices button. Go to the Add a Printer or Scanner dialogue box. To finish the installation, if Windows identifies your printer, select the name of your printer from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.